Thermo Matrix Review – Potential side effects?

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Thermo Matrix


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  • Some good ingredients
  • Well dosed


  • Syntherine can cause side effects
  • Serving suggestion is not ideal
  • More appetite suppressants needed

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Thermo Matrix Review    

Can our Thermo Matrix review give us another addition to our top recommended fat burners list? In order to rank favorably, it will have to stack up to the best fat burners on the market.

As with any quality supplement, it won’t get far unless it does the basics, but you would be surprised just how many products fail to even have the right ingredients, and dosages to actually burn fat.

This is why we search through numerous supplements to bring you what we consider to be a balanced review based on years of experience.

Applying all of this today, a good fat burner should be able to do the following:

  • Target problem areas of fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy
  • Be safe

This is the minimum it should do, the better fat burners contain a carefully selected group of ingredients, many of them have multiple fat burning abilities.

The better fat burners on the market will not have any dangerous ingredients, and almost everything it contains will have some benefit for burning fat – no wastes of space, please!

So let’s dig a little deeper and see what Thermo Matrix is about.

Who Makes Thermo Matrix Review: Who Makes This Product?

The company behind this product are Focus Performance, a UK based company who have a few products available including a nootropic and a hemp protein option.

The about us page actually contains information about the people behind the company, cousins Scott Reid and Martin Hayman who suggest they saw a gap in the market for better quality supplements.

And Scott won Britain’s strongest man in 2007 and 2008 and although we cannot see a money back guarantee relating to their products, they have some good people willing to endorse their products.

All in all, looking through their website they seem like an honest company that is doing well for a small to mid size company in the market.

Thermo Matrix Ingredients

This is where we can really tell a lot about this product and the initial signs are good, there are no proprietary blends which makes it easier to tell if the ingredients are effective or not.

When a company uses a proprietary blend it means their dosages are not always revealed, making it a challenge to find out if a product is good or not.

At least we get to take a proper look at Thermo Matrix.

The other thing we notice is the suggested serving is limited to 1-2 capsules a day. This isn’t our preference as we like to see 3-4 as a possible serving to spread out the fat burning benefits around the clock.

With all this in mind, let’s see what goes into this product.

Green Tea Extract

green tea fat burner, instant knockout, best fat burner supplement

One of the better ingredients to find in a fat burner, you find it in most of our top fat burner supplements and for a good reason.

Firstly, it is a great thermogenic, meaning it heats up your body causing it to burn fat to cool itself down. On top of this, it is great for getting the most out of your cardio. by this we mean it helps your body to increase the effects of fat burning during exercise.

Basically, it burns fat when you are doing nothing, as well as when you are moving your body.

Quite possibly the best ingredient in this Thermo Matrix review.


Sometimes known as Bitter Orange, this is an ingredient we are always on the lookout for because it is potentially dangerous. When mixed with caffeine (as this product is) it can cause unwanted side effects that start with the like of headaches, nausea but can also include increased blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and more.

Apart from this side of things, it is linked to being an effective metabolism booster but the fact that it has been banned by the NCAA and in countries such as Canada, it isn’t something we are a fan of in our supplements.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Most decent fat burners will contain caffeine of some form.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the powdered form with the water extracted from it. This makes it easy to absorb. This is why it is often found in energy drinks, and such a boost is exactly what you can expect.

This is especially good for anyone looking to use a fat burner alongside their workouts, but also if you are in the middle of a lower calorie than usual diet.

Cayenne Pepper

This company really know their stuff.

Cayenne Pepper is one of our favorite ingredients or a fat burner. Simply because it is considered to be one of the most reliable sources of fat burning.

This is why you will find it only in the top fat burners around. It is another good thermogenic ingredient but also a proven appetite suppressant. This is because it swells up in your stomach, making you feel fuller for longer.

With such a good reputation, you want to get this in your diet. A supplement is a good way of ensuring you do. Especially if you are not usually a fan of spicy food that might contain this effective fat burner.

Green Coffee Bean

The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee bean is what makes it such a decent inclusion.

It increases fat metabolism in the liver and stops your body from absorbing more fat along the way. It encourages your body to promote the burning of fat for energy, so it has more than one use here.

As far as the name goes, there’s nothing unusual, it is just coffee beans in their purest before the color has been roasted out.


Not the finest ingredient here.

Most of the others so far are proven fat burners, but the reason for this ingredients presence is a little confusing. Mostly known for its ability to increase focus, it is more likely to be beneficial in a nootropic.

It is also known to elevate mood so it is not an awful inclusion, it just doesn’t help you to burn fat.

Not a bad ingredient profile all in all. We would like it if there was more than one appetite suppressant on reflection. Cayenne Pepper cannot be expected to stop you from reaching for the snacks all day on its own.

Thermo Matrix Side Effects

Mostly, this is a good fat burner in terms of safety. The ingredients are carefully selected and the dosages are pretty impressive.

We say mostly because, despite all the hard work and thinking that has gone into this product, it still contains Syntherine. This is an ingredient we don’t like to see. The side effects are more likely to occur when combined with caffeine, which Thermo Matrix also has in it.

These potential side effects start from anything such as headaches. They can even be as serious as heart attack, stroke, fainting and more.

This is what has let this whole fat burner down really since there are other options on the market. You do not have to put your health at risk.

Thermo Matrix Review Pros and Cons


  • Some good ingredients
  • Well dosed


  • Syntherine can cause side effects
  • Serving suggestion is not ideal
  • More appetite suppressants needed

Thermo Matrix Review Conclusion

If they just took out the Syntherine then this would have a real chance to make it on to our top recommended fat burners list.

This ingredient is one of the few reasons we cannot fully recommend this product.

There is no doubt it will help you to burn fat, most of the ingredients are too good for it to not. The problem is around safety, and that is one of the most important criteria for any supplement in our eyes.

There is a clear understanding of what makes a good fat burner here and the inclusion of thermogenics such as Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper and what we really like to see.

To conclude this Thermo Matrix review, there are other fat burners on the market though that offer everything you want to see in terms of ingredients. Aas well as being 100% safe so our advice is to keep looking until you find the right fat burner…

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