TestoTEK Review [Is TEK NAturals T-Booster Worth Your Money?]

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  • Good Ingredients
  • Plenty of Estrogen Suppressors
  • No Side Effects
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Vitamin D3 Could Be a Little Higher

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TestoTEK Review

Searching for the best testosterone boosters out there is harder than it sounds, hence today’s TestoTEK review.

You would think that with so many products around a large portion of them would fall on our lap and be as good as the fancy packaging and marketing suggest. 

This is unfortunately completely wrong.

We don’t just endorse any product, in fact, there is only a handful that we would even recommend, you could call us picky when it comes to supplements. Why would you be any different, you’re putting this stuff into your body and it’s your health that is affected.

So there is one of the most important elements of a testosterone booster for you – it must be safe. On top of this we always say the ingredients need to be of quality, and so does each dosage.

We’re only able to know if the dosages are good if the company does not use proprietary blends so that is also important.

These are a few of the underlining rules we have when it comes to supplements, but what should a good T booster do? It should do all of the following (and we don’t think that’s too much to ask!):

  • Boost your T Levels
  • Increase Strength
  • Enhance Libido
  • Reduce Estrogen
  • Help with those Huge Pumps

So, how close can TestoTEK get to achieving this? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Makes TestoTEK?

TestoTEK Review - Are there any side effects

TEK Naturals are the people behind this product and their website says they have over two decade of experience in the nutritional manufacturing industry.

They pride themselves on being a ‘No B.S supplement company’ and that is something we don’t often see since there is so much of it in the industry.

They also note that they don’t make big, stupid claims about their products. This is good as we have seen where so many people get sold a product with just a few exciting lines about its effectiveness instead of actually reading the label.

They do have a 30 day money back guarantee and their website is where you can access their TEK support live chat.

They also have a number of other decent products including their 2 fat burners BurnerTEK, Burn 4 Her and Mind Ignite nootropic.

TestoTEK Ingredients

TestoTEK review of ingredients

This is where we can dig a little deeper and find out what we need to know about this product’s effectiveness. You can’t hide when it comes to the label.

One thing we noticed from the off is that there are no proprietary blends in sight leaving us with a chance to really find out how effective this T booster is. A good start to our TestoTEK review.

Vitamin D3

One of the best ingredients out there when it comes to Testosterone boosting, low levels of D3 are often linked to low testosterone so you want to ensure you have an ample supply.

The sad thing is a lot of people are deficient in Vitamin D3. This is a shame because our body creates its own when our skin is exposed to sunlight. So we are not getting enough sun as part of the modern work life balance it would seem.

The 2,000 IU is a decent amount, although there is room for more.

Vitamin K

It is more likely to be found to help your heart health and blood flow but recent studies are starting to show its promise of being a capable testosterone booster.

In a Japanese study, Vitamin K2 has been found to increase the testosterone levels of rats significantly so there is a lot of potential for this ingredient.

D-Aspartic Acid

One of the best ingredients you can get for a T booster, it tells your brain to release the luteinizing hormone which in turn tells the testes to produce more testosterone.

With so many studies to back up its importance it is one of the go to ingredients for any decent T booster.

The optimal dosage is between 2-3,000 mg and the 2,000 mg included in TestoTEK is enough to do the job properly.


A decent Testosterone booster here not only can it increase libido but it is known to provide more energy.

For directly enhancing testosterone this ingredient stimulates the sex hormones in men which in turn increases your T levels.

It has been shown to increase your levels of insulin. This is good for increasing your overall muscle mass – great when weight training.

Oyster Extract

Most commonly known as a natural aphrodisiac but it is now gaining a reputation for being a significant T booster.

This might be because it contains a lot of Zinc which is one of the top testosterone boosters out there as well. It is known to protect your body against oxidative stress meaning your T levels are safe.


Without Zinc, there would be no testosterone, that’s right it needs zinc to survive. The problem is many people are deficient in it.

It is even known to reduce the level of prolactin in your body meaning you can produce more testosterone. It even stops your body from depleting the level of T you have when working out – just when you need it the most.

We like to see a supplement that doesn’t have too much Zinc. I fact, a bit of support is all you need to be effective and many T boosters actually either have 0 Zinc, or too much. The 25 mg in TestoTEK is still a good amount.

Although many people are deficient in Zinc, it is found in a lot of meats and fish amongst other foods so it is likely to still be in your diet.

Mucuna Pruriens

Although this does feature in a fair few supplements now and it has been linked to reducing the level of estrogen your body has. Good news for anyone who doesn’t want those man boobs.

It is also thought to be good at increasing the amount of the luteinizing hormone in your body.

This is showing all the signs of being an impressive product so far.

Siberian Ginseng

This is one of those ingredients that often features in ancient medicine for a reason. It covers a lot of bases and can perform many miracles. But what can it do for your testosterone?

It is thought to mainly help your body deal with stress since stress is a known enemy of testosterone this is a good thing. On top of this, it is thought to help your body decrease the level of prolactin it has.

Also good for your libido as well as energy levels, it is a great all-rounder.

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TestoTEK Side Effects

This is one of the few products that has some very good ingredients but also at safe dosages. Although some are underdosed it does have some promise and thankfully should not cause any side effects.

The natural ingredients are all the type that you hope for in this sort of product.

TestoTEK Pros and Cons


  • Good Ingredients
  • Plenty of Estrogen Suppressors
  • No Side Effects
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money back guarantee


  • Room for more D3

Buy TestoTEK

The Bottom Line

TestoTEK Review

Buy TestoTEK

This is a very good testosterone booster, in fact, the ingredient profile is better than most we see on a daily basis. 

Maybe you could say that the zinc is a little above what you would sometimes see but we feel comfortable with it. For most people it will be fine. 

For the most part this is a very safe product. If you have allergies to shellfish then the Oyster Extract should ensure that you do not use this product. We also like the openness and the fact that they do not use proprietary blends.

For a leading testosterone booster it does what you would hope it would. We are happy to recommend TestoTEK.

Buy TestoTEK

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