GAT Testrol Gold ES Review – Is this T-Booster Worth It?


Testrol Gold ES


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  • Some good ingredients
  • Good dosages
  • No proprietary blends


  • No Vitamin D3
  • A lot of useless ingredients
  • Serving schedule not ideal
  • High magnesium dosage

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Testrol Gold ES Review

With stripped back packaging the product at the center of our Testrol Gold ES review looks to be a more relaxed one than we often get.

By this, we mean the big bold promises that often result in a product that fails to deliver. Gone are the ‘Xtreme Bulk’ type names and are replaced with the label telling it like it is ‘Muscle & Male Performance’ in this case.

In order for this product to make it onto our top recommended testosterone boosters list then it will need to provide the following:

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

This is a minimal requirement if this product is going to really support your T levels and get your body reaching new highs.

It’s time to find out a bit more about this product.

Testrol Gold ES Review: Who Makes This Testosterone Booster?Testrol Gold ES Review

GAT Sports are the U.S brand that makes this product.

Their website says they have over 20 years of experience to apply to this product and given that they are featured in numerous outlets around the globe it is no surprise that they have a vast array of products.

They have a natural line of products that include Plant Protein and Sports Greens. They even sell a diuretic!

Their endorsements include Mr. Olympia Classic Physique 3rd place contestant Sadik Hadzovic as well as Bikini Pros.

They have a product demos event page that shows you when they have a date in the diary although when we looked there wasn’t anything in there.

There are a lot of ingredients to get through here, so we’re going to look at the most significant for you.

Testrol Gold ES Ingredientstestrol-gold-es-ingredients

Now we can really get to know this product and see if it is worth your attention. The key section of this Testrol Gold ES review.

The problem we have is with the suggested serving. 2 capsules once a day means you will get a T boost for a while but your testosterone levels won’t be sky high all day long. We prefer it when you can use a supplement 3-4 times a day.

You are also supposed to cycle use and stop using it after 8 weeks for a while. The natural boost is supposed to be just that, so they must be concerned about something in here!

The good news though is that there are no proprietary blends. This means we get to take a proper look at all the dosages of the many ingredients.

Vitamin B

A good start and an ingredient that you will find in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

It earns its place here for a reason. It is a good estrogen suppressant. The female hormone will really drive down your T if it is left to its own devices so the fact that they have gone straight in with this ingredient shows they mean business.

They’re doing what they promised on the label and at 10 mg of Vitamin B6, it’s a good start.

Folic Acid

This B-Vitamin is most commonly used in pregnancy supplements to support the process but suggest that this has a role in supporting general health. Other than that – there is no mention of testosterone supporting capabilities.

The 300 mcg in Testrol Gold ES might be good for repairing muscles after your session though.

Vitamin B12

This is a good ingredient for overall testicular health, It aids sperm production so it has its place. For the over 30’s your T levels declines year on year and do so for the rest of your life. This means supplementing anything that aids sexual health in men can be useful too.


A proven T booster but needs to be taken in a sensible dosage.

By controlling and lowering the level of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin it helps to raise the level of testosterone your body can use.

Another ingredient you will find in our top recommended testosterone boosters but the dosages are likely to be more sensible.

The 420 mg included is on the high side and if you get a normal level of Magnesium in your diet this might push you towards the risk of side effects.

This can include nausea, diarrhea, cramps and more. One of the best ingredients in the entire Testrol Gold ES review, just ruined a little.


A staple ingredient in any T booster, you should be worried if your current choice does not contain Zinc.

It is so good because it works on multiple levels. Firstly, it stimulates the luteinizing hormone, this communicates with your testes to create and release more T.

It even stops you from using up all your testosterone during strenuous exercise, helping you to save some for later. The 15 mg in here is a good amount.


A strange inclusion really since it doesn’t really have any T boosting benefits.

It has its uses for thyroid health but that’s not what we’re really looking for here. The 50 mcg is a bit of a waste really.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Once thought to be the next big thing in terms of testosterone boosting but it turned out to be a red herring, In Fact, a red herring might actually be better for your T (don’t try it at home!).

Time has not been kind to Tribulus as it is widely regarded as a sub par T booster now. Therefore the giant 500 mg included here is a big waste of space.


Found in the like of broccoli, kale cauliflower, and others, it is thought in many corners to have anti-estrogen capabilities for women and might work for men. It is an aromatase inhibitor meaning it stops the body from converting testosterone to estrogen.

This is still very much in the maybe category and therefore it is difficult to actually recommend. A shame especially because of the 200 mg of space it takes up.


A return to the better ingredients thankfully and this has various uses. It is a traditional aphrodisiac so it can aid sexual health but also it is good for keeping your insulin levels balanced.

When they are not stable it can drive down your T.

L- Arginine

This amino acid and is found most commonly in red meats and fish.

WebMD comments on how it is possibly effective for erectile dysfunction. But in terms of exercise performance, they suggest there is insufficient evidence to support this.

The 150 mg isn’t a lot to really get things going anyway.

Mucuna Pruriens

This helps to reduce cortisol which basically means your stress levels will have less of an impact on your T.

It is another ingredient that stimulates the luteinizing hormone which means your body will be producing even more T.

Shilajit Extract

Another tradition choice here and it might have a couple of benefits including improving sperm count and improve your overall T levels.

This is generally thought to require more research so we will reserve judgment for when there is more evidence to back it up.

Eurycoma Longifolia

A proven libido enhancer but other than that an underwhelming ingredient.

You need more substance behind the ingredients you choose in your T boosters really.

Avena Sativa

Clutching at straws now? Well maybe at Oat Straws which is what this is occasionally known as. Not enough evidence to back it up once again and the ingredients are starting to get less impressive now.

Epimedium Extract

Good for sexual functioning this is more here to support male health. It is another libido booster but beyond that isn’t the most versatile ingredient.

Another one you wouldn’t miss if it was gone.

Damiana Leaf

A bit of a mixed bag and people can’t seem to agree on whether it is an effective T booster or whether it is good for estrogen support.

In rodents, it has been found to increase libido but there are also studies that show it might actually mimic estrogen in some ways.

More research is needed clearly.

Saw Palmetto

Another ingredient that it wouldn’t make any difference if it was here or not.

It has its uses, just not in a T booster.

Cnidium Monnieri have this down as a potential Viagra type ingredient.

Other than that there isn’t much it could be considered useful for today. And with that, our Testrol Gold ES review has reached the end of the ingredients.

Testrol Gold ES Side Effects

Magnesium is on the high side and it is pretty common for people to experience them. Nausea and Diarrhea are the main ones to look out for.

Testrol Gold ES Review Pros and Cons


  • Some good ingredients
  • Good dosages
  • No proprietary blends


  • No Vitamin D3
  • A lot of useless ingredients
  • Serving schedule not ideal
  • High magnesium dosage

Testrol Gold ES Review Conclusion

A decent product this one, we have seen a lot worse.

The problem is we have also seen a lot better. It starts very well with some of the better ingredients that you would want to see. Then it contained the likes of Tribulus which is just a complete waste of space and shows a lack of understanding really.

It went on to get worse with numerous ingredients proving to be completely useless in terms of boosting T. That’s what we are here for really – just good natural ingredients that boost testosterone.

The better products on the market will only include these ingredients and no filler. A decent effort though.

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