Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review [Is It Safe?]

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Some effective fat burners
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects


  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Cayenne pepper underdosed
  • Serving suggestion not ideal

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Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review

The name of a fat burner can contain the word Extreme, Xtreme, XXX for all we care, if it works, it works! Our Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review gives us the chance to look at a product getting a lot of attention on Amazon.

Like we have seen in the past this doesn’t always result in a great product, but everyone deserves a chance to make it onto our top recommended fat burners list.

If it is going to live up to the expectations we have, it needs to do the following well:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

Anything less than this and we be staying clear of it in the future. Only the very best get to be recommended here at CLM!

First of all, the companies reputation is to be considered so let’s get to know them a little better first.

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review: Who Makes This Product?

TwinlabTwinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner

Founded back in 1968 they are not without their own controversy.

Back in 2003, they were contacted by the FDA who had questions regarding the claims they were making about their products, calling into question their legitimacy.

Still, this is a while ago now.

The business started in founders David Blechman’s’ families’ garage so it has come a long way since then to bring the range of vitamins, herbs, and teas that are available today.

Their website says their products are available in 55 countries and they operate out of Grand Rapids, MI.

They have a few brands under their wing including Alvita Tea and REAAL Muscle. Twinlabs clam that this product is an intense fat burner that helps rid stubborn fat whilst preserving lean body mass.

We couldn’t find anything about a money back guarantee but they seem to be a legit company with an easy to navigate website.

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner IngredientsTwinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Ingredients

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner 60 capsules are to be taken twice a day according to their site.

A good supply but their suggested serving is not ideal. We prefer to see a fat burner that can be taken 3-4 times a day to really spread out the benefits.

There is only one small proprietary blend to report whereas most of the ingredients have the dosages included.


This isn’t the best of starts.

Calcium isn’t something many of us are in short supply of. You find it in all the usual places such as milk, cereals, cheese kale etc.

It is the most common mineral in our system so why supplement it? It has benefits that suit a nootropic quite well that includes the fact that it is good for memory. This is backed by NCBI who say it regulates several functions, such as neurotransmitter synthesis and release and is also involved in long-term processes like memory.

This is all very well but what about fat burning?

WebMD does say that a study pointed towards the fat burning benefits of low-calorie calcium in that it helps regulate how fat is broken down.

This is referencing a trial conducted on Mice though. Until we see human trials we are never completely convinced.

The calcium is dosed at 118 mg in this product which could be beneficial depending on how much you already get in your diet.


An effective fat burner and one you will find in some of our top recommended fat burner products.

Chromium has been found to improve insulin resistance and can even regulate blood glucose.

WebMD tells us that it can decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in those who have lower blood fat levels.

There are even sources that say it has even been found to communicate with the brain to tell the body it is full. By reducing our cravings it can help us to stop putting on more fat in between meals when we have worked hard to burn it off!

A good ingredient that gets a good dosage from Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner at 200 mcg.

Baical Skullcap Root

Part of the mini proprietary blend with Black Catechu Bark we don’t have the dosage but the two ingredients combined come to 125 mg. advise that the main benefits of this ingredient seem to be for cognitive health as well as longevity. It appears to be a good source for flavonoid components, and some components are quite potent.

The flavonoids, as Examine go on to say, appears to be readily glucuronidation, which constitutes the major pathway of metabolism.

Anything that supports metabolism is a decent ingredient for a fat burner.

Other benefits include its use as an attention enhancer which will be useful in the gym. It is also good for reducing anxiety. Since this product contains Caffeine, this might work well alongside it to reduce any adverse effects from stimulants.

Black Catechu Bark

Often found in food and drink products to enhance their flavor, this herb is often used in medicine.

With no mention on WebMD of its use in a fat burner, it doesn’t seem to be an effective ingredient here. They have included it as part of their Herbal extract blend but as far as we can tell, the benefits do not stretch to fat burning.

WebMD does advise that if taking alongside medication for high blood pressure it might lower it too much. One of the main problems here appears to be the fact that there hasn’t been a lot of human research into it. This is certainly the case when it comes to exploring potential fat loss.

We don’t know the dosage but this might have only been used to see how much space this ingredient is wasting anyway.

