TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate [Which Will Really Increase T Levels?]


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TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate

There is more to a T booster than just testosterone. A good product should have it all but can either product in our TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate review give us what we need?

We have one product in TestoFuel that has one of the best reputations we have seen vs another in Boost Ultimate that makes big claims about its libido enhancing ability.

Both say that will get your T on the rise, but what are we looking for from both of them?

  • More Strength
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Libido Enhancing

This is the minimum requirement really and safety cannot be underestimated.

Let’s see what both have to offer, starting with the people behind the products.

TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate

Roar AmbitionTestoFuel Review

Here we have the UK based company that makes TestoFuel.

With years of experience and a loyal following, they are one of the more trustworthy companies out there.

Not only do they offer a 90-day money back guarantee but they check and amend their ingredients and dosages regularly. This ensures the customer is getting the best possible version.

There are so many testimonials online with many on YouTube. A lot of people posting their before and after profiles to show the results of using TestoFuel.

They make all their products in FDA approved facilities and have some impressive endorsements. Former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to TestoFuel.

Roar Ambition also makes a fat burner called Instant Knockout. UFC fighter Diego Sanchez puts his name to this product.

Boost Ultimateboost-ultimate-review

The US-based company has used the same name as the company for their product.

It doesn’t seem as though they make other products, instead, they look like they rely on Amazon for a large portion of sales. This is fine, but be wary of Amazon reviews, they aren’t always the most reliable.

They push this product as a sexual enhancer but as well as this they say it gives you the following:

  • Testosterone
  • Energy
  • Desire
  • Workout Stamina

This is promising but only the ingredients and dosages can truly reflect this.

With 24/7 email support and the promise of permanent results (we’re not sure how this works – surely only if you permanently take the product?), it’s a good time to see what these have to offer.

TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate Ingredients

This is where we can really separate the two.

The bad news is that Boost Ultimate uses a proprietary blend. Thankfully TestoFuel does not. A blend is where a bunch of ingredients is packaged under one total dosage, the individual dosages not revealed. It makes it difficult to tell if an ingredient will be effective or not.

Still, not all their ingredients are in the blend and we can still tell a lot either way.

Mutual Ingredients


The first of two mutual ingredients, these aren’t the flagship ingredients by any stretch.

Still, Ginseng is a good start and an ingredient that helps battle the effects of stress. This is a good thing since stress is known to have a negative effect on your testosterone levels.

There are studies which show how rats with 5% Panax Ginseng in their diet for 60 days have shown significantly increased blood testosterone levels.

It is thought to be effective for sexual health and libido. It will even battle prolactin levels. It has been shown that people with higher prolactin generally have lower T.

The dosages are similar, 125 mg in Boost Ultimate and 100 mg in TestoFuel. An even start.

Oyster Extract

Another good ingredient.

Not only is Oyster Extract full of various trace elements important for general good health but it is high in Zinc.

TestoFuel contains Zinc as well which is a really good thing here. Zinc is vital for your T as your body cannot create more without it.

That makes this a good idea from both products. The 100 mg in TestoFuel will give you a nice boost.

Since Oyster Extract is part of the boost Ultimate proprietary blend (that totals 745 mg) we do not know the dosage and therefore cannot say it will be effective.

Individual Ingredients


Vitamin D3

One of the best ingredients going.

Low levels of D3 are often linked to low testosterone. Since many of us are deficient it is important to keep it topped up, a supplement is a great way of doing this.

Our bodies actually create their own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. This makes it a real shame that so many are deficient. Clearly, we need some more rays.

The dosage of 5,000 IU in TestoFuel is an optimal one that will really get your testosterone on the rise.

Vitamin K2

The form of K Vitamin that is easiest for our bodies to absorb, it’s good on two levels.

When taking Vitamin D3, it is sensible to get K2 in there as well to prevent the calcification of the arteries. The second good trait is that Examine.com advises taking the two together actually increases the effects of each.

The two being in TestoFuel is good news for anyone using it.

Vitamin B6

Another important ingredient.

Great for stimulating Androgen receptors it encourages the testes to create more T.

It reduces estrogen and is exactly what you want in a testosterone booster. By lowering the effectiveness of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, your testosterone is not bound. As a result, it is free to thrive.

Good for your body as a whole it helps to support your immune system as well as break down proteins. It is necessary to keep topping up your B6 as your body cannot store it.

