Top Ingredients for Fat Burners

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Top Ingredients for Fat Burners

Finding the top ingredients for fat burners is very important.

Often used by athletes that are used to having to make weight such as boxers and MMA fighters, as well as bodybuilders looking to really sculpt. These have become more and more commonly used by the casual gym goer.

With so many professional athletes using tried and tested supplements, you can also be assured of the safety of many of them. Since they are tested regularly there shouldn’t be a lot in there that would alarm you.

A fat burner, like any other supplement, is only as good as its ingredients list. A fat burner that contains more of the ingredients we list in this article is going to benefit you a whole lot more than one that does not . Dpending on the dosages of course.

Let’s lift the lid on the ingredients. Also, find out what the top ingredients for fat burners are but first let’s find out….

How do Fat Burner Supplement Ingredients Work?

If an ingredient isn’t selected for being good at one of the following,there had better be a good reason. A good fat burner ingredient will:

Raise Energy Levels – These ingredients are selected due to their ability to burn calories whilst giving the body an increase in energy. So basically, stimulating your metabolism.

Provide Thermogenesis – Heating your body up so it uses energy and in turn burns calories as it cools itself down.

Suppress your Appetite – To be honest, not all fat burners will contain these. Any that do are part of the new movement of trying to control snacking. So the benefits of your fat burner supplement are enhanced.

Look Out For Proprietary Blends:

If you are buying supplements and not checking the back for proprietary blends, then you might have been using an inferior product.

These blends are a way for the companies to not include the dosages of many ingredients. Often leaving you with an ineffective amount of the ingredient. Even if it is on our list, a proprietary blend can claim to include an ingredient and give you a completely useless amount of it, if part of a proprietary blend.

Some ingredients included can even be dangerous. With negative side effects so check for these. This being said, although we prefer our supplements to be free of proprietary blends, some of the biggest names on the market include them.

The Top Ingredients for Fat Burners:

Always check the ingredients list, or like many other people – check with us! Here is our breakdown of the best ingredients for fat burners. We have broken them down into 3 categories, firstly:

Top Ingredients For Fat Burners: Thermogenics

Cayenne Pepper

If you are not into spice, then you aren’t one of the many people who get the benefits from this ingredient in many of their meals. A supplement then, is a good chance for you to receive its uses without having to reach for a glass of water!

Raising the body’s temperature making it cool itself down. It will then promote calorie loss and there are even studies that show it can suppress appetite.

Green Tea

One of the best thermogenic ingredients available, this is likely to be found in many of the fat burner supplements today. Due to the catechins in green tea, this raises levels of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine. This is great for thermogenesis.

It is also good at reducing the amount of existing body fat. Making it a good all round fat burner.

Green Coffee Bean

Just coffee before it is roasted. It still has many of it’s benefits that it loses through the roasting process, and some of these are great for fat burning.

The chlorogenic acid that is found in green coffee beans is often credited with promoting the body’s ability to lose weight when exercising. This is because it uses fat instead of the reduced level of glucose.

Top Ingredients For Fat Burners: Energy


A mainstay in many supplements, most commonly pre workouts. It is also found in a lot of fat burners due to it’s ability to boost your body’s energy levels and stimulate your metabolism.

This stimulant will also burn fat through thermogenesis as well as increasing your endurance during exercise. It really does have multiple benefits.

A word of caution, if taking other supplements as well as fat burners, check on how much caffeine you are consuming. Too much caffeine can cause some serious side effects such as jitters and headaches in high doses.

Black Pepper Extract

Known for being a good all rounder, Piperine, the extract found in black pepper is often linked to preventing fat gain as well as a very effective thermogenic. Some studies have even shown it to be useful for stopping the development of fat cells.

It is included in many weight loss supplements because it is also good for bringing out the best in other ingredients. Hence why it is used in other supplements also.


With so many benefits, it is no surprise it is included in so many supplements. Especially since so many men are deficient in Zinc.

Those who do not have enough Zinc will have a lower rate of metabolism. The thyroid gland requires zinc for proper functioning. It helps produce the thyroid hormone which helps your body to maintain a healthy level of energy and metabolism.

Studies have also shown the appetite suppression benefits of Zinc. So if you see it included in your fat burner ingredients list then you know it has many benefits.

It really is one of the top ingredients for fat burners.

Vitamin B12

This works through its use of organisational skills! Thats right, it brings all the useful chemicals together for metabolism into one place to make it more effective.

Its main function is to encourage your body to metabolise carbs, proteins and fats and to use any stored food as energy.

Vegans will struggle to find good sources of Vitamin B12 since it isn’t found in any plant products.

Vitamin B6

Another great vitamin for helping the body to break down fats as well as carbs and use them to create energy. It is one of the best for metabolising proteins.

So for a diet that is tailored towards weight lifting and increased levels of protein, this is a good vitamin to have in a fat burner.

Top Ingredients For Fat Burners: Suppressing Appetite

Vitamin D

Without this, we wouldn’t survive and unfortunately, there is a real deficiency in many people. Natural sources are derived from the skin’s exposure to sunlight (be careful when doing this of course!). Your body absorbs the sunlight through your skin and produces its own Vitamin D as a result.

Studies aren’t always clear on why Vitamin D is so important for fat loss. But low levels are often linked to obesity. The studies showing positive effects often suggest that a lack of Vitamin D also means a lack of the hormone leptin. Which stops you from feeling hungry.



This fiber doesn’t actually help you to lose weight by burning food or speeding up metabolism. It is actually beneficial because it stops you from snacking and eating so often

It is known for swelling up in the stomach and makes the user feel fuller, for longer.

So there you have it, any fat loss supplement with a lot of the above ingredients is going to be worth trying. This is only if the dosages hit the mark. This is one of the important elements when it comes to the top ingredients for fat burners.

If the ingredients aren’t dosed well, they are pointless.

That being said, there are also other good ingredients that have their uses that do not appear on this list. But these are the most effective.

If a company is promising you the world but does not include many of the above. Then chances are, their fat burner supplement isn’t going to be as effective as others out there.

So, you’ve read all about the top ingredients for fat burners, why not read about our top 3 fat burners to find out which of the many on the market we recommend. One thing is for sure, our number one contains a good mix of the above.

Top Fat Burners We Recommend

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We were asked so many times to round up what we thought were the best fat burners around, and we have delivered so you don’t have to search numerous articles trying to find one that’s safe, natural and will produce effective results to help you burn fat and get ripped…

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