VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review [Is It Safe?]

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Some very good ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Money back guarantee


  • Beta-Alanine
  • Caffeine content quite high

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VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review

There should be an award for most cliches in a supplement brands name. Todays VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review just might take first prize.

But can the product itself do enough to make it onto our top recommended pre workouts list?

That the end game for all supplements that we review but it easier said than done. You need more than an eye-catching name and bottle to impress us.

Any pre-workout that is going to stand out needs to give us the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Anything less than this and it won’t stack up against the best. Let’s start by getting to know them a little.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review: Who Makes This Product?

VPX Sports NutritionVPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster

Here we have the US-based brand behind the product.

To start with they proudly display the fact that this product is GMO and gluten-free.

They claim that it provides potent brain and body fuel which is exactly what we are after. The company was founded in 1993 by Jack Owoc. It came from humble beginnings to now being a major brand in the industry.

To give you an idea of their size, they employ over 167 people. They have a wide reach and their products are available in many stores across the US and are sold around the world.

We like that VPX Sports Nutrition offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their products. This makes purchasing risk-free, as it should be.

They sometimes run offers such as buy one get one free and sell everything from protein shakes to fat burners.

It is a product that sells well on Amazon. We get this, a lot of people do it. However, there are those who believe that putting your supplements on Amazon is a little risky as there are a lot of sub-par quality products on there.

Let’s find out if this product is as good as they make it out to be.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster IngredientsVPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Ingredients

This is where we can really get to know the product.

The early signs are positive. They do not use proprietary blends. This means we get to see all the dosages and can tell if each ingredient is effective or not.

Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate

This starch is a modified chemical that can increase the way your liver, insulin and maybe muscle responds to a meal.

Possibly included to influence the consistency of the product and is often found in beauty products because of this reason. It can influence fatty acid oxidation which will help with endurance.

Sometimes known as a fat burning ingredient as well, it is an interesting start to the ingredients.

Without a lot of research into its benefits in a pre-workout, the dosage is hard to determine. Either way, the 1,990 mg included is taking up a fair bit of space.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

The idea behind this ingredient is to get the product as a whole acting faster.

A carbohydrate, it doesn’t sit in your stomach for as long as other ingredients and can get to the places you want it to faster (i.e your muscles).

It is thought to be able to provide a steady energy boost that will aid endurance levels in the user.

It is basically here to be used as any carb would. If you suffer from gastric disorders or if pre workouts often make you flatulent, this might be a useful ingredient according to one study.

Still, it doesn’t appear to be significantly more useful than a lot of the alternatives.


Made up of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine they are useful inclusions.


L-Leucine is here to help aid muscle development and influences everything from growing muscles to protein synthesis.

There are a lot of studies backing its uses and Examine.com actually advise that it is the BCAA where most benefit is given to.

It is the most potent of the 3 and can elevate oxygen levels which improves muscle endurance and slows the degradation rate of proteins.

There is a study that showed how supplementing L-Leucine for 12 weeks provided significantly higher gains in novice trainers.

At 3,000 mg you are certainly getting a large amount.


It is PubChem who say that this is necessary for hemoglobin formation as well as regulating blood sugar and energy levels.

It mediates glucose intake (into a cell) and breakdown (into energy) to a larger degree than other amino acids (Examine.com).

They also suggest that when taking it pre-workout, it can enhance performance.

With another 3,000 mg, you are getting another large amount.


A deficiency in this ingredient can lead to a loss of muscle mass.

Keeping levels topped up can be important and as PubChem describes, it maintains mental vigor, muscle coordination, and emotional calm.

Also believed to be able to help the body to repair muscles and preserve muscle tissue it can stop them from breaking down during an intense workout.

The dosage of 1,500 mg is a balanced one.

Creatine Monohydrate

An impressive ingredient.

It is the sort of nutrient you expect to find and a mainstay in many of our top recommended pre-workouts.

Examine.com says that Creatine is often used by athletes to increase power output and lean mass.

With the backing of numerous studies, it has been shown to be safe and effective.

Creatine has benefits for the areas you really need – particularly for the muscles and physical performance. It has been shown to provide more strength and also ensure that you have energy post training.

