Simplest Ways of Increasing Testosterone


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Simplest Ways of Increasing Testosterone

Ah T… often used as a reason for men’s sometimes stupid behavior (can we now use that as a legitimate excuse!?). But what are the simplest ways of increasing testosterone?

Testosterone isn’t just exclusive to men, although they do have the larger share of it in general. Around the age of 30, the testosterone levels in men begin to slide.

What is Testosterone Good For?

If you’re asking your body what can help to boost muscle mass, get rid of fat as well as provide energy, libido and even affect your sleep then testosterone would be raising its hand right now.

So, testosterone is good for many reasons, and you now want to increase it. Here are some very simple but effective ways of increasing testosterone.

How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Eat more fat

You read it right, if you want to increase your testosterone then you can do so by eating more fat. But, that doesn’t mean go take $50 to McDonald’s without expecting any change in your pocket, the quality of the fats still matter.

Good fats such as avocado, peanut butter, coconut oil and quality red meat should be the sort of things that you include in your diet to increase testosterone.

Lose weight and burn fat

So, the first bit of advice being given is to eat more fat, the second is to burn more fat! If you’re confused then you have every right to be but hear us out…

It’s a well-known fact that men who are overweight often have lower testosterone levels as it is. As a result, if this is you or if you are carrying a little more excess body fat than you would like anyway, losing weight can help you to increase your testosterone.

Eating good quality fats in your diet don’t mean gaining body fat – actually the combination of unhealthy saturated fats and refined sugars are the worst culprit for making your body retain excess body fat.

So, take any fizzy soda straight out of your diet, fruit juice, bagels and any processed or junk foods are now a thing of the past for you.

One of the best ways in terms of health and the simplest ways of increasing testosterone.


The easiest yet sometimes the hardest thing to do, bad sleeping patterns are negative for your health in general. This doesn’t mean that hibernating for 15 hours a day will be better for you, there still needs to be a balance.

Everyone seems to be an expert these days in the number of optimal hours a person needs to sleep – many consider 8 hours a night to be the perfect amount.

It is difficult to say though as everyone is different, and your lifestyle will be unique to you. If you are training you will feel the benefits of a good night sleep as your body recovers.

Anything around 8 hours should suffice but listen to your body, enough quality, uninterrupted sleep, at the right time of night is good for testosterone!

Check your workout routine

It’s not just what you are putting into your body it but is what you are doing with it as well. Try and use as many free weight movements in your routine and use those that are heavier on multi joint movements.

Any high intensity weight training is good for testosterone levels, the more muscle you create the greater testosterone levels are in your body. Squats and deadlifts are the sort of compound exercises you should be implementing into your routine.

Be mindful of the length of your routine as well. Sometimes the longer more drawn out workouts mean your testosterone levels are the thing that suffers.

Anything over an hour should be considered excessive for testosterone levels and anything you can do to decrease this might stop your cortisol levels from increasing (which is detrimental to your testosterone).

Get some zinc

Your body benefits from the consumption of many minerals and zinc is one of the most important for boosting testosterone. Foods high in protein will give you what you need in this area such as your fish and meat based proteins.

If you don’t consume a lot of these then you can get zinc based supplements to give you the boost you need.

Because pesticides are detrimental to zinc in food, it is always a good idea to buy organic if you can. Don’t overload on the zinc though, a normal daily allowance is under 40mg so stick to this to keep yourself in peak condition.

Still struggling?

Use a proven testosterone booster supplement

If you’re struggling to increase your testosterone levels, you might want to consider taking a natural and safe testosterone booster supplement like TestoFuel – read our full review here.TestoFuel Review

It is one of the best we have seen. Anything that has as many of the proven T boosting ingredients, at optimal dosages is a good option.

Made by reputable company Roar Ambition, it is used by former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson and for a guy in his 70’s, he is proof of its potency. 

A great and 100% safe option that really is one of the simplest ways of increasing testosterone.

Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

It’s pretty much a minefield out there, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Too many companies are producing ineffective and sometimes dangerous testosterone boosters – including ingredients like DHEA and other things to look out for! This is why we compiled a list of the top safe and proven testosterone boosters on the market today…

We’ve rounded up the BEST testosterone boosters on the market in our Top Testosterone Boosters page – check it out to find a safe, natural and effective testosterone booster that suits you.

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