TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test [Which One Wins?]


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TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test

Two supplements that have big reputations, but which of our TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test review will work?

It’s highly possible that they will both get our T levels to shoot through the roof – but which is the most effective?

To prove itself themselves as a worthy winner, they will need to give us the following:

  • More Strength
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Libido Enhancing

This is the minimum of what we expect. Anything less and it won’t cut it. Of course, safety is massive here, the ingredients and dosages influencing everything.

It is nearly time to see which product can get us the gains we want. Time to get to know them a little first.

TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test: Who Makes These Products?

Roar AmbitionTestoFuel Review

The team behind TestoFuel are UK based Roar Ambition.

They have years of experience to dedicate to their products and are have a loyal following. So many people are posting their before and after pictures when using their products it is refreshing to see genuine followers.

They have a generous money back guarantee and even review and amend their ingredient profiles regularly.

Roar Ambition has some impressive endorsements as well. None other than former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to this product.

They also make a fat burner called Instant Knockout that is endorsed by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez.

Roar Ambition ship directly from the UK and USA.

Angry Supplementsangry-supplements-monster-test

This is the Florida based company that makes Monster Test.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee which is good. Proudly making their products in the USA that talk about their potent formula on their site.

With a range of products that include the likes of Garcinia Cambogia and sleep aids, they seem to have a wide reach.

They say Monster Test is good for muscle mass, strength and sex drive. Let’s see if the ingredients mean this is possible.

TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test Ingredients

This is where we can really tell them apart.

The first thing we see though is a proprietary blend of Monster Test. This is unfortunate. As there are so many ingredients in the blend it means a lot of the dosages are missing. Still, we will find out what we can.

The suggested servings also favor TestoFuel. They advise taking one capsule 3-4 times a day. This means your T will constantly be topped up.

Compare this to the 4 capsules in the morning from Monster Test and it is clear that TestoFuel has an early edge.

Mutual Ingredients

Vitamin D3

A good place to start is with one of the best ingredients.

It has been shown that low levels of D3 are linked to low testosterone. This makes supplementing it by using a T booster a good idea. This is especially the case since many of us are deficient.

Our bodies actually create their own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Clearly, we aren’t getting enough sun.

The 5,000 IU in TestoFuel is a big and optimal dosage. The 128 IU in Monster Test pills is unbelievable low.

Vitamin B6

An important ingredient.

B6 is good for stimulating androgen receptors, this encourages the testes to make more testosterone.

It even reduces estrogen which is what we want to see. It inhibits the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This is what binds our T and makes it unavailable for use. Anything that can reverse this is freeing up testosterone for you to use.

It has benefits for your body in general that include supporting your immune system and breaking down proteins. Your body can’t store B6 so you need to make sure you are constantly topping it up.

The 5 mg in TestoFuel is an optimal amount, the 25 mg in Monster Test is a big amount that will also do a lot of good.


Both supplements piling in the effective T booster ingredients.

You want ingredients that have the backing of numerous studies, Magnesium is one of these.

Like B6, it inhibits SHBG (you will get numerous ingredients that help with this in a good T booster).

The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis shows us that men with more magnesium in their blood tend to have higher levels of free T.

The evidence is sound and the ingredient warrants its place but who has dosed it better.

TestoFuel has gone for an optimal 200 mg, a great amount. Monster Test pills have tried to be potent with their 500 mg dosage. However, this is way too high for us.

WebMD advise that 420 mg is the recommended dietary allowance for men 31 and over.

This is a total amount. We get Magnesium from everyday foods so this combined with 500 mg will be a high amount.

This can result in stomach upsets, cramps, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and more.

Not good from Monster Test.


Another one of the better ingredients, arguably the most significant in the whole TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test review.

This is because our bodies cannot create more T without Zinc.

It is also good for stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more T. It also stops us from depleting T levels so much during intense workouts.

The dosage is important once again.

TestoFuel have put 10 mg of Zinc on the label, but they also include Oyster Extract. Since this is high in Zinc it is safe to say that there is more in each serving.

At least it is a safe amount. Monster Test has included a big 50 mg. This isn’t great. Our daily tolerance levels are around 40 mg.

Don’t forget we get Zinc in our diet as well meaning the 50 mg puts you at risk of fever, coughing, fatigue, stomach pain and various other issues.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another excellent ingredient.

DAA is good for increasing the Human Growth Hormone levels in your body.

It is also a fast-acting T booster. Studies have shown that it can raise your testosterone by 50% in less than 2 weeks! It is another that stimulates the luteinizing hormone and even helps your body to put the protein it consumes to better use – for gains.

Such an important ingredient gets the optimal dosage it deserves from TestoFuel – 2,300 mg. Since the proprietary blend in Monster Test pills total 5,452 mg and DAA is part of it it is safe to assume that it won’t be dosed as effectively. Mostly because there are so many ingredients in the blend.


An effective traditional ingredient.

