TEK Naturals – Mind Ignite Review – Is The Hype Justified?

Tek Naturals Mind Ignite Review

Tek Naturals Mind Ignite


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • A lot of effective ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Safe to use
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money back guarantee


  • Some people are sensitive to Caffeine

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TEK Naturals – Mind Ignite Review

A chance today to take a look at a product from one of the markets biggest brands. Our Tek Naturals Mind Ignite Review means we can check out their nootropic supplement.

Like all brands big or small they promise the world, but can they deliver? There are a lot of promising things being said, but we wanted to put it under our own microscope.

The ingredients and dosages are all important and will determine how good or bad it really is. Also, we are looking for a safe product of course.

If it can give us the following then we will be onto a good start:

  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved focus
  • Zero side effects
  • Brain protection
  • Improved brain functioning
  • Better recall

Anything less than this and it won’t be up to what we expect.

Time to see what it can do, but first let’s get to know the company a little more.

Who Makes This Nootropic?

TEK NaturalsTek Naturals Mind Ignite

They have over two decades of experience to bring to the table and they say they are a no B.S supplement company. This is good and everything, as long as the ingredients do this justice (they also say that they don’t make any foolish claims about their products).

They have a few products on the market that are highly thought of, we are fans of their other products so we are keen to see just how this one fares.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee which we always like to see and even have live chat – customer service is obviously important to them.

There is free shipping with their products and everything is made in an FDA approved facility in the USA.

They even accept PayPal as a form of payment and often have some good offers on their products.

Mind Ignite IngredientsTek Naturals Mind Ignite Ingredients

This is where we can really find out if it is going to be of benefit or not.

The good news early on is that there are no proprietary blends to worry about. Everything has its dosage included meaning we can see just how good or bad it is.

Vitamin B3

Sometimes known as Niacin, it is good for overall health.

A popular ingredient in nootropics and one that you can get a good amount of in eggs, meat, milk, and other ingredients.

It has a lot of benefits for cognitive health and can treat Alzheimer’s, memory loss, depression and more. A deficiency can result in dementia so keeping levels topped up is always a good thing.

As with many B-Vitamins, it also helps to convert food into energy making it a good ingredient to consume.

The dosage of 20 mg is a very good one as well.

Vitamin B6

We are seeing this more and more in nootropics and it is an ingredient that is good for energy metabolism again.

It is good for reducing fatigue as well as helping with proper brain function. Vitamin B6 has been found to regulate Serotonin as well. Good for a pick me up of your mood.

The dosage of 10 mg is considered to be a generous one as well.

Vitamin B12

Another B vitamin that we cannot create ourselves.

It can help to fight cognitive decline and lethargy so getting this into your system this way is a good thing. WebMD even say that when taken by mouth for concentration, slow aging, memory loss, to boost mood, mental functioning and more.

A useful ingredient and the dosage of 100 mcg is a good one.

Beta-Phenylethylamine HCL

A useful ingredient for this type of product.

Examine.com advise that this is an important molecule in the brain. They do say that supplementing can result in it being rapidly broken down which affects its usefulness.

It is thought to be able to improve mood which would be good, anything that is good on the brain is what we are after.

The dosage of 400 mg is a great one.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is another natural ingredient.

It is often thought to be one of the most effective that you can get in a nootropic.

It is believed to be able to keep anxiety away and has a lot of uses. A traditional medicine, Bacopa has various antioxidant abilities and a lot of studies to back it. Another good ingredient that can reduce anxiety and aid memory retention.

There is a respected study that showed that Bacopa Monnieri was responsible for great results when it came to memory retention, as well as brain functioning.

The dosage of 300 mg is a generous one.

Alpha GPC

Another impressive ingredient.

It’s also another that you almost expect to see. You might be able to tell but we like ingredients that serve multiple purposes. It is one that can provide you with more power to take on academic activities.

Alpha GPC is great for acetylcholine. This will help you to make a split decision and it is even known to help you to stay alert.

Examine.com advise that Alpha GPC it is used for its cognitive-promoting properties, and to improve power output in athletes.

An ingredient that is highly regarded in many quarters for its effectiveness in cognitive enhancing abilities.

The 250 mg included is an impressive amount.

St. John’s Wort Extract

An ingredient that has strong links to elevating mood as well as increasing dopamine levels.

In higher amounts, it can cause side effects in some but the dosage of 200 mg will be a safe one here.