The 5 mg in TestoFuel is an optimal amount once again.


Any ingredient backed by numerous studies is essential. Magnesium has a lot of support.

It’s another that stops the SHBG from being so effective. You should be getting a number of ingredients that do just this in a T booster.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis says that men with more magnesium in their blood tend to have higher levels of free T.

This is the kind of evidence we want to see. Do not rely on maybes or ingredients without a lot of evidence behind them.


We touched on this briefly when discussing Oyster Extract but here are some of the other benefits of Zinc.

It stimulates the luteinizing hormone. This, in turn, communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. It even stops your body from depleting T levels so much during intense workouts. Saving more for later.

An important ingredient and you we always find it surprising when it is not included. The 10mg in TestoFuel combined with the Oyster Extract means you are getting a great amount of Zinc.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another vital ingredient.

DAA increases the level of the Human Growth Hormone in your body but it does a lot more than just that.

It works super fast to increase T levels. There are studies that show it to raise T by 50% in less than 2 weeks! It also stimulates the luteinizing hormone. Just like Zinc, it will get you creating more testosterone.

DAA even makes sure that your body uses protein more efficiently. This is great for the gains.

All that is left is for TestoFuel to deliver an optimal dosage. It does, 2,300 mg being a very good amount.


A traditional ingredient to finish the ingredients for TestoFuel.

A famous and effective libido enhancer they have included ingredients that give you everything you want in a testosterone booster.

It is an aromatase inhibitor meaning it decreases estrogen and increases testosterone, what more could you want?

The 100 mg in Testofuel will do a good job.

Boost Ultimate

Tongkat Ali

Sometimes known as Longjack this ingredient is here for your libido.

Examine.com advise that it is an aphrodisiac and there is a lot of evidence to back this. It does say that there is a lack of evidence in terms of testosterone boosting but might be an effective anti-estrogen ingredient.

Generally a good inclusion because of the benefits to sexual health. Sperm production being another trait it aids although more research is needed to confirm this,

Some studies are showing it could reduce the effects of stress, although more research is needed once again.

200 mg is considered the minimum needed and Boost Ultimate have done well to give you 400 mg.

Maca Extract

More tradition ingredients and one that is similar to Tongkat Ali in the way it works.

Yet another aphrodisiac and one that is also good for sperm support. It even has backing for boosting stamina.

You need a high dosage of this for the effects to be felt. Anything over 1,500 mg being a minimum. You’re only getting 250 mg in Boost Ultimate so very unlikely that it will help at all.


An amino acid and one of the better ingredients in Boost Ultimate.

It becomes more important as we get older and is thought to be beneficial for testosterone delivery. This is through better blood flow. It helps T to get around the body which is a good thing for muscle building. L-Arginine is also good for protein synthesis.

This will in turn help to make more muscle. That makes this ingredient good for sexual health as well as your gains.

Such a good ingredient needs more than the 250 mg we get in Boost Ultimate. A lot more actually, more like 3,000 – 6,000 mg.


Back to the ineffective ingredients.

Sarsaparilla is used for medicinal uses but also as a flavoring agent for drinks and foods.

According to WebMD some supplements out there claim that chemicals (sterols) in this ingredient can be converted to anabolic steroids like testosterone. But in truth, this is actually a false claim.

One of the more pointless ingredients in this TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate article. The proprietary blend doesn’t help either.

Pumpkin Seed Powder

A variant of Cucurbita Pepo, Pumpkin Seed Powder that is mostly used for prostate disorders.

It is though, a source of Vitamin B6 which as we’ve seen with TestoFuel, is a good ingredient for a T booster. Since Boost Ultimate could do with the type of ingredient that is good for stimulating androgen receptors, the dosage would be good.

Because it is in the proprietary blend, we cannot say if it will be effective or not.

Muira Puama

We mentioned earlier how important it is to use ingredients that have the backing of human trials. This ingredient is all down to potential.

It might be an aphrodisiac, it is often used for erectile dysfunction. According to WebMD the chemicals in this ingredient have no known effects on the body.

The same source also advises that there is insufficient evidence to back its claims of being useful for sexual disorders.

Hard to vouch for anything that isn’t a proven ingredient.

Oat Straw

Another unproven ingredient really.

Most likely to improve cognition it will give you a mental boost, but that’s not what we are after.

Again a lack of evidence behind it but there are some sources that say it is good for battling stress. That’s good news for your T levels if this is the case. It might also be an effective aphrodisiac but you will need a lot of it and since the total of the blend isn’t that high, we doubt there is enough.


