TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster [Which Is Better?]

TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

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TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

Two of our top-rated T boosters go head to head in our TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster review.

These are up there on many people’s lists due to their reputations, but also the brilliant ingredients included.

The reliability of the company is important for sure, but what we are really looking for the ingredients that are going to get us gains!

So, what is it that we expect from each product?

The minimum we need is:

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy

Anything less than this won’t be enough. We know they have impressed us individually, but which will be today’s standout?

Time to get to know the companies behind the products a little better first.

TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster: Who Makes These Products?

Roar Ambition

Here we have the company behind TestoFuel.

Based in the UK they always impress us in terms of customer service. This is because they offer a money back guarantee but better still they review and amend their ingredient profiles regularly.

This ensures the customer is getting the most up to date version in terms of what should go into a supplement at all times.

A popular company, you only have to look at YouTube to see multiple before and after profiles. It seems there are many satisfied customers that use this product.

In terms of endorsements, Roar Ambition have an impressive list of names. Former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to TestoFuel. For a guy in his 70’s, he is in unbelievable shape!

Roar Ambition also makes a fat burner called Instant Knockout. This is endorsed by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez. He uses it to make weight before a bout.

With facilities approved by the FDA and to GMP standards they have a lot going for them.


Mind Lab Pro Review - Opti-Nutra

Here we have another UK based company, they make Performance Lab Sport T-Booster.

You can’t help but be impressed by the lengths they go to when it comes to improving their ingredients.Performance-Lab-Sport- T-Booster

This benefits the product as a whole and is achieved through their patented BioGenesis technology. They use this to ensure their ingredients are cleaner, safer and eco-friendly.

BioGenesis makes their ingredients more potent. This allows them to use lower dosages and still be very effective.

When we say it cleans their ingredients, they don’t stop there. Every supplement is free from soy, GMO, gluten, allergens, additives and banned substances.

Everything they make is vegan-friendly. This is because of the premium capsules they use called Plantcaps. These are easily absorbed and are completely vegan-friendly.

The competition tends to use Cellulose. These don’t have the same quality and are semi-synthetic making them less natural.

Opti Nutra also offers a money back guarantee and with a good range of supplements, they really catch the eye.

TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Ingredients

This is where we can really tell them apart.

The great news is that neither product uses proprietary blends. This means we take a proper look at everything that goes into each product, including the dosages.

Mutual Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

An impressive start from both products this is an ingredient we always hope to see in a T-booster.

Who doesn’t like ingredients that are fast acting?

One study that is often referenced when it comes to this showed how T levels can increase by almost 50% in under 2 weeks when taking DAA.

You always hope for a lot of ingredients that stimulate the luteinizing hormone in a T-booster. This is because it is this that communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. More T is the name of the game here.

It can increase sperm count which is something that gets more important the older we get.

Derived from oats, soy and egg whites it can be even better when taken alongside the likes of Luteolin.

This is because DAA raises your T but when it does this our bodies can still convert a lot of it into estrogen. Luteolin works against this.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster contains both DAA and Luteolin. TestoFuel has its own estrogen suppressants though.

The dosages look quite different but are probably closer than it appears.

TestoFuel has gone for an optimal 2,300 mg. Performance Lab Sport T-Booster contains 1,000 mg. However, thanks to BioGenesis this is likely to have the effect of a much higher dosage.

Since they have also gone for a premium version of DAA this one is a close one.

Both effective, an excellent start.

Individual Ingredients


Vitamin D3

Often known as the sunshine vitamin this is a mainstay of many Testosterone boosters for a reason.

It is thought that low levels of D3 are linked to low testosterone. Therefore, keeping it maintained is a good idea.

Examine.com advise that our bodies actually synthesize their own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. It is a shame that so many in the western world are deficient.

This makes it even more important to supplement D3 and the 5,000 IU included in TestoFuel is a high and optimal dosage.

Vitamin K2

A good ingredient to feature alongside D3.

This is because as Examine.com advise, taking both alongside one another actually increases the mutual benefits. It also stops the calcification of the arteries when taking high doses of D3.

The K2 version of the K vitamin is the one that is easiest and fastest to absorb. A sensible inclusion that works well with one of the main ingredients in TestoFuel.

The 180 mcg is all you need.

Vitamin B6

Another effective ingredient.

A lot of T boosters use ingredients that inhibit the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This is because it stops it from binding to our testosterone, and making it unavailable for use.

By inhibiting it, this means the testosterone is free to be used.

Vitamin B6 is also good for supporting the immune system and will even stimulate androgen receptors.

It is something that our bodies cannot store so supplementing it is a good idea.

On top of all this, WebMD says that Vitamin B6 is required for the proper function of proteins in the body.

At 5 mg, you are getting an effective dosage once again.


Another ingredient that inhibits SHBG.

It’s not a bad thing to have numerous ingredients that do this, freeing up more testosterone should never be a negative.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis shows how men with more magnesium in their blood tend to have higher levels of free T.

