TestoFuel Vs BioXgenic High Test Honest Supplement Comparison

testofuel vs bioxgenic high test, compare testosterone boosters

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TestoFuel vs BioXgenic High Test Honest Supplement Comparison

A battle of the T boosters and our TestoFuel vs BioXgenic High Test honest supplement comparison promises to be a little different.

This is because they have gone different angles here in terms of what they offer from their testosterone booster.

They both promise to give your gym workout what it needs, but BioXgenic High Test has also tried to include ingredients that promote prostate health. Never a bad thing to be different, but how effectively have they managed to do this?

Considering that as a man, our testosterone levels start to drop around the age of 30 and decline year on year for the rest of our lives. Something to concern us all which is why so many people are turning to testosterone boosters to reverse the effects of aging.

The prostate protection angle is also interesting since this is something else that is on the minds of many men in the mature age bracket. We need all the help we can get so let’s take a look at which of these two T boosters offers the better product.

An effective testosterone booster should promote the following:

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

This is a minimum as far as we are concerned, they should also be 100% safe and ideally stay clear of proprietary blends.

To get things going, let’s get to know these two products a little better:

TestoFuel vs BioXgenic High Test: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?

Roar Ambition

TestoFuel Review

Read our full TestoFuel Review

The guys behind TestoFuel are UK based Roar Ambition who ship from both the UK and USA.

They have built an excellent reputation on the fact that they have a generous money back guarantee and review their ingredients and dosages profile frequently, ensuring the best possible product is being given to their customers.

There is also the fact that this product is endorsed by none other than former Mr. Olympia Robby Robinson. The man putting his name to this T booster whilst looking in such great shape for a man in his 70’s is a good sign as far as we are concerned.

They also make some other popular supplements including their fat burner, Instant Knockout which is endorsed by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez who uses it to make weight before a bout.


The people behind High Test are BioXgenics and a quick look at what they offer and it is clear that they are big on the libido and sexual enhancing products.

Their products are produced by a company called MD Science Labs, they go way back to 1999 so they have a lot of experience. Their wide range of products include the capsules called ‘Yummy Cummy’ – let’s move on from that quickly.

Finding much info on them isn’t the easiest, but even a quick Google can be quite revealing. They had a letter cautioning them from the FDA in 2014 regarding violations to Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations for Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations of Dietary Supplements.

Not great, although they must have put it right at some point to still be in business.

TestoFuel vs BioXgenic High Test Ingredients

Here we get to really get to know these two T boosters and although the serving schedules are both similar to what we like to see (3-4 servings a day to spread out the benefits). BioXgenic High Test hides their ingredient dosages behind several proprietary blends.

They do have the dosages of a couple ingredients on the label but as far as we are concerned this isn’t enough, we like full exposure.

A proprietary blend means we do not get to see the dosages of everything, meaning something could be underdosed and ineffective or overdosed and dangerous. Let’s put it this way, they always include dosages of the good ingredients.

Either way, we will take a good look at these.

Since there are only two mutual ingredients we will just say that they have both included Zinc and Fenugreek.

Zinc is good for stopping your body depleting T levels during intense workouts, but also for maintaining healthy testosterone levels in your system.

The 10 mg in TestoFuel is effective and will do a good job, the 30 mg in BioXgenic High Test is a little high for our liking since anything over the upper limit of around 40 mg a day is a waste and we still get Zinc from common foods. We’ll call that a draw.

Fenugreek, on the other hand, is a decent ingredient without being the best out there. It is useful for libido as well as the luteinizing hormone. The 100 mg in TestoFuel shows they are putting their efforts into other ingredients, but the 600 mg in BioXgenic High Test means they are putting a lot of faith into it. There are much more effective T boosters to do that with.

Still, let’s see what they have individually.


Vitamin D3

One of the best T boosting ingredients out there and we certainly look out for it when it comes to supplements.

The good news is our bodies produce their own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight, the bad news is many of us are deficient, meaning we are not getting enough rays.

Since low D3 is linked to low testosterone levels, the 5,000 IU in TestoFuel is both an optimal and effective amount.

D-Aspartic Acid

Known in the industry as a potential game changer this ingredient has some solid backing.

It is thought to be great for triggering the luteinizing hormone, this, in turn, signals the testes to create and release more testosterone.

It doesn’t stop there, it is also good for increasing sperm count as well as triggering the synthesis of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). The dosage of 2,300 mg in TestoFuel is another optimal amount.

Vitamin B6

An ingredient that slows the creation of estrogen. This is good for your T since it makes more room for testosterone production and helps it to thrive.

The lower the amount of the female hormone estrogen, the better your T will fare.

The amount in TestoFuel is a decent 5mg which will be more than enough for you to get the benefit.

BioXgenic High Test


It’s frustrating to see ingredients included that are based on old research, and this is one of them.

It was once thought to be a good testosterone booster, but this was because of one study that has since been proved to be incorrect.

Yet, many people still include it. This for us demonstrates a lack of knowledge, or just companies filling out their products,

An old ingredient really, well the research that promoted it as a T booster is anyway.

Either way, it is here in this supplement and also a part of the proprietary blends, so we don’t know how much room it is taking up.


More at home in a fat burner but it could have some benefits here.

It is thought to be good for focusing, more of that in the gym is never a bad thing, but it is also good for reducing stress levels.

This is where your T will benefit since stress is known to be a killer of testosterone.

An ok ingredient but this is pretty much as good as it gets outside of the two initial ingredients. We won’t waste your time with anymore since they are all part of the proprietary blends anyway.

That reminds us – we have no idea if this decent ingredient is effective or not since it is also part of a blend.

TestoFuel vs BioXgenic High Test Side Effects

Let’s start by saying you have no concerns when it comes to side effects with Testofuel, the completely natural ingredients means it is safe to use. We always advise you to check for allergies though.

When it comes to BioXgenic High Test, the proprietary blend is always a concern. Not knowing everything that goes in is never ideal, but the ingredients themselves seem to all be fine.

TestoFuel Vs BioXgenic High Test Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Reliable Testosterone booster
  • No proprietary blends
  • Reputable company

BioXgenic High Test Pros

  • Zinc a good inclusion
  • Some good prostate protecting ingredients

TestoFuel Cons

  • Online available online

BioXgenic High Test Cons

  • Proprietary blends
  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Not enough T boosters

TestoFuel vs BioXgenic High Test Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuel

TestoFuel Review

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

Read our full TestoFuel Review

It wasn’t difficult in the end, the fact is BioXgenic is a pretty poor product. However, TestoFuel is very hard to beat since it is pretty much the best testosterone booster we have seen.

The proprietary blends went against BioXgenic, but also there were too many ineffective ingredients. Not knowing the dosages of any decent ones is also a big no.

Compare this to TestoFuel. There are so many effective testosterone boosting ingredients and optimal dosages. This makes it hard to think of another T booster that does it better.

Combine this with no side effects and a great company reputation and you really shouldn’t be looking anywhere else. This TestoFuel Vs BioXgenic High Test review wasn’t a close one in the end.

To find out more about this brilliant testosterone booster, read our in-depth TestoFuel review.

Buy TestoFuel directly from: www.testofuel.com

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