A return to the better ingredient once again, it’s a bit hit and miss so far.

Nettle is good as it is an aromatase inhibitor. This will stop your body from turning your T into estrogen. An ingredient that inhibits SHBG is always a good inclusion.

It is the beta-sitosterol in Stinging Nettle that is believed to help boost testosterone levels.

You really need at least 10 mg of Nettle to get the above effects. Since it is in the proprietary blend, it is hard to tell if it will work. A good ingredient still.

Cayenne Pepper

You don’t always see this in these type of supplements.

Since it burns fat and suppresses appetite, it is more at home in a fat burner.

It has been credited for being good with blood flow. For anyone looking for help with sexual functioning then this could be beneficial.

The proprietary blend ensures once again that we have no idea if it can work or not.


More unproven ingredients. According to Examine.com, in terms of muscle protein synthesis and testosterone,  it is an unexplored ingredient.

Examine also advise that most studies seem to be conducted when Astragalus is injected into the subject. Oral consumption requires further evidence.

We’re not sure why it has been included, it can be useful for your immune system but once again Boost Ultimate has missed the mark.

Catuaba Bark Powder

In animal trials, it has shown promise for protecting brain cells. According to WebMD it is used to heighten sexual arousal and treat sexual performance problems. However, as with many ingredients in this supplement, there is insufficient evidence to support this.

The legitimacy of this supplement is really coming into question now.


A popular treat that has multiple health benefits but one that might negatively affect your testosterone. There are studies to show it has the potential to increase cortisol levels.

This stress hormone is just all wrong for your T, anything that increases its effectiveness is bad news.

It might even decrease testosterone levels, the glycyrrhizin in Licorice that has the above negative effects. The dosage would be really useful here.

Tribulus Terrestris

This was once thought to be the next big thing in terms of testosterone boosting. Since the early studies, it has been proven to not be very beneficial for your T.

This hasn’t stopped it from being included in various T booster though.

Examine.com states that Tribulus has been shown to be an effective libido enhancer. However, it continues to say it has limited use for power output and testosterone enhancement (which it has repeatedly failed to do).

A good libido booster but not much else.


A strange ingredient this, Orchic Substance is made from Cattle testicles.

WebMD suggests whilst marketers imply orchic extracts are a good source of testosterone, there is currently no actual evidence to support this claim.

With no health benefits confirmed it is a hard ingredient to get behind.

There is so little research into it that there is no recommended dosage either.


With so many lows they have at least finished on a high.

Another useful ingredient that inhibits SHBG. Examine.com discusses how much free testosterone Boron can provide. Boron = more free T.

There is actual evidence to back this ingredient and it may even be good for muscle building. Still, we don’t know if the dosage is within the 3-10 mg needed for an optimal amount.

TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate Side Effects

TestoFuel have revealed all the ingredients and dosages and everything is within an optimal and safe amount.

Boost Ultimate seems to be perfectly safe. Our only issue is with the proprietary blend. The danger usually being that some ingredients could be dosed too high.

With the overall blend being quite low considering the number of ingredients it covers, it is much more likely that they are underdosed and ineffective.

TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Reliable Testosterone booster
  • No proprietary blends
  • Reputable company

Boost Ultimate Pros

  • Some proven T boosters
  • A lot of libido enhancers

TestoFuel Cons

  • Only available online

Boost Ultimate Cons

  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Proprietary blend

TestoFuel vs Boost Ultimate Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuel

TestoFuel Reviews Conclusion

Read our full TestoFuel Review

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their free 1 month supply when you order 3 boxes whilst the offer is still available!)

With so many effective ingredients and optimal dosages, TestoFuel is a clear winner.

Boost Ultimate has a handful of good ingredients, Oyster Extract, Boron, Nettle and Ginseng to name a few. The problem is two-fold – the amount of ineffective or unproven ingredients, and the proprietary blend.

The blend makes it difficult to know the dosages but it is safe to assume that many will be underdosed.

This is where TestoFuel pulled away, everything is revealed, safe and effective.

You won’t find many other T boosters that manage to give you as much as TestoFuel does. The competition today was certainly not competitive enough.

Boost Ultimate failed to deliver on many of its promises whereas if anything TestoFuel over delivered.

For a T booster that actually works and will give you what you are looking for, TestoFuel is among the best.

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

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