It also helps us to cope with the oxidative stress caused by strenuous exercise as well as aging. On top of this, it could help to build muscle meaning it can free testosterone as well as help you get gains.

A lot of supplements we are seeing at the moment have included dosages that are too high but TestoFuel has got it right again. Their 200 mg is an excellent amount.


Up there with the best ingredients in a T-booster.

Our bodies cannot create testosterone without it.

It is another that stimulates the luteinizing hormone but it is also good for ensuring our bodies do not deplete T levels so much during intense workouts. Thus, saving more T in our system for later.

Zinc also reduces prolactin levels. High levels of the female hormone are often linked to lower testosterone so keeping it down is a good thing.

Anything else? You bet – zinc is also linked to male health as it boosts sperm count and libido.

TestoFuel have included 10 mg of Zinc as well as Oyster Extract which is high in Zinc. This equates to an optimal amount.

Siberian Ginseng

A traditional ingredient that is of real benefit here.

A well-known ingredient and one that helps you to deal with the effects of stress by working as an adaptogen. This means it can strengthen the body and give you added resistance to stress. This is good news for our testosterone levels as stress is a known killer of our T.

Although we only rely on human studies, One study, in particular, has shown how rats with 5% Panax Ginseng in their diet for 60 days have shown significantly increased blood testosterone levels. This is promising but of course, human trials is what we are after.

The good news though is Ginseng isn’t all reputation and rodent studies. It is a proven libido enhancer and can even reduce prolactin levels.

The 100 mg included by TestoFuel is enough to give you a boost.


Another effective ingredient.

Another traditional one as well it works as an aromatase inhibitor. This creates more room for testosterone to thrive.

With many studies backing it as a libido enhancer, this is what it has been used for in traditional medicine. Studies have started to look into the fact that Fenugreek might elevate growth hormone levels.

Used in various cuisines it is a very safe and effective ingredient.

It can also stabilize blood sugar levels. This is good as when insulin can fluctuate it can have a negative effect on testosterone.

The 100 mg is another good dosage.

Oyster Extract

As we mentioned earlier, this is one that contains a lot of Zinc which is why it has been included. In Fact, it is the highest concentration supply of Zinc found in organic sources.

Other than this, it is the numerous trace elements that have a wealth of benefits for the body that make it a useful ingredient. There are even studies that are showing it to be useful for testicular health.

Of course, it is a famous aphrodisiac. This is the kind of boost that a supplement such as this usually advertises so it has many uses.

In terms of testosterone, the 100 mg is another effective boost.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

Ashwagandha Extract

A root herb that is well known for enhancing physical performance.

It stimulates the luteinizing hormone making that two ingredients in this product that can do this.

Too many T boosters on the market are missing ingredients that do this, both products today have more than covered this.

An effective ingredient that Examine.com says can work as an androgen, helping the body to cope with stress.

Ashwagandha also contains antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. This is good news for T. It has even been found to work as an effective libido enhancer.

The type of Ashwagandha that is used in this product is KSM-66 which is the strongest version on the market. It is even organic.

The 300 mg is already a good ingredient made even more potent by the strain used.

Mucuna Pruriens

Another very good ingredient and one that also protects the body against stress.

This is part of the Performance Labs cortisol control system. When combined with Ashwagandha it can really protect T levels.

That’s not all Mucuna Pruriens do though. They are thought to keep down levels of estrogen and prolactin.

Examine.com discusses how it works against prolactins suppressive effect on libido and testosterone.

The 150 mg included will really be of benefit.

The potency is also enhanced by the version used by Performance labs and BioGenesis.


Their last ingredient but another good one. It is an effective aromatase inhibitor. This stops our bodies from converting T into estrogen. We have ingredients that boost T as well as protect it.

Our bodies convert estrogen into T more frequently the older we get so this will be of particular benefit to anyone in the older demographic.

The version used by Performance Lab is derived from orange fruits. At 30 mg it will once again give you the above benefits.

TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Side Effects

The good news is that neither product has anything in there that will give you any potential side effects.

With natural ingredients and sensible yet optimal dosages, both products are safe to use.

TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Reliable Testosterone booster
  • No proprietary blends
  • Reputable company

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Pros

  • Quality ingredients
  • Natural T boosters
  • Money back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No proprietary blends

TestoFuel Cons

  • Only available online

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Cons

  • Only 4 ingredients

TestoFuel vs Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuel

TestoFuel vs Testo Fusion Reviews Conclusion

Read our full TestoFuel Review

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their free 1 month supply when you order 3 boxes whilst the offer is still available!)

Although this was a close contest, TestoFuel is our winner today.

Both products contain excellent ingredients but TestoFuel just has the edge when it comes to effective ingredients at optimal dosages.

If you are vegan then, of course, Performance Lab Sport T-Booster is a great option, in fact, it is the most effective vegan T-booster we have seen. We also think their clean label is something that is hard to beat and another reason why we fully recommend their products.

TestoFuel just has the likes of Vitamin D3, Zinc as well as a lot of DAA that makes it a premium product that will really give the user the gains they are after.

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com


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