Coca Seed Extract

A nootropic and one that has milder effects to Caffeine.

The research is very much divided when it comes to this ingredient and it doesn’t get a lot of solid support.

Definitely nothing concrete enough for us to get excited about here. It might be beneficial for focus and even improving mood but unless you are looking for these specific benefits, it’s not a great ingredient for fat burning. does support the above and says it improves blood flow and antioxidant effects.

The same effects can be derived from eating dark chocolate of 70% cocoa or higher.

The 315 mg could be better spent on a more proven and beneficial fat burning ingredient.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

A return to the better ingredients again.

Here we have a proven thermogenic. This means it heats the body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down again. Burning fat whilst resting is a trait that all good fat burners have.

Not done there, it has also been found to increase endurance and energy levels in the user. A good ingredient for any gym enthusiast.

WebMD advises that it is milder than the likes of Caffeine Anhydrous and it contains 2-4% Caffeine. This will provide a boost to your thinking and alertness.

The dosage of 315 mg is a good amount that will give you the above benefits.

Green Coffee Seed Extract

Another effective fat burning ingredient.

You are getting the most beneficial version of Coffee here as it is the form before the color and most of the chlorogenic acid has been extracted.

This is what stops the body from storing as much fat and can even reduce blood sugar levels.

According to WebMD, a study looking into adults with obesity showed that taking Green Coffee Extract for between 8 to 12 weeks meant more weight loss for those when compared to others taking a placebo.

The 200 mg here is an effective amount that will really benefit the user.

Twinlab advises that this product contains 220 mg of Caffeine.

This is good for an energy increase of course. This is great for anyone using this product alongside a diet that restricts calorie intake.

Caffeine is also good for getting the metabolism going which will have you burning fat. It will even help the user to focus. The dosage of 220 mg is a good amount that is safe and will be effective.


A decent ingredient that will help to boost metabolism.

The problem really is that if you aren’t deficient, it is unlikely to be of benefit as it doesn’t help beyond normal levels.

It is an ingredient we already have in our system and usually in fine supply. The other benefits might include energy metabolism so it affects how our bodies create energy from food.

This alone is good but in terms of fat burning, there are better ingredients.

The 13 mg dosage isn’t the most potent anyway.

Cayenne Fruit Extract

One of the better ingredients in this Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review.

It works in two of the most beneficial ways. Firstly, it is a proven thermogenic ingredient. So, more fat burning as you rest, the more of these the better!

Also, according to WebMD it is an effective appetite suppressant. They say it has been found to curve appetite, especially in those who do not already eat spicy foods.

So, a good way of getting these benefits, especially if you aren’t a fan of the spice, is through supplements. Other sources have found that Cayenne Pepper helps the body to use fats instead of carbs for energy, burning them off in the process.

The dosage of 50 mg is very much on the low side though. Most fat burners contain double this for the true effects to be felt.

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Side Effects

The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be anything in this product that would cause the user unwanted side effects.

The ingredients are all safe and they are either dosed effectively or underdosed making them fine to consume.

The caffeine content is also sensible. At 220 mg a day, this should be well tolerated by most people. Still, if you aren’t used to consuming Caffeine, we advise working your way up to the full dosage.

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review Pros and Cons

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review Pros

  • Some effective fat burners
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review Cons

  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Cayenne pepper underdosed
  • Serving suggestion not ideal

Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Whilst this isn’t the worst product and does contain some good ingredients, it isn’t effective enough to make our top recommended fat burners list.

It just doesn’t compare to the better products on the market.

Sure, it is safe and the likes of Cayenne Pepper, Green Coffee, and Green Tea Extract are all proven fat burners. There just isn’t enough good to talk about beyond this.

Cayenne Pepper is underdosed which makes it ineffective and the other nutrients are just there to bulk it out a bit.

Some of them are ineffective and better placed in a nootropic.

Twinlabs do seem to have come a long way since 2003 when they had the FDA contacting them about their dodgy promises. It seems like the claims they make about this might be true, but only to a certain point.

This product represents a large portion of the supplements market in that they clearly know about what should go into a product, but fail to follow through when executing. The claims we touched on earlier of this being an intense fat burner don’t seem to be true.

To wrap up our Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner Review, it isn’t a bad product, there are just far better options on the market.

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