Roar Ambition TestoFuel vs Pride Nutrition Elevate

testofuel vs elevate

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Roar Ambition TestoFuel vs Pride Nutrition Elevate 

A great day for comparing T boosters eh? Well, whatever the weather our TestoFuel vs Elevate review is sure to be an interesting one.

Here we have two quality products and going by the reputation of both of them we had to see how they stacked up alongside one another.

It is a well-known fact that our testosterone levels drop year on year from around the age of 30. This is why so many people are turning to testosterone boosters to deliver a safe and natural increase.

What is it that a good testosterone booster should do? It is not as basic as just delivering testosterone, the best in the business should have the correct ingredients and dosages to give you the following:

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

So which of these today can boast of a better product that can give you all this? Before we get into it, let’s get to know them a little better.

TestoFuel vs Elevate: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?

Roar Ambition

TestoFuel Review

Read our full TestoFuel Review

The people behind TestoFuel are UK based company Roar Ambition. Nice name!

They are up there with the best companies we have seen and their reputation is clear to see through the numerous testimonials, including many YouTube videos of people willing to sing its praises.

Part of the reason will be how they treat their customers. Many people will enjoy the fact that they have a generous money back guarantee and the fact that they review and amend their ingredient and dosage profile regularly.

This ensures you are getting the best version of each product always.

There are also the excellent endorsements they have. For TestoFuel, none other than former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to it. For a guy in his 70’s, he’s putting most of us to shame!

They also do a fat burner called Instant Knockout. UFC fighter Diego Sanchez uses it to make weight before a bout and is another endorsement for Roar Ambition.

Pride Nutrition

Pride Nutrition Elevate

For Elevate, the company behind their product is Pride Nutrition.

The first thing you notice about their site is how basic it is. It does seem pretty dated but their products must be effective as they have a lot of them and have been in business since 2003.

For a US based company, we are surprised their site doesn’t flow and look a little more modern but we are not here to scrutinize their marketing.

They sell everything from joint support supplements to a fat burner and even have their own endorsement.

They have a product that uses the profile of Mike “Pitbull” Lacombe an IFBB Bodybuilder, we like to see that people are willing to put their name to something. Let’s hope this is positive news for the product we are looking at today.

TestoFuel vs Elevate Ingredients

Now we get to put them through their paces.

The first impression are good, we can already see some of the better ingredients available and there is also the fact that neither uses proprietary blends.

This is the sort of thing we like to see from a reputable company. The fact that they stay clear and reveal all the dosages makes for a much better comparison.

The suggested servings are a bit different as well.

Firstly, TestoFuel is more of what we like in that they suggested taking 3-4 times a day to spread out the benefits and T boosting abilities.

Elevate is a little different. They suggest taking one capsule twice a day. This won’t give you what you need all day long.

Mutual Ingredients


A great start from both, this is exactly what we like to see.

It is important because our bodies cannot create more testosterone without it. There is also the fact that it stops us from depleting our testosterone during intense workouts. This keeps more in your body for later.

It is also great for stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone.

There is an optimal 10 mg in TestoFuel and 15 mg in Elevate so they are both on the right track from the start.


Another great ingredient, both have started strong.

This is good for making the SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) less effective. This is what ties up your testosterone and makes it useless so the less effective it is the more T you have in your system.

The 40 mg in Elevate will not be enough for it to have a great effect, the 200 mg in TestoFuel, however, will work just fine.

Vitamin B6

Another great addition here.

This time it is because it is an excellent estrogen suppressant. High levels of this are bad news for testosterone, the female hormone is a known killer of T.

There is more and more estrogen in your system when you reach that age of around 30, so anything that can help to balance it out in your favor is a good thing.

There is a big 20 mg in Elevate which you will find useful, even the 5 mg in TestoFuel will do a good job.

Individual Ingredients


Vitamin D3

One of the best ingredients out there, it is well known that low levels of this are connected to low levels of testosterone.

Keeping D3 topped up is very important, but many of us are deficient. This is especially sad since we actually create our own when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

There is a big 5,000 IU in TestoFuel which is an optimal amount.

D-aspartic Acid

One of the most famous T boosters going, TestoFuel knows their stuff and are really applying it here.

It is another ingredient that can trigger the luteinizing hormone, but it even increases sperm count. So, good for producing more T, sexual health but what else?

It’s also good at triggering the synthesis of HGH.

There is yet another optimal dosage here, 2,300 mg included.


We don’t mind seeing this at all in a testosterone booster.

Firstly, it is an excellent libido enhancer. But, it also helps to keep your insulin levels in line. This is good because when insulin is in check, your body can maintain optimal T levels.



A shame really, since this is based on old research that once showed it to be a good ingredient for testosterone, since then this has been discredited.

With 450 mg included they are taking up valuable space here with this ineffective ingredient.

There is also a lot of Longjack, another sub-par ingredient.

Mucuna Pruriens

A much-needed return to a better T booster.

This is a good one for stimulating the luteinizing hormone once more but it can also block prolactin. Another female hormone that can drive your T levels down.

This would be a great inclusion if the dosage wasn’t so low. At 100 mg, this isn’t going to do enough.

TestoFuel vs Elevate Side Effects

The good thing here is that neither product is going to cause any side effects.

There isn’t anything in there you wouldn’t want in your system. Of course, always check for allergies.

TestoFuel vs Elevate Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Reliable Testosterone booster
  • No proprietary blends
  • Reputable company

Elevate Pros

  • Some effective ingredients
  • No proprietary blends

TestoFuel Cons

  • Only available online

Elevate Cons

  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Too much filler
  • Serving schedule not ideal
  • Big doses of ineffective ingredients

TestoFuel Vs Elevate Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuelTestoFuel ReviewBuy TestoFuel from

With so many effective ingredients, at optimal dosages, there could only be one winner.

It is a hard T booster to beat, in fact in our eyes, no one has come close yet really.

It ticks all the boxes, no proprietary blends, safe to use, natural ingredients that are proven T boosters.

For some reason, other products fail; in at least one area there. The key ingredients that were missing in Elevate were replaced by some pretty awful inclusions really.

Out of the two products in our TestoFuel vs Elevate review, there was only one T booster worthy of your money here, as it is the only one that will truly boost your levels.

To find out more about this excellent testosterone booster check out our in-depth TestoFuel review.

Buy TestoFuel from

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