Known for being an antidepressant it is a traditional medicine used for treating anxiety as well as stress making it a great ingredient for a nootropic.

Caffeine Anhydrous

An ingredient that appears in just about every type of supplement.

This is because it has so many uses. These include the fact that it can give you a burst of energy, this is both physically and mentally.

The anhydrous version just refers to the fact that it is water soluble and is absorbed by the body quickly. This also makes it fast acting.

Caffeine makes you feel more alert and can help you to focus. Basically, it is a great brain energy booster. The 200 mg is a safe and effective amount as well.


A clever inclusion especially given the stimulant content.

Not that the Caffeine content is overly high or anything, but this ingredient helps the user to stay calm. It also ensures the Caffeine content gets to work whilst helping you to stay in control.

Derived from Green Tea leaves it is a natural ingredient that makes sure the positive effects of Caffeine actually last longer.

Examine.com tells us that it helps promote relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with Caffeine.

This all ensures the user gets a positive experience and the dosage of 100 mg will be of great use here.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

An ingredient that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

It helps to promote blood flow to the brain and clean it along the way, enhancing your overall brain health.

Anyone that fits the older generation demographic will benefit even more (see Examine.com).

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Another ingredient that counterbalances the stimulants helping the user to have a positive experience. It can promote focus as well as reduce stress which is going to help the user here.

It helps you to maintain cognitive performance, even when there are distractions around, something we could all do with from time to time!

Rhodiola Rosea

An ingredient that is known to enhance mood as well as increase mental endurance.

It is a popular choice for academics. Examine.com says it works as an adaptogen. This means it can help the body to cope with the effects of stress on the body, often caused by exercise.

It protects the brain, making it a good option. At 100 mg you are getting a good dosage as well.


An ingredient found in high concentration in the brain.

It also promotes Nerve Growth Factor and protects the brain from cognitive decline. This is something that is more of an issue as we get older.

It can improve memory and enhance cognition in other areas and promote brain energy metabolism.

By getting more glucose into your system it has a lot of benefits.

Phosphatidylserine helps to support the production of brain cells. It is even credited with helping neuron membranes.

WebMD says that it as an ingredient that is vital in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain.

You will also find studies that support it as having the potential to battle the effects of stress.

The 100 mg is another great amount.


An ingredient that has some great benefits for a nootropic.

It has been found to boost alertness as well as focus and mental clarity. DMAE protects the brain from free radicals which in itself is something we could all do with more of. It even influences sleeping patterns and raises your mood.

Found in high levels in seafood, it is well thought of for being an antidepressant ingredient.

DMAE is even linked to enhanced vision!

The dosage of 100 mg is a very good one.


An ingredient you often find in supplements.

This is because BioPerine (also known as Black Pepper Extract) enhances the capabilities of the other ingredients it is consumed with.

Of course, this is only useful if the other ingredients are going to be effective. The good news is that Tek Naturals Mind Ignite has more than enough great ingredients to make this a useful addition.

The dosage of 5 mg is very much a standard one.

Huperzine A

Another great addition and a good ingredient to end on.

Useful because it stops the brain from producing acetylcholinesterase. This is an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters so anything that can stop it from doing damage is good news.

It can fight against Alzheimer’s as well as promote brain energy and protect brain cells.

The dosage of 10 mcg is all you need.

Mind Ignite Side Effects

The good news is that there is nothing in this product that should concern the user.

Everything is natural and dosed carefully, as we’ve seen from most of TEK Natural’s products. As always with Caffeine, if you are sensitive to it, you may wish to build up your tolerance by starting on a smaller serving and build your way up.

Mind Ignite Pros and Cons


  • A lot of effective ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Safe to use
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money back guarantee


  • Some people are sensitive to Caffeine

The Bottom Line

Mind Ignite is a product we can really get behind.

It’s mix of some of the best nootropic ingredients and sensible yet optimal dosages mean it should be well tolerated but also very effective. The fact that it is made by a reputable company is a bonus, so is the money back guarantee!

You should only go for products that are completely safe – especially when it comes to your brain. Thankfully TEK Naturals – Mind Ignite has ingredients that actually protect your brain, not do it damage!

The sign of a good company is sometimes just the Caffeine content. Far too many suppliers fill their supplements with high levels of stimulants but here you have an optimal one that will do a lot of good, without the jitters.

They have even thought of this and included the likes of L-Theanine to make sure you have a positive experience. Having checked out everything that goes into it, this is exactly what we think you will have.

Tek Naturals Mind Ignite

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