Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review [Is It Safe To Use?]

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss


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  • Some proven fat burners


  • Proprietary blend
  • Potential side effects from Yohimbine
  • Some key fat burners missing
  • Previous controversy
  • Suggested serving not ideal

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Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review

Fat burners are the hot supplement on the market right now. But, can our Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review provide a product that is worth buying?

The problem is, the market is popular which means there are a lot of sub-par products available. Our job is to separate the weak hands from the proven ingredients and find products to add to our top recommended fat burners list.

Can this product make it?

First of all, it needs to do the following well:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

Anything less than this and it won’t be good enough.

Time to find out a little more about it.

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review: Who Makes This Fat Burner

CytogenixXenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss

The company behind this product are based in the USA.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee which is something that we always like to see in a supplements company.

There are some before and after profiles on their site which is great. Our only problem is that the photos aren’t your typical at home results type pictures. They are pretty slick and posed which lessens the legitimacy of the whole Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss before and after profiles.

This product does appear to be widely available. It is stocked in the likes of Target and Walmart. Also, they do a buy one get one free deal sometimes.

They claim to have sold over 9 million bottles so you really do get a sense of the size of the company here.

Their site says that this product features a scientifically researched key ingredient for powerful weight loss. We hope that all the ingredients are backed by science and promote fat loss!

They are not free from controversy and they were nudged by the FDA in 2003 when their company name was Cytodyne Technologies. This was because their fat burner back then contained ephedra – a controversial ingredient. They quickly removed it.

Time to see what their current formula looks like.

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss IngredientsXenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Ingredients

This is where we can really see if this is going to be effective or not.

The early signs aren’t great. They use a proprietary blend that covers a lot of the ingredients. This means we don’t get to see all the dosages.

The suggested serving isn’t ideal either. Their advice about taking this product just twice a day does not spread out the benefits as much as a product that can be taken 3-4 times a day.

Time to see what is in each serving of these Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss diet pills.

Robusta Coffee Bean Extract

A good start here this is an ingredient backed by fat burning studies.

It is basically coffee before the color has been roasted out. Also, they advise that this is standardized to 45% chlorogenic acid.

When beans are roasted, a lot of this is removed so it is good that there is still a lot of it here. This is because it is this acid that stops our bodies from storing as much fat and even reduces blood sugar levels.

WebMD does mention a study that looked into adults with obesity. This showed that taking Green Coffee Extract for between 8 to 12 weeks meant more weight loss for those when compared to others taking a placebo.

A proven ingredient that also has the backing of an effective dosage. At 400 mg per 4 capsules a day serving of Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss diet pills, this is a good amount.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Another proven fat burner and a mainstay in many of our top recommended fat burner supplements.

Of course, the added energy you get from Caffeine is going to be most welcome. Especially if you are using a fat burner alongside a diet that restricts calorie intake.

Anhydrous just means it is the powdered form of Caffeine that is easily absorbed. This is also the form you will see in various energy drinks.

Caffeine is also good for enhancing focus and getting your metabolism moving.

At 400 mg you are getting a good amount that is creeping towards the high side but should be safe.


A controversial ingredient that we don’t like to see.

After a strong start, it is a shame to see Yohimbine here. Yes, it has its fat burning benefits. It has been shown to work as an appetite suppressant. This is good but there are plenty of safe ingredients that offer this as well.

The issue here is the potential side effects.

There are sources that say it will elevate heart rate and blood pressure. WebMD says that taking orally is possibly unsafe. WebMD also says that Yohimbine has been linked to reports of severe side effects that include heart attacks and seizures.

There are studies that have shown it to be an aphrodisiac and even speed up the way we break down fats. However, it is also an ingredient that is not legal to sell as a dietary supplement in the US when it is the man-made yohimbine hydrochloride form.

A larger dose would be even more of a worry since a lot of it can cause some serious side effects including sleep issues, irritability, irregular heartbeat and more.

The 40 mg included is still a concern for us.

Now for the ingredients in the proprietary blend.

Garcinia Fruit Extract

A return to the better ingredients.

This is often touted as being an effective appetite suppressant. You will find it in food to improve the flavor and it is the skin that is particularly beneficial.

This is because it is high in hydroxycitric acid. Garcinia Fruit Extract is useful for fat loss as it increases the oxidation of fat during exercise. This is good for keeping your weight under control.

