Top 5 Foods That Burn Fat and Speed Up Metabolism


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Speed up your metabolism and burn fat with these 5 foods

Much more than just how often you go to the toilet, your metabolism is better described as how our body uses the food you eat to turn it into energy. Here is our guide to the Top 5 Foods That Burn Fat and Speed Up Metabolism.

The higher your metabolism is, the more calories your body burns and naturally this affects your fat loss.

This is very dependent on what you put into your body. To help the fat burning process you can speed up your metabolism by selecting certain foods. Some of the benefits of a good metabolism include burning fat, you feel amazing, you lose weight, have more energy and your body self cleanses of toxins.

Who wouldn’t want as much of that as possible?

Here are 5 foods that burn fat and speed up metabolism…

1 – Coffee

Start with the good stuff!

It is estimated that 2-3 strong cups of coffee should be considered your limit, exceeding this can leaving you to overdose on the benefits which can have a reverse effect and leave you feeling tired and stressed, almost like a caffeine hangover!

If you stick to a healthy amount it can really boost your metabolism as well as give you an energy kick. To get the most out of your morning cup of black gold, consume with a glass of water and try to go organic if you can.

Coffee is heavily sprayed in normal circumstances so try and find something that is a bit more friendly with fewer chemicals.

2 – Berries

Try a handful of raspberries or cranberries on your morning cereal to really help your metabolism along. They contain anthocyanins – it has been shown that this actually prevents individual fat cells from increasing in size  They are often considered to be anti-inflammatory, as well as being anti-viral so there really are plenty of benefits.

You will find berries to be a natural source of ketones which speed up your body’s metabolism and help with preventing body fat from increasing.

Frozen Berries

If you find that the berries you keep in the fridge go off quickly, why not buy frozen so you always have a supply to chuck in a smoothie to start your day.

3 – Tamarind Paste

This ingredient is actually a fruit and used in Indian Cuisine most frequently. Some of your favourite dishes may even already have it and it is often found in supermarkets so keep an eye out.

Tamarind paste is good for weight loss because it actually reduces your appetite. It also controls your body fat levels and stops them from increasing by regulating your levels of serotonin.

If there was ever an excuse to eat a curry then this is it. Tamarind paste is also good for increasing your fat burning – that’s right a fat burning curry!

4 – Brazil Nuts

These are easy to get your intake of as you can grab a handful and snack away. So easy to consume, yes, but what do they do for fat loss?

They actually help your thyroid function – very useful for fat loss. On top of this they contain many essential minerals. They are also a great vegan protein and are great for your heart because they reduce cholesterol.

These are always great to keep in the cupboard at home as a snack or on your desk at the office to fight back junk food cravings. Instead of reaching for a high in sugar treat, grab a handful of these. They will stave off hunger and benefit your body!

5 – Cinnamon

If you hadn’t already realised, a lot of spices are great for fat loss and your overall health. Cinnamon is one such spice and it stops us from storing fat by increasing the metabolism of glucose itself.

That means it prevents your body from building up high sugar levels which can lead to developing fat. So, it is a great way of preventing your body from storing your other foods as body fat.

Cinnamon to speed up metabolism is great because it can be consumed in so many ways. Add it to a tomato based pasta sauce or stir it into your morning cereal or oatmeal along with some berries and nuts and you’ll be winning!

Number 5 but still made our Top 5 Foods That Burn Fat and Speed Up Metabolism list for a reason.

Top 5 Foods That Burn Fat and Speed Up Metabolism: Finally

Fat Burner Supplements

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