SmartX Cerebral Success Nootropic Review




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  • Contains a lot of pro nootropic ingredients
  • Enhancers for memory included and some relaxing ingredients
  • Natural ingredients


  • Use of proprietary blends
  • Caffeine may be unnecessary
  • Some ingredients are dubious in their inclusion

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SmartX Cerebral Success  Review

Our SmartX Cerebral Success review might seem familiar. Have a feeling you may have heard of this brain pill but not sure where from?

You would be forgiven for feeling this way, like you would for many of the products that feature on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Although it has that notoriety, it’s profile was raised for a reason. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information regarding this product online, so allow us to go more in depth for you.

That’s right the 5 minutes of fame for this product has helped it go from strength to strength and as you know. A lot of great products feature on the hit TV show.

For good reason this product has a solid reputation.

SmartX by Cerebral Success Product Claims:

  • Help the user to really focus
  • Give you mental stamina as well as improve memory
  • Decrease any feelings of anxiety
  • Aid brain function

But this is just what the company who makes it claims. We put it to the test and find out more if SmartX brain pills are worth it…

SmartX Cerebral Success Review: Who Makes It?

Cerebral SuccessSmartX Cerebral Success nootropic review

Based in the U.S, SmartX is produced by Cerebral Success.

This is their brainchild and certainly their baby, This Nootropic stack is the only commercial product of theirs on the market and they provide a 30 day guarantee when you buy.

It is available from a few sources including Amazon and their own website.

SmartX Cerebral Success Ingredients

The most important part of course, this is what makes the Nootropic what it is or isn’t. There are some very important ingredients included here with many that you might call essentials.

However, where it does fall down is through its use of proprietary blends, meaning you don’t always see what you get and certainly not the dosages a lot of the time.

What’s a proprietary blend of supplement ingredients?

A proprietary blend is a few ingredients mixed into one new ingredient and included as one entity. The problem is you don’t know how much of each is included and therefore have no idea how effective the blend is.

If a company was being open and honest they wouldn’t necessarily need to hide behind a proprietary blend so we prefer it when they are not on the ingredients list. But there are still many good and popular products that have them.

Nootropics are the type of supplement where it is important to know what goes into it. But we have more details for you so you can make a more informed decision for yourself.

Ingredients in SmartX that work:


Included in most of the best nootropics around it is basically a great memory enhancer.

When taken it will help your brain to produce a greater amount of choline which will help it to increase the overall output of your brain.

It gives your brain important nutrients to help create electrical impulses as well as helping it to keep your brain cells in good health.

Some studies have shown it to help the cognitive functioning of the older generation. It can even stave off a decline in cognitive function.

The issue here is that it is contained within a proprietary blend. Meaning any review will not be able to tell you if the amount of cognizin included is sufficient enough to be effective.


Included in many supplements you will have seen this many times before if you have read some of our other reviews. It’s best known for being found in green tea and is often thought to treat anxiety as well as helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

The amino acid has relaxing properties so it is included in many nootropics to reduce stress and even improve sleep. One of the best ingredients in the whole SmartX Cerebral Success review.


This chemical is man made and is derived from the periwinkle plant but often used for medicinal purposes.

Often thought to help the blood flow to the brain as well as enhancing memory. Also fighting and preventing unwanted conditions that harm the learning and memory process. So it may well be included as a deterrent for harmful elements rather than enhancers.

Bacopa Monnieri

It might sound like an Italian soccer player but this is actually well known for enhancing your memory, and is completely natural.

Anyone that suffers from brain fog especially when it creeps in mid afternoon or not so long after a big meal, this ingredient helps you to keep your mind on the important stuff.

It is far more effective in doses higher than 300mg. Since it is also part of a proprietary blend there is no way of ensuring that this is the case.

Huperzine A

Stems from the Chinese club moss which has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It helps to protect your brain from the breakdown of acetylcholine which helps to enhance your memory as well as overall brain health.

Problems with SmartX Ingredients


For many a stimulant related supplement this is one of the essential ingredients, for a pre workout for example it would be very surprising if this wasn’t included.

However for a nootropic it sometimes feels like it is included to make the user feel as though they can notice a difference straight away.

A short term fix isn’t what you want from a nootropic. You need to feel like you can concentrate hours after taking.


Out of all of the ingredients, we have the most concerns about Glucuronolactone. Mostly because we are not sure of it’s uses and if it warrants a place in your nootropic.

Found most famously in energy drinks which means it does feel as though it should be safe if it is used so widely.

However the limited amount of research does not lend to a feeling of usefulness or safety. It has been said to show improvements to alertness. But again this could be like the caffeine content, good in the short term but not for a sustained period.


Again, a dubious inclusion. This strikes us as an ingredient that has been included on the back of a couple of loose studies.

Some have found that it can reduce stress and increase energy but we would like to see more evidence to support this.


An androgen hormone it is often associated with being a sex steroid so maybe it is included to make you feel good? The benefits are often said to be to your prostate, hair and testes.

It’s inclusion is a little confusing since we are not sure there is much evidence to support it as a cognitive enhancer.

SmartX Cerebral Success Side Effects

Fortunately we do not know of any current side effects despite some of the dubious ingredients. Any product that has caffeine however should be treated with an air of caution.

Be mindful of when you take it and careful if you consume energy drinks throughout the day.

The Cerebral Success website does note that due to an increase of blood flow to the brain, headaches may be induced or even strengthened. So that is something to look out for. Always monitor your health when taking a new supplement no matter what it is.

SmartX Cerebral Success Review Pros and Cons


  • Contains a lot of pro nootropic ingredients
  • Enhancers for memory included and some relaxing ingredients
  • Natural ingredients


  • Use of proprietary blends
  • Caffeine may be unnecessary
  • Some ingredients are dubious in their inclusion

SmartX Cerebral Success Review Conclusion

Despite the ingredients that don’t need to be there, it does have a lot of good ones. Anyone looking for something that enhances their memory and brain function will do ok here. There is enough in here to suggest it should work.

We have a big reservation with any product that uses a proprietary blend and unfortunately many products in the industry do tend to. As a result it is difficult to say just how effective this supplement is. Or at least say how much value it has.

The caffeine is another strange one, sometimes it seems to be included in any supplement just for effect. Anyone who has a large dose of caffeine will feel a noticeable difference. And we worry that its effects are temporary. What we’re looking for in a nootropic is something that lasts.

Also like with any supplement with caffeine, be mindful of your overall daily intake as it can cause jitters as well as a bad night sleep if taken too late in the day.

It often makes the top 3 nootropic lists and for good reason. It is popular in the market and has a lot of plus points still. It’s difficult to find one that is perfect and it’s our job to point out the elements that aren’t useful as well as the ones that are.

For these reasons, we recommend Mind Lab Pro – our favourite Nootropic supplement that’s tried and tested for long term effectiveness.Mind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

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