There is a study that shows how Garcinia Cambogia helped slightly when it came to fat loss in comparison to a placebo group after 16 weeks.

You need around 400 mg here for it to be effective. Since that is just less than the total blend and there are several ingredients included, it is highly unlikely that we are getting this.


This is actually something you get with Green Tea Extract but this supplement gives you the benefits here.

It is thought to be beneficial for stopping the body from gaining weight but the research to back this up isn’t exactly concrete as of yet.

It can help the user to focus which is why you are more likely to see it in a nootropic or pre-workout supplement.

Spearmint Leaf Extract

Not the most common ingredient in a fat burner but it does have links to fat loss.

It is high in fiber which means your cholesterol levels are reduced and it fights against obesity. Mint, in general, is linked to converting fat into energy which is the sort of trait we do expect our fat burning ingredients to provide.

It helps to relax the stomach and speed up digestion which eases stomach complaints.

A useful ingredient but we would really need to see the dosage to know if it has been dosed correctly. Unfortunately, it finds itself in the proprietary blend.

Autumn Olive Fruit Extract

One of those ingredients that are linked to maybes instead of concrete evidence.

There are some that believe Autumn Olive Fruit Extract is full of flavonoids that can improve blood circulation as well as work as antioxidants. These protect your body from free radicals which play a role in fighting various diseases.

If this was the Olive Leaf Extract that you see in supplements from time to time, it could be beneficial. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. It is different from the fruit which doesn’t share the same plus points including glucose metabolism and protecting against LDL oxidation.

Although there appear to be no side effects from using this ingredient, there aren’t any notable links to aiding fat loss either.

It would be handy to see how much room this is wasting.

Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract

A slightly strange end really.

You won’t find many people linking Ashwagandha to fat loss, instead, you will see it in nootropic supplements. This is because it helps the body to reduce the effects of anxiety and providing a relaxed feeling.

The idea behind it might be to reverse the effects of stimulants in this product. By doing this it could be useful to help ensure the user still feels in control, whilst also getting the stimulants benefits.

However, given the lack of proven fat burner ingredients, we would hope they could have ended with a good one.

It is a good ingredient for a testosterone booster as it stimulates the luteinizing hormone. At a stretch, you could say it has been included due to the fact that it increases the level of physical output the user can achieve when using it.

Like we said, that is us being kind really.

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Side Effects

This is where we would like to be able to say there are no side effects.

Unfortunately, due to the inclusion of Yohimbine, we cannot hand on heart say this. The dosage of 40 mg should be fine but the potential side effects are still a concern.

The fact that WebMD warned of heart attacks seizures, sleep issues, irritability, irregular heartbeat and more is worrying. Especially since they also advise that taking orally is possibly unsafe.

Since there are enough proven products on the market that are completely safe, this is an unnecessary risk.

This is something that maybe you should expect from this company due to their past. They used to have ephedra in their old formula until the FDA contacted them remember.

The proprietary blend would usually be a worry, but because the ingredients are all safe and the overall dosage isn’t potent, it will be fine.

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review Pros and Cons

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review Pros

  • Some proven fat burners

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Potential side effects from Yohimbine
  • Some key fat burners missing
  • Previous controversy
  • Suggested serving not ideal

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review Conclusion

It started pretty well but went downhill faster.

The inclusion of Green Coffee Bean and Caffeine Anhydrous was a strong start. These are two ingredients we often see in decent fat burners so we had high hopes at this point.

It was when we saw Yohimbine that we rolled our eyes in disappointment. It is an ingredient we do see from time to time but we aren’t sure why. Yes, it has links to fat burning but why don’t people recognize that it isn’t risk-free?

At least that is one thing you can say in defense of this product, it does have a money back guarantee.

The proprietary blend did not help their cause though. We much prefer companies that are open about their dosages. If they are good then surely you have nothing to hide?

The background of being contacted by the FDA about the safety of ephedra is something that happened a long time ago but shows they are not scared to take risks.

For us, this is exactly what you would be doing by trying this product. Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss results are varied when you read the reviews of people that have used it. We aren’t surprised that there are plenty of negative things said about it.

All of this and even the suggested serving isn’t ideal. Taking just twice a day won’t have you burning fat all day long.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are good fat burners that use proven, safe ingredients with effective dosages.

Don’t let this poor supplement put you off, just go for one that will really work.

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