PreFierce review – Is this Really a Superior Pre Workout Formula?


PreFierce Review Is this really a ‘Superior Pre-Workout Formula’? A new kid on the block is always the source of some intrigue for us, which is why we have created this PreFierce review today.  We always make time for supplements with a difference, so is this product capable of giving us the energy for those big pumps in the gym?  To impress, it is going to have to do more than that but we have been hearing good things about this product. Since it is made by a new but seemingly reputable company we are excited to see what it […]

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KogniZen Review [Will it give you Zen focus and Cognition?]

Kognizen Review

KogniZen Review We’ve been excited about creating this KogniZen Review since MX Neutraceuticals reached out to us. Full disclaimer – we’re not being paid for this review, but they did send us a free sample so we could try it for a month and give our honest thoughts. As you know from our other reviews, we only give our honest thoughts here at Clean Lean Machine and won’t be bribed by freebies, so let’s dive in… We get a real buzz when a nootropic with a bit of hype around it comes to our attention. But, will this be another […]

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Vi-Brain Focus Review [A Surprising New Nootropic]

Vi-Brain Focus Review

Vi-Brain Focus Review Our Vi-Brain Focus Review is going to give us the chance to take a look at a nootropic that people have been talking about. When you hear good things about supplements, sometimes you have to look at who is saying it. This is why we have compiled our impartial review to really see if it is any good. As with any supplement, the more natural ingredients the better, but this isn’t all we are looking for. Of course, the following is going to be a good start: Faster thinking Enhanced cognition Better memory More brain energy A […]

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Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review [Is It Safe To Use?]

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review

Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review Fat burners are the hot supplement on the market right now. But, can our Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss Review provide a product that is worth buying? The problem is, the market is popular which means there are a lot of sub-par products available. Our job is to separate the weak hands from the proven ingredients and find products to add to our top recommended fat burners list. Can this product make it? First of all, it needs to do the following well: Burn fat effectively Be safe Suppress appetite Increase energy Anything less than this […]

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LeanBean vs Jacked Factory Lean PM [Is One A Gimmick?]

LeanBean vs Jacked Factory Lean PM

LeanBean vs Jacked Factory Lean PM Two very different fat burners today but which of our LeanBean vs Jacked Factory Lean PM review will be best suited for the female market? The question is, do female fat burners work any differently? We have seen a lot that are just the same as any other. You can’t get by just sticking a pink label on and claiming it suits the female market! Today is interesting as LeanBean is an established female fat burner that has a good reputation and it is up against Jacked Factory Lean PM. This is a nighttime […]

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Jacked Factory Lean PM Review [Is It A Gimmick?]

Jacked Factory Lean PM Reviews

Jacked Factory Lean PM Review Here at CLM, we review a whole range of products, sometimes they get a little conceptual. Todays Jacked Factory Lean PM review is one such article. You read it right, the word PM has been used alongside fat burner. We are all for new ideas, but can a nighttime fat burner work? If it does, it would be an interesting addition to our top recommended fat burners list for sure. This product also promises to work as a sleep aid. This is certainly niche but if you are looking to burn fat and get a […]

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MyProtein Thermopure Review


MyProtein – Thermopure Review A chance today for us to see if our MyProtein Thermopure Review can provide a new addition to our top recommended fat burners list. The competition is fierce and the furnace that a fat burner should really be igniting in your body is testament only to quality ingredients at optimal dosages. Why is it then that so many fail to deliver? They all promise similar things, but its very rare that they actually give you the chance to really get shredded. Thermopure has nowhere to hide and we don’t take prisoners here at CLM, it takes […]

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Can Pre Workout Make You Ill?

Can pre workouts make you ill?

Can Pre Workout Make You Ill? We sometimes get asked can pre workout make you ill? This questions make us wonder what angle is this question coming from? Is the person asking worried about using them for the first time? Or have they just used a product that has potential side effects? It seems like a good time to finally put this question to bed. The answer of course is – It depends! Now, hear us out, it really is about what type of product you are looking at. Have you done your research? Are you looking for a quality product? […]

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Pre Workout That Works

Pre Workout That Works

Pre Workout That Works More of an established industry than a growing fad, but how easy is it to find a Pre Workout that works? With so many supplements flooding the market it can be difficult to tell if there are any decent pre workout supplements that are actually worth the money these people charge. The good news is, there are pre-workouts that are worth using. The bad news is there aren’t many of them. What Are Pre Workouts? A pre workout is a supplement you take, you guessed it – before you workout. Around 30 minutes before you hit […]

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Nootropics Vs Smart Drugs

Nootropics vs Smart Drugs

Nootropics vs Smart Drugs This is a different type of battle in front of us today! The Nootropics vs Smart Drugs debate has been ongoing for the last few years with safety and effectiveness being two of the hottest topics. For us, safety comes first, but if you can find a product that is both safe to use and has good nootropic capabilities, then you are onto a really good thing. So what exactly are we looking for to settle the Nootropics vs Smart Drugs dispute? Firstly, how do you define a nootropic and a smart drug? What is the difference […]

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