TestoFuel Vs TestoJack 200 Testosterone Supplements Compared

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TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200

A good battle in front of us today as we have TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200 to look forward to.

Both arrive with a healthy share of the market as they are established testosterone boosters. But which of these two deserve to be considered as the better?

With so many products fighting over space in the testosterone boosting market, it certainly is a crowded arena. The problem is a lot of space is taken up by ineffective products, many of them are widely available and have been around for years.

People clearly haven’t been doing their research when you see some of the most ineffective supplements outselling natural and better products.

What will our TestoFuel Vs TestoJack 200 review reveal? We need to see a list of attributes for either one to succeed, a good testosterone booster should be a good all-rounder and not a one-trick pony.

We are looking for the supplement which can do the following better:

  • Enhance strength
  • Improve your mood
  • Build muscle
  • Enhance libido
  • Be safe

So, which of these two can deliver on their promises? Let’s get to know them a little better first.


TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?

Roar Ambition

TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200

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The people behind TestoFuel are this UK based company.

They ship from both the USA and the UK so getting their products around the world is not an issue for them.

They seem to be killing it in terms of customer service, nevermind the countless positive testimonials with many satisfied people even putting their videos on YouTube to sing their praises.

There is also the generous money back guarantee they offer as well as the fact that they review their ingredients and dosages regularly. This way their customer is getting the best possible version.

This is all very nice, but what do the pros think of TestoFuel? None other than former Mr.Universe, Robby Robinson puts his name to TestoFuel, For a guy in his 70’s he is in great shape. A lot to like about this company it seems.

Now Foods

testofuel vs testojack 200 review

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A bit more of a generic name for TestoJack 200’s manufacturer, but you can forgive them if it sounds outdated a little. The company has been family-run since it was established in 1968.

Manufactured in the USA they have some pretty solid roots and for such an established brand it should come as no surprise that they are stocked in numerous stores.

One of the cheaper options on the market we will get to the ingredients before judging it’s quality. Maybe one thing we are not so keen on is the fact that they encourage you to stack this with some of their other products, maybe this isn’t effective enough on its own?

The main benefit of using TestoJack 200 appears to be it’s supporting of sexual health, so let’s see how well it does this as well as promote T.

TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200 Ingredients

This is where it gets really interesting and the good news from the off is the fact that neither product uses proprietary blends. This means we get to have a good look at the dosages included and see how good both products are.

The only mutual ingredient is Asian Ginseng which is a decent testosterone booster but both products have much more significant ingredients included. Let’s just say the 100 mg in TestoFuel compare to the 75 mg in TestoJack 200 is a better option early on.

TestoFuel Ingredients

Vitamin D3

One of the best testosterone boosters going, and one of the first to look for in a supplement.

It is so good because it is thought that low levels of this in your body is linked to low T.

Another interesting thing about it is that our bodies produce their own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. The problem is that we are mostly deficient in it. Clearly, this means we are not getting enough rays.

For some this will be work/life balance and others it will be because they live in countries like England where it rains for all but one day a year.

The dosage of 5,000 IU is an optimal one which will work wonders for your testosterone. A great start.


Another great T booster and another that you should be trying to get into your routine.

Another ingredient as well that many people are deficient in and the fact that our testosterone cannot operate without it makes it all the more important.

An ingredient that reduces the levels of prolactin in our bodies so it is more important than you might think.

The 10 mg in TestoFuel is enough for you to get all the benefits.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another proven T booster we are getting value for money here.

It communicates with your testes after stimulating the luteinizing hormone. It encourages the testes to create more and release testosterone into your system so you can see why this has such a good reputation.

In terms of sexual health, this also increases sperm count so it has multiple reasons to be in a testosterone booster.

Vitamin B6

Once again, a brilliant T booster ingredient, this time because it is an estrogen suppressant.

With less estrogen in your system, there is more room for testosterone so B6 is another great inclusion from TestoFuel.

TestoJack 200

Tongkat Ali

Not the worst ingredient by far but still it doesn’t have a lot of solid evidence to support its testosterone booster qualities.

It is mostly thought to be a decent libido enhancer but in terms of your testosterone studies show it may be good for decreasing cortisol levels, less stress is good for your testosterone so we can see the logic behind it.

It might be good for decreasing the effectiveness of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, another known killer of testosterone, this all ideally means there will be more free testosterone in your system if this ingredient works.

Even if it was a proven T enhancer the 200 mg included in TestoJack 200 is short of the 300 mg minimum of an optimal dosage.

Maca Root

Maca is a near famous sex enhancing ingredient, these guys are all about libido with this supplement.

Also thought to be good for sperm quality, it is even known to improve your sex drive.

To have a true effect though you need at least 1,500 mg so the 500 mg included here is not enough for it to take effect like it should.

Horny Goat Weed

Ok, ok funny name, yes, but there’s nothing funny about its libido enhancing capabilities.

Yes, another ingredient here to improve your sexual capabilities. It helps with sexual function by stimulating the Leydig cells which help with the creation and release of T in your testes. Although, this has only been proven in animal trials so far.

For human testosterone boosting qualities, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest it can be effective.

TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200 Side Effects

The good news here is that there is nothing in either of these products that should cause you concern.

As always we recommend that you check the label for any allergies you might have.

TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200 Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Reliable Testosterone booster
  • No proprietary blends
  • Reputable company

TestoJack 200 Pros

  • Plenty of libido boosters
  • No proprietary blends

TestoFuel Cons

  • Only available online

TestoJack 200 Cons

  • Cheap price = cheap product
  • Not enough T boosters
  • Ingredients underdosed
  • Some ingredients ineffective

TestoFuel vs TestoJack 200 Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuel

TestoFuel vs TestoJack

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

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With so much going for it, it should not comes as a surprise that TestoFuel is our winner today.

Even if TestoJack 200 would have more proven T boosters in each serving, it would still have to compete with one of the most complete testosterone booster supplements we have seen.

There are just so many of the best ingredients, at optimal dosages and with no side effects, a winning combination.

You also have to take into account the company’s reputation. Roar Ambition seems to have so many positive testimonials compared to their competition, it’s hard not to pay attention.

That’s not to say that we hate TestoJack 200, there is enough about it to make it a respectable product but it is most likely to work for the mature demographic who are looking for a boost for their sexual well being.

Having said that, there is likely to be more of a benefit in this area when using TestoFuel anyway.

To find out more about the best testosterone booster we have seen, and to see what it can do for you, check out our in-depth TestoFuel review.

Buy TestoFuel directly from: www.testofuel.com



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