ShredFierce Review – Will The TruFierce Fat Burner Get You Shredded?

ShredFierce review





  • Proven fat burning ingredients
  • Generous dosages
  • Sensible caffeine content
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Premium price

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ShredFierce Review

Only available from TruFierce

We’ve all slacked off when it comes to our fat burning exercise and nutrition but products like the one we are taking a close look at today in our ShredFierce review can help. 

This is only if this fat burner that has quality ingredients to back its claims. Let’s face it – there is no replacement for hard work.

But when you combine a dedicated workout regime and a quality diet with a proven fat burner supplement, you give yourself the best chance of getting shredded. 

There are certain ingredients in these products that help to ramp up your metabolism and reduce body fat. Still, even in our ShredFierce review, the ingredients need to be dosed well or they won’t be effective. Having reviewed hundreds of fat burner supplements over the years, we know where products tend to let themselves down.

To impress us, ShredFierce needs to have the quality to give us the following:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Suppress appetite
  • Be safe for consumption
  • Speed up metabolism

With no room to cut corners, let’s start by taking a look at the company behind the brand…

ShredFierce Review: Who Makes This Product?


The US-based company that makes ShredFierce is also the brand behind a popular T-booster and pre-workout.

Having taken a look at those products already, we can safely say they know how to put a quality supplement together. They also offer a generous money-back guarantee. The 90-day 100% promise makes it appealing for first-time users as buying it is risk-free.

There is free shipping on orders of 3 cases and above. When you pick up one of these deals, you also get access to bonus digital downloads that have all sorts of useful workout-related advice.

We like that they discount their products when you buy more of them and there are all the usual forms of contact for customer service on their website.

TruFierce ships around the world and in most places it will take less than a week for your supplement to arrive.

ShredFierce Ingredients Review

ShredFierce Ingredients

Now, the first thing we always check for is proprietary blends. The good news is that there aren’t any to worry about in our ShredFierce review. 

This means all the ingredients and dosages are laid out for us to critique. With nothing hidden, there is an added element of trust which we like to see.

So, what does it have that is going to bring out our summer six-packs all year round?

Green Tea Leaf Extract

It’s a good start as this is a popular and proven fat burning ingredient. 

This is a concentrated type of dried green tea leaves to make it more potent. The result is an ingredient that is an antioxidant but also increases energy levels.

On top of this, studies have shown that Green Tea Extract can increase fat oxidation. 

Because it is thermogenic, it heats the body on the inside which causes it to burn fat to cool itself down. This is the sort of trait we want to see from fat burning ingredients. With a mild caffeine content, it keeps the user alert and also contains polyphenols to promote calmness.

With a dosage of 500 mg, there is plenty of it.

Cayenne Pepper

A metabolism booster to get things moving, Cayenne Pepper is a great inclusion.

You aren’t going to experience any burn from supplementing it. This means you get all the benefits without having to reach for something to cool your mouth down. However, it is going to promote fat loss by kickstarting your metabolism.

According to WebMD, it can help to curb your appetite so it does have the potential for being an appetite suppressant. This will stop you from reaching for snacks between meals.

Cayenne Pepper can also encourage your body to use fat rather than carbs for energy production, yet another plus point.

With 100 mg included, you’re getting a decent dosage that will be well tolerated.


This is known best for its appetite suppressant properties. It swells in the stomach, making you feel full. It also digests slowly so it is good for satiety and preventing cravings. 

If you are the type that cannot help but reach into the cookie jar, it is a good ingredient to get into your system.

Studies have shown how groups taking glucomannan had greater weight loss than those in a separate group so the 2g included here is going to be a welcomed addition to a lot of peoples diet. 


This is a great ingredient to include since appetite suppression and fat loss can take its toll on your mood.

Because it helps to produce serotonin which is known to lift your spirits, 5-HTP is a clever inclusion.

It has been linked to weight control because it reduces cravings of foods like carbs. It communicates with the brain to tell it the body is full so we can see the sense behind its inclusion. 

All these points considered, you are going to be getting shredded with a smile on your face. The dosage is another optimal one at 100 mg.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

An ingredient you often find in several supplements, it has proven benefits for reducing damage to your muscles. This makes it a good ingredient to take alongside a workout regime.

