Vega Sport Pre Workout Review [Is It Safe To Use?]

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Natural Ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • No Proprietary blends
  • Vegan Friendly


  • Not enough effective ingredients
  • Not potent enough to have much of an effect

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Vega Sport Pre Workout Review

How healthy can a pre-workout be? Our Vega Sport Pre Workout Review gives us the chance to see if they have managed to make this sugar free product a good one.

They have certainly tried to make it a product that is different from the others. We are all for this, but have they managed to pull it off?

We will still judge it the same way we would any pre-workout supplement. There are still things it needs to do well in order to impress.

If it is to have any chance of making it onto our top recommended pre workouts list, it must give us the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Anything less than this and it will be getting the same treatment as many other supplements we see. With so many sub par products on the market, they have a real chance of enhancing their reputation here.

This is easier said than done though, a lot of the bigger brands still make bad supplements.

So, just how good is it? Let’s start by getting to know the company a little better.

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

Vega SportVega Sport Pre Workout

This company is based in Canada and was co-founded by Brendan Brazier.

He is a long distance runner who has competed in and won national ultramarathons.

We like that this is a plant-based pre-workout and even the packaging is made from a 96% recycled bottle.

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, we like the way this product is going. It is also non-GMO, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

They are committed to reducing waste which in the current climate, is something a lot of companies could do with getting involved in.

A lot of their ingredients are organic and they are looking to get more and more of their nutrients sourced this way.

They have recipes on their site as it seems they try to get more people into a vegan lifestyle.

You can track your order once it has been shipped and they have a decent range of products. Their site has everything from protein bars to Omega Oil.

Vega Sport has gone down the Amazon route of selling. This isn’t something that everyone likes as it means their products are included alongside a lot of low-quality supplements. Some of the worst products we have seen appear to sell well on there.

Still, it might be one of the good ones, let’s find out.

Vega Sport Pre Workout IngredientsVega Sport Pre Workout Ingredients

This is where we can really get to know this product and see if it will work.

The early signs are good. They stay clear of proprietary blends. This means we get to see all the doses and can tell if the ingredients will work or not.

Too many companies hide this information, we think its unethical, someone who pays money or a product deserves to know what goes into it.

At only 10 calories per serving, they have really gone to some lengths to make this product different. It claims to be a 3 stage pre-workout. They say that it helps, pre, during and post workout.

Coconut Oil Powder

An interesting start here.

You often find coconut water extract in pre-workouts because of its ability to help the user stay hydrated.

Coconut Oil Powder though has a range of benefits that include the fact that it can boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and it is even taken to increase energy levels (WebMD).

It might be the type of ingredient that gives you the extra bit of energy to extend your workout but there are better, more reliable ingredients for this.

An intriguing one to get things going.

At 1,000 mg it is certainly their flagship ingredient in this pre-workout.

Yerba Mate

An ingredient you do see in supplements, just not really pre-workouts.

We often find it in fat burners as it is believed to work as a thermogenic. This means it heats the body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down again.

Also, it can suppress appetite, confirms this saying it isn’t as effective as the likes of Green Tea Catechins though.

There is a level of Caffeine in it which is why it is included. Still, there are more effective ingredients, such as Caffeine itself. The energy increase will be welcome though and is half the point of using a pre-workout.

The dosage of 167 mg seems to be enough to have an effect. This contains 50 mg of Caffeine.

Devils Claw

An ingredient that has been included to help with recovery.

By reducing muscle soreness, it means you might be able to continue your workout for longer periods. Also, it means the user can get back in the gym sooner. does comment that it might take a few months to reach maximal efficacy.

WebMD say that it contains chemicals that might decrease inflammation and swelling and resulting pain.

They did file its use for muscle pain under their ‘’insufficient evidence for’’ section meaning it might not be as good as you might hope.

The 150 mg might be enough to have some effect.

Green Tea Extract

The Caffeine content in this is a lot milder than the likes of Caffeine itself.

Thought to be a more calming effect but still able to give an increase in energy, it isn’t exactly going to get you pumped for the gym.

