Worst 5 Foods That Are Stealing Your Gains


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Worst 5 Foods That Are Stealing Your Gains

Its time to look at the worst 5 foods that are stealing your gains.

There’s nothing worse than putting your all into the gym, making progress in terms of lifting, then taking a look in the mirror the next day and realizing you’re not making the progress you’d like.

Top foods to avoid if you want to build lean muscle

They say you are what you eat. So if you’re not eating like a lean muscle building machine, then maybe that’s why you’re not looking like one yet. Or at least why you’re not making the progress you desire.

Most of the foods that ruin gains are just the ones that are high in carbs and sugars.

If you’re looking to avoid foods that ruin gains then here are a list of 5 of the worst that you would do well to cut out.

1) Processed Food – Refined Grains and Added Sugar

Any food that is processed by being refined and/or has added sugar is a big warning sign.

Grains that have been refined mean a lot of the fibre, vitamins and minerals are stripped out of the whole grain in the process.

That includes white rice, white bread, pasta, waffles, pancakes and even a lot of crackers and some breakfast cereals.

The problem is that they digest quickly and cause a blood sugar spike. This has been linked to gaining body fat. Not the kind of gains you’re hoping for when you’re going hard in the gym!

Try eating wholegrains for some whole gains instead.

Sports Drinks, Smoothies and Juices

Remember that nothing beats fresh!

The same goes for drinks too – sports drinks, smoothies and juices might be marketed as healthy, but be careful – some of them are only robbing you of your gains.

The worst thing about pre made smoothies is the calorie content. That little bottle of what on the outside appears to be goodness but on the inside is packing anything around 500-1000 calories.

In tiny moderation they can be great, as long as they’re 100% pure fruit. But with enough sugar to rival the whole of your cheat day there often isn’t enough good in there to outweigh the bad.

Not only is it high in sugar but all of the good fibre and a lot of the nutrients of fruit are removed when juicing.

Juices are also being linked to increasing the rate of type 2 diabetes which puts people at risk of developing obesity. Even if you aren’t showing any signs of this, it’s not good for you inside.

Your best bet is to replace any smoothie or pre-bought juice with whole fruit as a snack and drink water to keep you hydrated… See #3 below for more…

2) Processed Meats

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the likes of sausages, deli meats, canned meats and bacon are all wrong for you.

There is good protein and bad protein and processed meats are one of the foods that ruin muscle gain. They are incredibly high in sodium. Not only are they bad for your heart but the sodium can result in fluid retention which is bad news for anyone looking to enhance their muscle definition.

Don’t go through the pain for no gain!

3) Fizzy Soda Drinks

So there isn’t a lot of good of anything in a can of soda. The incredibly high sugar spike can result in negative effects on your overall workout. Not only do they contain lots of calories (you want to see your abs right?) but they should not be consumed around your workout. It can have negative effects on your protein filled drink of choice.

According to lamuscle.com ‘’carbonated drinks are acidic and throw off the body’s pH balance which is not good for optimum health’’. So if you want to take care of yourself stay away from the fizz.

Replace it with water – 0 calories and exactly what your body needs all of the time.

If you can stomach the taste (some people actually find it delicious) – try coconut water in moderation. Natures finest rehydration that contains all the electrolytes and minerals to replenish your body during and after working out… or if you’re just hung over!

Top tip though: Drinking 3 coconuts or a litre on an empty stomach will make a swift exit straight out your other end. You’ve been warned!

4) Donuts

There’s a reason that the unofficial face of doughnuts as a snack of choice is Homer Simpson. These treats are low in protein and high in fat & sugar. That combination of refined sugar and bad fats is always a detrimental thing for muscle gain and burning fat.

Most of the core ingredients that go into them are refined and add nothing to the serious muscle builder. Even the process of them being fried is bad news.

The very fact that they don’t go out of date for long periods means they are full of preservatives that will clog you up and exaggerate weight gain.

Neither of those things are ideal!

Replace it with almost literally anything else. If you can’t help but snack on something, try a handful of nuts or a banana.

5) French fries

A bit of a no brainer, potatoes can be cooked in many ways but fried is the worst. Store bought fries or fried at your local fast food joint will be full of preservatives that are all sorts of wrong for you.

The nutritional value is of little benefit and are often covered in salt and have high saturated fat levels. Some sources of saturated fat can be good. But French fries aren’t high in the nutrition you need to maximise your gains!

A baked potato is a better substitute as there are still some better carbs in there. Fried potatoes only have the bad kind – avoid!

There you have our Worst 5 Foods That Are Stealing Your Gains list. Everything in moderation. Just try avoid these if you want to give yourself the best chance of huge gains.

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