Instant Knockout Vs Sheer Shred PM – Day or Night Fat Burner?

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Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM Out Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM should make for an interesting battle considering the wildly different approaches… These two fat burners are like day and night. By that we mean Instant Knockout works as a regular fat burner throughout the day, whilst Sheer Shred PM is designed to help you burn fat at night, at least that is the theory. But which of these approaches will result in one of these products being the best fat burner today? We will be judging them on their fat burning capabilities, but it doesn’t end there, […]

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Sheer Shred PM Review – Does this night time fat burner actually work?

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Sheer Shred PM Review You’ve heard of what people usually consider to be the best fat burners, you know, the ones that you take during the day?¬†Well our Sheer Shred PM Review will unveil a slightly different approach. This fat burner hits the market as one that works through the night. If you can burn fat in your sleep effectively then who wouldn’t want such a supplement. If you dream about going for a run but never actually do it. Then this might be a dream come true! But, is it just an ineffective gimmick? This is the question we […]

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