It is more effective for burning fat. It works as a thermogenic but also it can give you a boost when it comes to your focus and alertness. The polyphenols in Green Tea reduce oxidative stress from aging and exercise which leave you with a calming effect.

There won’t be the potential side effects involved which can be the case with too much Caffeine. The 100 mg is on the low side if you want to get more energy though.


A bit of a pick me up anyone?

This is derived from the Scandinavian herb and is mostly known with being able to raise spirits.

You find it in some reputable pre-workouts, including some of our top recommended pre workouts so it must be doing something right.

It is useful here because it can help to keep your mind sharp. The added focus you can get from it is a good trait for any pre-workout supplement and concentrating in the gym is becoming harder and harder.

With so many distractions around, this might be the ingredient for you to maximize your time. advises that it is well researched and say it is popular for its adaptogenic properties, this means the way it reduces fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations).

We see why the co-founder of Vega Sport has gone for this ingredient, being an ultra marathon runner.

At 100 mg, it is a decent dosage as well.

Panax Ginseng

It works against the effects of stress, this traditional ingredient is found in various nootropics and T boosters for this reason.

The battling against stress is a common side benefit of pre-workouts so this isn’t totally out of place.

It can promote focus and stop brain fog from setting in. For those looking to hit the gym after lunch, this might be when you need this sort of ingredient.

By giving you a boost to your immune system as well it clearly has a variety of benefits. When you exert your body, your immune system can be vulnerable.

The dosage of 100 mg is a decent one.

Still, we are in need of some proven pre-workout ingredients now.


Not exactly a common ingredient in pre-workouts.

Still, the benefits make sense. It is thought to work in a similar way to Caffeine but again, without the potential side effects. It’s not a stimulant but can boost metabolism and cuts out the risk of an energy crash.

Some of its other uses include how it can work against fatigue and reduce inflammation.

The 53 mg isn’t the biggest dosage but it might be of benefit nonetheless.

Another natural ingredient, but also another that isn’t as effective as the best pre-workout ingredients.


An ingredient often associated with fat burners.

Once again, this product has gone for an ingredient better placed somewhere else. Just because it is vegan does not mean it has to deprive users of useful pre-workout ingredients.

Ginger does have some benefits such as the ability to prevent the body from absorbing as much fat from the food we eat. The problem is, this isn’t what we are looking for.

It might be another thermogenic but the last time I checked, we wanted more energy and a product that gave us a real kick when entering the gym.

A traditional medicine, say that it can ease digestion and reduce nausea quite effectively.

It has also been found to increase testosterone which is why you will find it in some T boosters.

For a pre-workout, all the benefits seem to be quite loose and minimal.

A bad end to the ingredients really.

Vega Sports Pre Workout Side Effects

The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be anything in this product that can cause side effects.

All the ingredients are sensibly selected (a little too much so in some cases) and are dosed well enough to all be safe.

The combined 100 mg of Caffeine in this product should be well tolerated and is well within most people’s daily limit. Some products contain triple this although we think this is on the high side.

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review Pros and Cons

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review Pros

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • No Proprietary blends
  • Vegan Friendly

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review Cons

  • Not enough effective ingredients
  • Not potent enough to have much of an effect

Vega Sport Pre Workout Review Conclusion

We admire their approach to making supplements, but they haven’t pulled this one off.

It might give you a nice boost but that’s about as much as you are going to get from it. There just aren’t enough effective ingredients. It’s called a pre-workout but really it’s more of a pre cardio.

There isn’t anything in here that is going to drastically enhance your blood flow or nitric oxide levels for the big muscle pumps you want.

Being a Clean Lean Machine means you should admire what they are trying to do though. They have really cleaned their supplement up when compared to other products. This is all very well, but it still needs to be effective.

The better products on the market can still afford to make good products that are free of a lot of the rubbish out there, yet still, help you with those big muscle pumps.

For a product that sells as well as it does on Amazon, we are surprised after looking at what it has to offer.

Surely, people are reading up on their supplements before they buy? It is a good option if you are vegan as this can be a limiting lifestyle when it comes to supplements.

It’s great that it doesn’t include anything that can cause side effects. However, they have played it too safe and this is a product that disappoints more than delivers.

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