Good for recovery as well it can be taken pre or post workout as it can get to work as soon as you start to workout.

There are studies to support this, they show how Creatine can benefit the body at any time. One study in particular found that Supplementing Creatine during arm flexor strength training was found to lead to greater increases in arm flexor muscle strength, upper arm muscle area, and fat-free mass than strength training alone.

The dosage in VPX Band Pre Workout is a big 5,000 mg.


Another very good ingredient.

It increases blood flow which really helps with getting those big gains.

It raises nitric oxide levels which help to achieve the big pumps that make a noticeable difference.

Derived from watermelons among other things, it turns into Arginine in the body. For creatine synthesis, this is great although there is more than enough already here.

The 4,300 mg is another good dosage.

Betaine Anhydrous

A good ingredient here.

It is derived from beets and can increase protein synthesis. This is going to help with muscle growth as well as strength. The anhydrous element refers to the fact that it is a powdered form that will make it easy to absorb and can get to work fast.

It has been linked to producing creatine but once again, they already have this covered. There are better ingredients available for what this does, but it is still a useful inclusion.

The dosage of 2,500 mg is another big one.


A disappointing ingredient and one we are not a fan of.

To start, WebMD advises that it is a nonessential amino acid that is produced by the body. The potential side effects may be mild compared to some ingredients but are inconvenient.

Beta-Alanine has been found to cause paresthesia. This is a tingling sensation of the skin. Many products include this ingredient and a lot of them even warn you of this effect. It passes within a couple of hours usually but still, it is distracting in the gym.

Considering that this product promises benefits for the brain and concentration, this isn’t the sort of trait you would expect.

Then there is the fact that the benefits don’t get a lot of support.

Beta-Alanine is mostly believed to be able to fight fatigue but as we said, not a lot of people get behind this.

Anything over 800 mg is thought to be able to cause paresthesia. The dosage of 2,400 mg is more than enough.


A common ingredient in just about every type of supplement.

Caffeine is a reliable source of energy that will really get you pumped as you get in the gym.

With benefits for focus and alertness, you can see why so many nootropics include it. Also, it is great for boosting metabolism making it a sensible option for a fat burner supplement.

Most pre workouts also include some sort of calming ingredient to counter some of the negative effects of Caffeine and make sure the user still feels in control. L-theanine is a good ingredient for this.

It is the dosage that worries us a little.

The 350 mg is within most people’s daily tolerance but it can be a lot in one go. The equivalent to 3 cups of coffee in one take, it might require the consumer to build their tolerance up.

Watch out for some of the potential side effects that include jitters, headahces, insomnia and more.

By starting smaller you can work your way up to the normal dose.

Creatyl L-Leucine

Claimed to be ‘’Super Creatine’’.

Thought to be able to promote lean muscle mass it is basically here to make it water soluble and is believed to promote focus.

There are better ingredients for making sure the stimulants in this product are delivered in a safe way, but at least they have recognized the importance of this.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Side Effects

The inclusion of Beta-Alanine is the main faux pas here.

It can cause paresthesia, which as we covered is a tingling sensation of the skin. The last thing you want is to be walking about acting like you have fleas at the gym.

This passes but it is certainly distracting.

Then there is the caffeine content. For some, the 350 mg will just help to get you psyched. For others, it can be a bit full on. Maybe one to keep an eye on.

The rest of the ingredients should be well tolerated.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review Pros and Cons

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review Pros

  • Some very good ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Money back guarantee

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review Cons

  • Beta-Alanine
  • Caffeine content quite high

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Review Conclusion

Whilst there is enough good going on here to suggest it will benefit you pre workout, it is also nothing special really.

It doses all the regular ingredients very well but it is a couple of ingredients short of greatness. That is us setting the bar quite high but what do you expect? There is no point in recommending the middle of the road supplements.

It just doesn’t quite reach the heights of the best. The creatine dosage is very good and even L-Citrulline is a very smart inclusion. With just a bit too much filler, there wasn’t enough of what we really need in there.

For a product that sells well on Amazon, we are a little surprised. It doesn’t stand out as has a similar formula to a lot of other products on there.

If you are on the hunt for the most effective pre-workout that is natural and will really work, then keep looking – this falls short of greatness.

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