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The Curse


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  • Some well selected ingredients
  • Energy Boost
  • Good Brand


  • Proprietary blends
  • Some ingredients are ineffective in a pre workout
  • Beta Alanine can cause paresthesia

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The Curse Review

Well with our The Curse review, we have one of the industries better pre workouts and with the distinctive packaging, it certainly stands out.

It makes a lot of large boasts and promises on its website, but we are going to really put it through its paces to see if it is worthy of your time. as well as answering questions to do with The Curse side effects.

It is well known in the pre workout world and with this reputation comes a lot of expectation. But what are Cobra Labs, the people behind The Curse telling us to expect?

The Curse Pre Workout Supplement Claims:

  • Increases Your Focus
  • Gives You More Energy
  • Enhances Strength

That’s fine, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before but like many before them, they will have to go a lot further than that to impress us. We like a pre workout to be completely natural. And the only way it can do all of the above is by containing top pre workout ingredients, at optimal dosages.

There are things we also don’t want to see like proprietary blends. As well as unnatural ingredients and potential side effects, but we will get to all that.

The Curse Review: Who Makes This Product?

The Curse is the pre workout from the people at Cobra Labs. They certainly do have distinctive packaging but what else is there to know?

All their products are produced in facilities approved by the FDA and they have been going since 2010. The Curse itself has been nominated for many awards and has sold over a million bottles sold it has come along way since the early days!

This sort of volume means they must be doing something right, but is it as good as the better pre workouts in the industry?

They have a string of other ingredients as well as coherent merchandise so they have branded and marketed themselves well.

They claim their product is the highest quality available so let’s take a look for ourselves.

The Curse Ingredients

For us, a big let down is always a proprietary blend. This is where an ingredients dosage is not revealed to the user and the ingredient total is part of a bunch of ingredients, piled into one new ingredient.

Unfortunately, The Curse uses proprietary blends. This means it will be difficult to comment on the quality of the ingredients, and also to check that the dosages are safe.

Their blends are all set out with their intended effect in mind. The first blend is the ‘’Energizing Muscle Blend’’, then we have ‘’Blood Flow Amplifier Blend’’ and to finish it off ‘’The Mind Control Matrix’’. These sound like extreme labels but clearly gives an idea of what they are intending here.

Time to take at look at what is included then.

Beta Alanine

An amino acid that has its uses for your workout such as the ability to aid the endurance of your muscles and help you to train harder for longer. It also helps to keep the buildup of lactic acid at bay.

That being said its inclusion could come at a cost for you. It is known to cause paresthesia, an itching of the skin. So it might make you able to go for longer in the gym, but you might be too distracted to make it count.

This is especially concerning since the proprietary blend means we don’t know how much is included.

A disappointing start to our The Curse review.

Creatine Monohydrate

A good addition to any pre workout. Although commonly linked with post workout protein shakes it doesn’t hurt to get the recovery going whilst you are working out. It has been known to enhance your strength and power, and there are even particular exercises like squats and deadlifts that benefit from creatine.

It uses the water in your body to bulk out your muscles for those big swells.

Citric Acid

Not a lot to say about this really, it doesn’t serve a massive purpose in a pre workout but it does help the effectiveness of some of the energy producing ingredients.


Known to many as a fatigue fighter, it is a mainstay in many pre workouts. It has been proven in various studies to be a great all rounder for whatever purpose you are using a pre workout. It will help you to stay at the top of your peak for longer.

When you workout, your pH drops and there is a buildup of acid in your muscles which allows fatigue to creep in. Studies have shown L-Citrulline to be very effective at countering this. The evidence often shows how those supplementing with this ingredient are able to push out more reps than usual.

But does The Curse contain an optimal amount of it for it to be effective? Who knows due to the proprietary blend!

Caffeine Anhydrous

A good addition to a pre workout, this is sure to give you a surge of energy. We can finally see a dosage here, 147 mg is enough to get you going and this will increase your power.

Caffeine in a lot of supplements is close to being a danger. But The Curse have been mindful of this in their servings.

This form is good because the water has been stripped out. Leaving a more potent version. This is why it is often found in energy drinks.

Olive Leaf Extract

We like it when companies add ingredients that compliment each other. Although Olive Leaf Extract does not have any direct pre workout benefits itself. It does help to keep your body calmer when consuming caffeine.

This is a smart addition to a pre workout. The caffeine content can be so high in some supplements, more of them could use an ingredient like this.

The Curse Side Effects

Having studied the ingredients we only have a real issue with Beta-Alanine. Like we mentioned earlier this is known to cause paresthesia and although this is found in many supplements, we still prefer to avoid the possibility of itchiness of the hands and face.

This very distracting problem could really put you off your workout. Not to mention those around you! It does pass quickly but our problem is that Beta-Alanine is included within a proprietary blend. This means we don’t know how much is included.

There could be other side effects due to the fact that most of the ingredients are part of a blend. But at least we know that the caffeine content is safe for consumption.

The Curse ReviewPros and Cons

The Curse Review Pros

  • Some well selected ingredients
  • Energy boost
  • Good brand

The Curse Review Cons

  • Proprietary blends
  • Some ingredients are ineffective in a pre workout
  • Beta Alanine can cause paresthesia

The Curse Review Conclusion

It came in with a big reputation and by all accounts it has so many sales and customers for a reason. With their clever packaging they have built up a fan base that most supplements would be envious of.

However, it seems that many people are not bothered about checking what they put into their body. We like to have a thorough look under the label. In doing so we found the fact that they use proprietary blends disappointing.

They have some decent ingredients for sure. Many of them will be effective, but to what extent we aren’t sure.

Those with a low tolerance to caffeine will appreciate the 147 mg in The Curse. It is lower than a lot of other supplements and can still give you a bit of a boost.

We prefer a pre workout that is completely natural and safe and we also noticed that on the other ingredients list. There was the mention of artificial flavors. This is something else we are not fond of.

Maybe we are picky but we like a product that can do it all, and there aren’t many of them. The closest we have found to perfection in the world of pre workouts is 4 Gauge.

With its list of natural ingredients and effective dosages from the top pre workout ingredients it is one of the few supplements that does everything really well.

To find out more about our top recommended pre workout, check out our 4 Gauge review.

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