TNT Test Your Limits Review – Is it Dynamite?


TNT Test Your Limits


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  • Some of the best T boosting ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Some good dosages


  • Magnesium dosage too high
  • Potential side effects
  • Not available in the USA
  • Some ineffective ingredients

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TNT Test Your Limits Review

The product in question today brings us one of the bolder names we have seen in a while. That’s right, our TNT Test Your Limits review has us expecting big things just from the name alone.

That’s how a lot of these products entice you but now it has our attention, it better be able to follow up and deliver a great T booster.

In order to compete with our top recommended testosterone boosters, it will need to include all the right ingredients at optimal dosages in order to stand a chance or stacking up with the best.

What is it that we are looking for?

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

This is especially important since our T levels drop year on year from around the age of 30. With so many people in need of an effective product, let’s see if this one has what it takes.

TNT Test Your Limits Review: Who Makes This Testosterone Booster?

TNT Supplementstnt-supplements-test-your-limits review

This is the UK based company behind this product.

They claim to be the strongest T booster on the market so they are either going to be giving us the best product around or are setting themselves up for failure!

With some pretty strong branding, it is clear to see they mean business.

Their endorsements include Royal Marines and fitness pros. They have a long list of them which is good to see but their competitors have bigger names endorsing their products.

Speaking of products, they have a sizeable range that includes pre-workouts and fat burners as well as gym accessories. There’s plenty to look and even including a branded coffee mug!

Their products are sold by various retailers but we couldn’t find anything in terms of a money back guarantee which is a shame.

TNT Test Your Limits Ingredientstnt-test-your-limits-review of ingredients

This is where we can really see if we have a good product on our hands. The initial signs are good – no proprietary blends. This is where a product launches a load of ingredients together under one blend and only gives the overall dosage.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case here.

The suggested serving isn’t ideal though. With TNT recommending taking 2 capsules twice a day, we prefer to see a supplement that can be taken over 3-4 servings to really spread out the benefits.

Right, time to take a look at what this product has got.

D-aspartic Acid

One of the top ingredients going and found in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters for a reason.

This is such an effective ingredient because it works on multiple levels.

It is great for stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. It is also good for increasing sperm count so the benefits continue into sexual health.

On top of all this, it triggers the synthesis of the Human Growth Hormone.

A lot of good traits for one ingredient and although the 1,516 mg is a little on the low side, it will still do a good job.

Vitamin B6

A good ingredient once again and this time because it helps to unbind your T. Freeing up testosterone is the kind of trait we are after as so much of it is bound in your system and useless.

The 10.5 mg we found in our TNT Test Your Limits review is enough for what you want.


Another top ingredient for a T booster, if the dosage is right. This works again by freeing up your T. It lessens the effectiveness of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which really gets a hold of your testosterone.

The problem here is that the 450 mg dosage creeps into the zone of which you can experience side effects. Since we get magnesium in our everyday foods and this is on the high side you only need to read this from WebMD to act with caution: Doses less than 350 mg are safe for most adults. When taken in very large amounts, magnesium is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. Side effects include an irregular heartbeat,  low blood pressure, confusion, slowed breathing, coma, and death.

Sometimes being the most potent testosterone booster on the market isn’t always a good thing.


A great ingredient and yet another to feature in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters for a reason.

The fact is, our bodies cannot create more testosterone without it.

It is another that stimulates the luteinizing hormone but it also helps to keep your T levels up during extensive exercise. An Important ingredient.

The 30 mg is on the high side since we do get Zinc in everyday foods and our upper daily tolerance isn’t a whole lot higher, act with caution.


Usually found in a nootropic supplement due to its ability to aid your cognitive functioning. A strange inclusion really since it doesn’t do anything for testosterone levels. advises that it can be used to treat schizophrenia which is something that puts us off of it immediately. How does something like this end up in a testosterone booster?

It is being researched for its links to prostate cancer and although it isn’t believed to be a direct cause, the fact that this is being researched is another reason we are put off by it.


A return to the better ingredients in this TNT Test Your Limits review.

This traditional medicine is now found in T boosters as it is a libido enhancer. This isn’t the only reason though.

Often thought to be good for regulating blood sugar levels this will help to balance your T levels.

At 412 mg this is a high amount that will definitely do some good here.


Although human trials are certainly not prevalent for this ingredient there is promise that it can help with lean muscle mass.

It is thought to have behaviors close to anabolic steroids but until there is more evidence to back up its safety and effectiveness, we’re not convinced.


A stress reliever and another best suited to a nootropic. Maybe this is trying to help you to stay calm when the excessive magnesium dosage takes over!

The lowering of cortisol is actually beneficial to your T levels as stress is a known killer of your T.


Created back in 1997 it was once thought to be great for muscle recovery, protein synthesis and more.

Since then there have been studies that have completed disproven this as an effective ingredient. Old research here has resulted in a pointless inclusion.

Vitamin D3

We’re not sure why this has made its way all the way down to the bottom of the pile as it is a very effective ingredient.

Studies have shown that low levels of D3 are often linked to low testosterone and our bodies actually create their own. This is when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight, the fact that so many of us are deficient means we are clearly not getting enough rays.

The 5,000 IU here is an optimal dosage.

TNT Test Your Limits Side Effects

The dosage of magnesium being so high does put you at risk of developing the unwanted side effects mentioned earlier.

As WebMD stated, these potential side effects include an irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, confusion, slowed breathing, coma and death. This seems extreme but there are also minor side effects associated with too much magnesium that include nausea and diarrhea.

TNT Test Your Limits Review: Pros and Cons


  • Some of the best T boosting ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Some good dosages


  • Magnesium dosage too high
  • Potential side effects
  • Not available in the USA
  • Some ineffective ingredients

TNT Test Your Limits Review Conclusion

Although this has some of the best testosterone booster ingredients, it is a T booster with two very different sides to it.

This displays why it doesn’t always pay to be the most potent T booster in the UK. In fact, we have seen some of the ingredients dosed a lot higher and still manage to be safe.

DAA, for example, could do with a little more in there, they could take some of the magnesium out of there to make it more balanced, especially since there is way too much of this in this product.

There are also some suspect inclusions, we only really go for proven T booster ingredients that we can vouch for and that are safe to use.

All in all, this product has some very good ingredients but it was let down by everything else.

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