Testogen Review [Is This T-booster Any Good?]

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  • Natural Ingredients
  • Dosage is spread out to 4 times a day
  • Some key T booster ingredients


  • Zinc level is a bit high
  • Some dosages could be higher
  • Tribulus Terrestris is not a proven T booster

Testogen Review

With the market being flooded with Testosterone boosters a gym enthusiasts look to gain every advantage for their gains, it can be difficult to spot a good product. Our Testogen review might reveal a testosterone booster that will help you maximize your gains.

At Clean Lean Machine we are on a mission to find the best testosterone boosters on the market. To do this we have to cover a wide range, some that are well known and some up and coming products.

Today we are taking a closer look at Testogen to see how it stacks up against some of the better T-boosters we have seen, and on an initial look it is up there with some of the good ones – but just how close to the summit can it get?

To get a feel for the company a quick look at their website can reveal a lot about who they are and what they do. The promises coming from the Testogen site are similar to that of other Testosterone boosters:

  • More Muscle Mass
  • Increased Lean Muscle
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Better performance (Mental as well as Physical)
  • Reduced body fat around the waist

A lot of potential here then, let’s take a look at the people behind this product:

Testogen Review: Who Makes This Testosterone Booster?

Testogen review

Buy from testogen.com

Testogen is made by Wolfson Berg Limited, they are a curious company in that their website is pretty vague and they seem to produce a lot of private label products.

Their website says they make their products in 100% FDA approved facilities to a well-researched formula.

Their About Us page was a little spammy in our opinion. Just very generic saying ‘we are with you every step of the way’. We prefer it when we can get some useful information out of a website.

The About Us page on Testogen gives a New York address for Wolfson Berg, but on further investigation, it appears they are based in Cyprus!

They claim to have over 30 years combined experience within the industry but for all we know there could be 30 members of staff with a year each!

Testogen Ingredients

This is where it starts to get more interesting, we want to know what goes into this product to see just how effective it is.

The first impression is a good one, they advise you take one capsule 4 times a day, this is good because it is spread out and your T levels will be consistently higher throughout the day. A good start to the Testogen review.

Another good sign is the fact that there are no proprietary blends in sight, this means we have access to the dosages and can tell you how effective this product is.

D-Aspartic Acid

A good start here and this is an essential T booster for many supplements. It helps your body to raise the levels of Testosterone by increasing the Luteinizing Hormones in your body. This signals to the testes that your body wants to create more and release testosterone.

In terms of your libido, early research has also linked it to being able to increase your sperm count as it is found in high concentrations in the testes.

You want your D-Aspartic Acid dosage to be around 1,500 – 3,000 mg a day so the 2,000 mg included in Testogen is well within the optimal dosage.

Tribulus Terrestris

There are loose studies that suggest this could increase your libido and T levels, however, we use the word ‘loose’ because they are unreliable.

You can’t knock Testogen for trying to be ahead of the game but you can’t mess around with useless ingredients when it comes to supplements either. One of the worst ingredients in this Testogen review.

Panax Ginseng

Often hailed as an excellent natural T-booster due to its ability to reduce prolactin. Men with high levels of this are at risk of having low levels of testosterone. It has also been shown to help fight stress since stress is thought to be a major enemy of testosterone, this can only be a good thing.

Fenugreek Extract

An ancient Chinese health booster this ingredient has been shown to be good for healthy T levels.

It is thought to help maintain a lower level of estrogen in the body, meaning there is more room for testosterone to thrive. It is often hailed as an anabolic muscle building booster so the fact that Testogen has included it here means they have done their research.


Often found in some of the better T boosters this is great for helping your body produce more testosterone.

Often thought to be one of the best T boosters because it is able to boost T levels in various ways. Firstly, you need zinc in your body to create more testosterone. Since most diets are deficient, it is always handy to supplement.

Zinc has even been shown to actually stop your body from decreasing it’s T levels during a workout, so it maintains the levels when you need them most. It is also good for reducing prolactin levels.

The problem we have with Testogen is the Zinc levels are very high at 72 mg. Almost maxing out your daily allowance. Although most diets are deficient there is still room for a lot of Zinc in your everyday foods if you eat a lot of red meat, poultry, seafood and particularly Oysters, even dairy products.

Too much Zinc can result in nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and more. A more sensible dosage is probably advisable.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

It does have its uses and is important for testosterone production. It is also a useful ingredient for breaking down foods and using them for energy. There are other B-Vitamins that are beneficial for your T. Although this isn’t one we often see it does enough good to merit its place.


Often found in Brazil nuts this is most beneficial for thyroid health. That being said it has been shown to increase your sperm count and enhances the quality of your sperm.

It is best known for its ability to help prevent prostate cancer.

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

An important ingredient for anyone and unfortunately we are often deficient. This is particularly sad because your body produces its own D3 when your skin is exposed to sunlight. This is where the rays are absorbed and turned into Vitamin D3.

It seems that the work-life balance in modern times is responsible for many people not getting enough. This is a shame because it helps to raise the amount of free T in your body.

Buy Testogen from: testogen.com

Testogen Side Effects

This is one of the more natural products on the market and therefore there aren’t many possible side effects.

The Zinc contained is on the high side and we like to see more of a balance. A smaller amount would give a necessary boost. But it is quite high here so the risk of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea amongst other things is increased.

Testogen Review Pros and Cons

Testogen Pros

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Dosage is spread out to 4 times a day
  • Some key T booster ingredients

Testogen Cons

  • Zinc level is a bit high
  • Some dosages could be higher
  • Tribulus Terrestris is not a proven T booster

Testogen Review Conclusion

Whilst this is one of the better testosterone boosters on the market, there is still room for improvement. Anyone using it will get plenty of benefits from its carefully selected ingredients. We just wish the D-Aspartic Acid level was a little higher since it is the main ingredient here.

We also would hope for the second biggest ingredient to be as effective as the first really. Tribulus Terrestris is not considered a proven Testosterone booster in most circles.

We did like the inclusion of ingredients such as Panax Ginseng and Zinc but even the latter was a little overdosed in our opinion.

On the plus side, this testosterone booster does not include proprietary blends of which we are thankful for. There is nothing worse than checking out a new product and finding that you can’t actually comment on how good it is.

Buy Testogen from: testogen.com

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