Performance Lab Sleep Review [Can It Really Help You Sleep?]

Performance Lab Sleep Review

Performance Lab Sleep Review Struggling to sleep and scrolling around at 3 am? This Performance Lab Sleep review might reveal the supplement of your dreams. So many people suffer from sleep deprivation and sleep-related issues. Remedying this is vital for a healthy lifestyle. A lack of sleep has serious negative effects on the body including irritability, mood swings and even an increased risk of ill health including heart disease. Not to mention what it does for energy levels. A good sleep boosting product can really be the difference between facing the day lethargic, and feeling yourself. Around a third of […]

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Female Hormones and Exercise – Why Do I Have to Train Twice As Hard As Him?

Female Hormones and Exercise Why Do Women Have to Train Twice As Hard As Men? Female hormones and exercise used to be complete guesswork to me… I was always stumped, thinking: My biceps are almost invisible and I’ve been training really hard. Then I look at my boyfriend and see that his arms are huge. Why do I have to train twice as hard as him to get good results? It makes me slightly jealous that guys gain muscle mass so quickly, whereas us girls have to train like beasts to look like beauties. Let’s face it, we’re biologically different. […]

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