Top Ingredients for Nootropics

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Top Ingredients for Nootropics

With an internet full of useless advice and wannabe supplement sellers it is hard to know the top ingredients for nootorpics. 

With this in mind, we got a little fed up with reading reviews of sub par products. Some of these are being recommended so we decided to do something.

All sorts of people from different walks of life use Nootropics. From Silicon Valley’s richest tech giants to everyday guys like you and I who are looking to get the most out of their brain on a daily basis. It gives people a real focus but a good nootropic will also leave the user feeling very calm.

An added drive in the office, or more focus in the gym, there are many reasons why so many people are turning to Nootropics.

A good nootropic is made up of quality ingredients with effective dosages. So just what are the top ingredients for Nootropics that make a great product? We have compiled a list of the commonly used and most effective nutrients you will find in your stack.

What Should A Good Nootropic Do?

The ingredients used in an effective nootropic should be there on merit, and serve a purpose. Each of the ingredients should be good at one, or more of the following:

  • Improve Memory Retention
  • Boost Your Focus
  • Enhance Concentration Levels
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Recall Speed

The ingredients in a good nootropic should be a combination of minerals, vitamins and compounds. These will really enhance your brain’s functioning ability and unlock its full potential.

Your brain needs fuel and a good night sleep and a coffee won’t suffice. Although sleep is important – you can’t buy it in a bottle so you will have to be on top of that one yourself!

The best nootropics will try and enhance the brain in the short terms as well as support long term brain health. Piling a bunch of stimulants won’t help with this, your brain requires more than just caffeine to operate.

A quick word of caution about something to look out for:

Proprietary Blends

Not as common in nootropics as other supplements but something you should still look out for.

A proprietary blend is used by a company that does not discolse the full dosages of many of the ingredients as well as a some ingredients altogether.

By creating a blend of several ingredients and re packaging it as a whole new one (a proprietary blend), the company can hide behind weak dosages and sometimes dangerous ingredients.

Top Ingredients for Nootropics

So, just what does go into the better nootropics? Well, generally it is a combination of our following ingredients list as well as decent dosages.

Natural ingredients which won’t cause you harm or create side effects. Just what are they then?

Bacopa monnieri

This herb has been used for centuries the world over due to its brain enhancing capabilities.

Most abundantly found in India, it has some very effective anti-oxidative powers that really aids brain health. Constantly being used as a form of study it is also believed to be good for reducing anxiety. It helps the user to retain memory as well as overall brain functioning.

Bacopa is a mainstay in many of the better nootropics on the market for good reason. A random, placebo controlled double blind trial found that it had impressive results for memory functioning and retention. Although there were side effects, the dosages were higher than one would expect to be in a nootropic supplement.

Huperzine A

Another commonly used ingredient in nootropic stacks. If you find this and Bacopa in your nootropic supplement then you are off to a good start.

Huperzine A works by stopping the brain from producing acetylcholinesterase which is known as the enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters. When this is ineffective it leaves the brain able to use acetylcholine which in turn will leave the user able to focus more, with a better memory.

This is often used in a way of fighting the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. So it must have several benefits for your brain.


This can be found in your diet. But to really get the most out of it, you will need to intake some through supplementation.

Choline is useful for the brain since it is important for the production of acetylcholine with is very essential for memory function and not just in the short term. It is also useful for concentration levels.

The two most common types found in nootropics are Alpha GPC (often found in oats and milk) which is good for getting more acetylcholine and CDP-Choline which is good at slowing down brain decline and keeping up healthy levels of dopamine. This is good for fighting fatigue and short term memory. Both have different benefits so both their uses are acceptable as a useful nootropic ingredient.

Rhodiola Rosea

Safe and natural, just two of the words best used to describe this powerful nootropic.

It is commonly used to battle the effects of stress and elevate your mood as well as stopping those anxious feelings . So a lot of people use these to stop themselves worrying during their studies.

If you are under a lot of mental pressure then this is a great ingredient for you. Not only is it good for helping you to focus on the task at hand but it also stops your brain from tiring as well therefore you are left more productive, for longer!

Without this ingredient, your nootropic stack is seriously lacking compared to the competition since it is so powerful, with so many positive properties for your brain.


Most commonly derived from the periwinkle plant its best use is for cleansing the blood of unwanted toxins as well as giving you brain cells a layer of protection. So generally promoting brain health here.

It is more of a recent addition to the nootropic world and its benefits to brain functioning as part of a nootropic stack are only starting to be seen and proven in recent years.

Folic Acid

This B vitamin is important in a good stack. It helps to keep your brain functioning at a high level as well as keeping it healthy.

Not only is it good for brain functioning but it is often thought of as an early method of stopping your brain from declining later in life. This is true for brain related diseases as well as Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin D

Unfortunately Vitamin D is in short supply for many people these days. The trend of working indoors all day means many people are not getting enough exposure to sunlight. This is bad because your body produces Vitamin D when the skin feels those rays.

Vitamin D is the subject of various studies that have shown it to be good at stopping cognitive decline as well as Alzheimer’s disease. This is a common theme as a lot of ingredients are good for your brain health in many ways.

Since it is easy to supplement Vitamin D it is more and more surprising that so many people are having to live with deficient amounts in their body.


Although this is commonly found in testosterone boosters, it is another good general brain enhancer. It is good for memory storage as well as the formation of ions that help to pass information between nerves and also the ability to enhance recall speed.

In order to really get the benefits of magnesium, a regular diet will not suffice. This is why supplementation is important. It really is one of the Top Ingredients for Nootropics.

B-Vitamins B6, B9 & B12

Studies have shown this to increase the sharpness of your brain.

Anyone with a short supply of B-Vitamins can run the risk of being more susceptible to brain degeneration and an unbalanced mood.

Ginkgo Biloba

Sounds a bit funny but should be taken seriously as it actually opens up veins and arteries through vasodilation, thus enhancing brain function.

Like many of the other ingredients on this list it is good for cleansing the brain of unwanted free radicals. This means your brain gets a bit more help staving off brain related diseases.

Top Ingredients for Nootropics Final Thoughts

With so many qualities ingredients above, if your supplement of choice doesn’t contain enough of them then you are being unsold.

A good nootropic will have a healthy balance of these and even if it is combined with some of the less effective brain enhancers then it will still have its uses for you.

If you want to find out more about what nootropics contain a lot of these then check our top 3 nootropics list where you will find 3 of the best brain enhancing supplements on the market.

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