TestoFuel Vs Core Alpha Review

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TestoFuel Vs Core Alpha

Time to take a look at two of the better testosterone boosters on the market. With our TestoFuels vs Core Alpha review, we have tow products with impressive reputation.

They both promise the world, but which one would you tell your friends about?

Like all testosterone boosters, they should do all or at least many of the following:

  • Increase T-levels (of course)
  • Reduce Estrogen
  • Be Natural
  • Have good dosages
  • Enhance libido

We have made individual reviews of each of these products, so we have an idea of what to expect. But incase you are new to either of these products, take a look at who is behind the supplement…

TestoFuel vs Core Alpha: Who Makes These Products?

Roar Ambition

TestoFuel is made by these guys who are responsible for some of the top level supplements in the industry including one of our favorite fat burners – Instant Knockout.

We particularly like the fact that they review their ingredients list regularly. This means you are getting the product that is the best available at the time you are purchasing. Brilliant considering many supplements are created then left the same for years. As knowledge and tests evolve you would expect the companies that make supplements to do the same.

With so many positive testimonials, you will be hard pressed to find a review that doesn’t talk up the benefits a Roar Ambition product has made to their workout and life.

Core Nutritionals

Any supplements that are made by people in the industry are worth a look. And the husband and wife team of Doug (Professional bodybuilder) and Stephanie (Professional figure competitor) Miller are the figureheads of Core Alpha.

If you are into your lifting and fitness, they have a wide range of supplements that are tailor made to enhance your workouts.

They are very anti proprietary blends. This is something we always like to see. The open and honest approach to their ingredients and dosages is what we are all about. It puts them on a level playing field with TestoFuel, something we can’t always say when comparing two T-boosters.

TestoFuel vs Core Alpha Ingredients

Ok let’s get straight to it, thankfully like we mentioned. Both have all natural ingredients and neither use proprietary blends.

Now we set each T-booster against the other, to see which is the better product. Dosages and ingredients are the sign of quality here.

Mutual Ingredients

Let’s start by looking at which of the supplements have the most impressive dosages of the ingredients they share:

D-Aspartic Acid

A good start by both. With TestoFuel going for the regular version, and Core Alpa containing the N-Methyl-D-aspartic Acid type. The strain in Core Alpha is interesting. Since it is beneficial through the methyl element which is great for restoring the methyl group that is missing in the body.

When missing, the estrogen in the body can work its negative effects on testosterone. Once this is restored by the methyl, there is a balance that allows testosterone to thrive once again.

Sounds good right, only the dosage from Core Alpha is a low, low 30 mg. The D-Aspartic acid is only effective from dosages of 2,000 – 3,000 mg – see how low it is now? Also, there is nothing to say that the Methyl version is more potent and therefore only needs a small dosage so it really is below what you need.

Thankfully, TestoFuel has 2,300 mg of D-Aspartic Acid. Well within the effective amount, that’s the first round to TestoFuel for sure.


Another pretty much essential ingredient for any testosterone booster. There is a deficiency in the western diet so it is also good for general health benefits.

One of the reasons we are so deficient is it is difficult to get into our diets. The testosterone benefits come through how it helps to create more of the luteinizing hormone which helps to determine how much testosterone our bodies produce.

Testofuel contains 10 mg, plus Zinc from Oyster Extract. Core Alpha has 30 mg. That makes this a close one.

Vitamin D3

Another essential T-boosting ingredient. You will find this is many supplements, and you will also find that many people are deficient in this.

The dosage of Vitamin D3 in Testofuel is right on the optimal amount for effectiveness and the same can be said for Core Alpha.

Many studies have shown that overall testosterone levels in men increase significantly when taking successive supplementation of Vitamin D3. One of the reasons is because the testes have Vitamin D receptors.

Individual Ingredients

So there’s not much to split them so far. Let’s see how they compare when looking at the differences in their ingredients. The key nutrients from both T-boosters will be examined.


Asian Red Panax Ginseng

A real traditional medicine that has been used for thousands of years.

Most frequently found in nootropic supplements due to its advantages when used for boosting concentration, efficiency and memory when in the workplace. It also has advantages for your libidio, good news for your testosterone boosting properties.


This helps to raise the level of T in your body.

It has also been found to increase adrenaline. Great for a boost in the gym. The quality and frequency of erections can be found to benefit from a noticable difference. Meaning this is another libidio and overall testosterone booster.

Vitamin B6

Another very important ingredient for testosterone production as it stimulates androgen receptors. This in turn encourages testosterone production through your testes. It’s inclusion is a sign of an excellent testosterone supplement.

Core Alpha

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Leaf Extract

You heard that right. Easier to say that this is derived from the vietnamese leaf and with a very limited amount of research to back up its testosterone boosting qualities.

It is possible that this will go on to be a staple ingredient some day but with not enough fact behind it. We are understandably a bit sceptical about its uses. And until there is further research behind it we have to say this isn’t one of the better ingredients.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract

This ingredient definitely gets a thumbs up and is only really included in the better T-boosters on the market which is a good sign.

It works by reducing prolactin which helps to ensure estrogen levels are better for producing testosterone as there is more space for it. An ingredient that warrants its place.

TestoFuel vs Core Alpha Side Effects

The great thing about both of these products are the natural ingredients. This mean that unless you have any allergies (TestoFuel contains Oyster Extract) you shouldn’t notice any side effects.

There is also the fact that neither of them use proprietary blends so what you see is what you get. A sign of a quality product!

TestoFuel vs Core Alpha Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • Good dosages
  • Quality ingredients in abundance such as Vitamin D3
  • No known side effects
  • Safe to use in competition
  • All Natural ingredients

Core Alpha Pros

  • Good list of ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Fine for vegetarians
  • Vitamin D3 dosage is good

TestoFuel Cons

  • Premium product = premium price
  • Not suitable for vegetarians

Core Alpha Cons

  • Some Ingredients are not as effective as we would like
  • Some ingredients are underdosed
  • Not enough estrogen suppressing qualities

TestoFuel Vs Core Alpha Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuel

TestoFuel Reviews Conclusion

Read our full TestoFuel Review

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their free 1 month supply when you order 3 boxes whilst the offer is still available!)

One of the closer battles we have had on here. Tthey shared the spoils when it came to mutual ingredients and there wasn’t a lot to separate them to begin with.

We like the fact that both are against proprietary blends and both have some very good ingredients. If you are a vegetarian then Core Alpha is more suitable for you, however, for us the winner is TestoFuel.

Not only does it have an excellent list of ingredients, but also the dosages are at a premium level for you to get the benefit. Some of the ingredients in Core Alpha are a little on the low side in terms of dosages. There are a few ingredients that have dubious research to warrant their inclusion.

We still think it is a decent product, but TestoFuel definitely pulled away with it when we looked closer.

If you are like the many people who are interested in hearing more about TestoFuel, check out our in depth review.

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

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