It helps your body to deal with the effects of stress, meaning it doesn’t impact the body as much. This is good as stress is a known killer of testosterone

One study in particular shows which rats with 5% Panax Ginseng in their diet for 60 days have shown significantly increased blood testosterone levels. We’re not a massive fan of studies unless they have been trialed on humans though.

Still, Ginseng is thought to be effective for your libido. On top of this, it will keep prolactin levels down. It is believed that those with higher prolactin, tend to have lower T.

With 100 mg, TestoFuel has given us a nice boost. Monster Test has consigned it to the proprietary blend.


Another traditional ingredient, Fenugreek is good for enhancing your libido. It has been used for centuries and is also an aromatase inhibitor. More T and less estrogen – always a good thing.

The 100 mg in Testofuel will do a good job. We have no idea how much Monster Test have included as it is in the proprietary blend, again.

Individual Ingredients


Vitamin K2

A clever ingredient to include.

This is because it prevents the possible calcification of the arteries when taking Vitamin D3. It is also good as according to Examine.com, taking the two together actually increases the effects of each.

The two ingredients being in TestoFuel is good news for the consumer.

They have included 180 mcg which is all you need for the desired effect.

Oyster Extract

We mentioned that this is high in Zinc earlier, the benefits of getting a bit more of this are great.

On top of being high in Zinc, Oyster Extract is also good as it contains various trace elements that have multiple benefits for the body.

With 100 mg from TestoFuel, it is another good amount.

Monster Test

Since Monster Test pills contain 27 main ingredients, we will discuss some of the most significant.

Vitamin A

This antioxidant is an ingredient we don’t see too often in T boosters.

It helps to maintain healthy muscles as it protects you from free radicals. These are present when your body is under the stress of a workout. The negative effects can really influence your gains in a bad way.

It also aids the recovery process making it a good ingredient.

2,000 IU is what you get from Monster Test, a good amount.

Tribulus Terrestris

One thought to be the next big thing in terms of boosting testosterone.

Since then the studies have not been kind. However, it is recognized for other uses. Examine.com says it has been shown to be an effective libido enhancer.

Also, they comment on its limited use for power output and testosterone enhancement (which it has repeatedly failed to do).

A dosage would be useful to see how good it could be – the proprietary blend making it impossible to tell.

Bulbine Natalensis

A controversial selection here.

There are some that see the potential it has but more independent research is needed. This being to prove that it can stimulate the luteinizing hormone as well as increase sex drive.

Some studies show that it can negatively affect the liver and kidneys (see NCBI.com) in rodents.

This combined with the fact that we do not know the dosage (thanks again proprietary blend!), as well as there being further research needed means we do not advise consuming this ingredient.

Tongkat Ali

You will often see this referred to as an aphrodisiac. Examine.com say there is a lot of evidence to support this. The problem is, they also say that there is a lack of evidence in terms of testosterone boosting but it might be an effective anti-estrogen ingredient.

We’re all for the benefits for sexual health, we just need the dosage to see if it will actually help.

TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test Side Effects

The easy product is TestoFuel, it contains 100% natural ingredients at optimal and sensible dosages. This equals zero side effects.

The problem for Monster Test is the fact that the dosages aren’t great for some ingredients.

Magnesium and Zinc are dosed too high. The potential side effects of excess Magnesium and Zinc include fever, coughing, fatigue, stomach pain, cramps, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting among others.

We also have Bulbine Natalensis. This ingredient has been found to negatively affect the liver and kidneys in rodents, not great and requires more research. For us, these risks are not worth taking.

Let’s not forget the proprietary blend is also a concern. If you cant see the dosages, how can you tell if it is safe or not?

TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Reliable Testosterone booster
  • No proprietary blends
  • Reputable company

Monster Test Pros

  • Some effective ingredients
  • Some good dosages

TestoFuel Cons

  • Only available online

Monster Test Cons

  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary blend
  • Potential side effects
  • Some ingredients overdosed
  • Other ingredient underdosed
  • Suggested serving not ideal

TestoFuel vs Angry Supplements Monster Test Conclusion

Winner: TestoFuel

TestoFuel Reviews Conclusion

Read our full TestoFuel Review

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their free 1 month supply when you order 3 boxes whilst the offer is still available!)

On the surface, it looked to be an even contest.

However, when we took a closer look at the dosages it was clear to see that TestoFuel is the superior product.

Take Vitamin D3, among the best ingredients here, dosed perfectly by TestoFuel, given a tiny amount by Monster Test.

We said at the start how important safety is. This is still the case. You cannot mess around when it comes to this which is why we cannot recommend Monster Test pills.

Even if these ingredients would have been dosed better there is still the proprietary blend, making it difficult to vouch for Monster Test.

Basically, TestoFuel is the most complete T booster we have seen. Natural ingredients at optimal dosages that have been proven to boost your T.

What more do you want from a supplement?

Buy TestoFuel from: www.testofuel.com

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