It is also another metabolism booster. The other benefits of supplementing Acetyl L-Carnitine include increased energy and endurance. These are two things that can be in short supply when you are lowering your calorie intake whilst training hard to get that shredded body.

The 300 mg dosage is another generous one.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Another ingredient to look out for. This is coffee before the chlorogenic acid has been stripped and it works by preventing the body from storing as much fat and keeps blood sugar levels under control.

WebMD references a study where those taking green coffee bean extract for 8 to 12 weeks lost more weight than a placebo group.

They are roasted yet maintain their benefits here so it is good that the 100 mg included in ShredFierce can be put to good use.

Vitamin B6

An important ingredient for your overall health, Vitamin B6 is another that helps to keep your metabolism moving as it should.

It helps us to make energy from the food we eat and stops you from burning muscle when you workout. This means you’ll not only be shredded, but those gains you’ve been working hard at will be preserved. 

The 5 mg included is a standard amount and only found in the more impressive supplements.

Vitamin B12

It is commonly found in eggs and meat and is useful for making sure your body uses your food as an energy source and not your muscle, just like B6.

Deficiencies in B12 are quite common and this can lead to fatigue as well as weakness. This is why it is important to ensure you are always topping up your B12 levels.

Not only will it help you to keep your weight under control, but since we can’t naturally create it, this is a precious source.

With 10 mcg included, you’re getting a good top-up.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is an important source of energy for anyone using a fat burner supplement. It is arguably the most useful in the entire ShredFierce review because anyone reducing their calories is going to be low on energy when exercising.

Even on rest days, you can need a pick up which is what Caffeine Anhydrous delivers. It also helps to get your metabolism moving so it will have the same effect as a morning coffee.

Because it is an anhydrous version, it is going to be quickly absorbed by the body so it can get to work faster. A powdered form and popular in energy drinks, PreFierce has dosed it sensibly by giving you 200 mg.

This should also be well tolerated because of the green tea extract which is synergistic and ensures that you will feel energised yet in control.


This is one of those ingredients you need to have a decent supply to regulate your metabolism. In terms of its other benefits, Chromium is useful here as it enhances the usefulness of the other ingredients. 

Studies have shown that Chromium can increase energy levels and reduce your cravings which in turn will mean you are going to have less fat to work off.

With a dosage of 100 mcg, you are getting a useful amount.

BioPerine Black Pepper Extract

A popular ingredient in all types of supplements, it helps to bring out the best in other ingredients.

One added benefit from getting black pepper extract into your system is that it makes the other nutrients easier to absorb. It’s a bit of a dark horse and there are a few in our ShredFierce review, but a good one.

There is a good amount included in the 10 mg.

How To Take ShredFierce

To get your body burning fat all day long, TruFierce recommends that you take one capsule five times a day with a glass of water.

Spread this out between meals and snack time but because of the caffeine content, it might not be such a good idea to take a capsule after 5 pm.

Where Can I Purchase ShredFierce?

The only place to buy this impressive fat burner is from their website.

Buying directly always gives you the benefit of receiving a genuine product. Because a lot of brands can be found on Amazon, there is a risk that you aren’t getting what you expect.

You’ll have no such problem when buying from TruFierce.

Does ShredFierce Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Not only does it offer you your money back if you do not get the results you hope for, but they give you 90 days.

This means you get to give this fat burner the best possible chance of working. It is a no questions asked refund which we like to see and it makes purchasing this product risk-free.

As with any supplement you are trying for the first time, this is how it should be.

ShredFierce Side Effects

The good news is that there is nothing in ShredFierce that is cause for concern. 

Because of this, we expect it to be well tolerated by most. The caffeine content is sensible although anyone who is not used to having it in their system might want to work their way up from a smaller daily dosage.

With no proprietary blends to worry about and optimal dosages, it is easy to say that there is going to be no side effects should you stick to the max daily allowance.

ShredFierce Pros and Cons


✅ Proven fat burning ingredients

✅ Generous dosages

✅ Sensible caffeine content

✅ No proprietary blends

✅ Money-back guarantee


❌ Premium price

Buy ShredFierce from TruFierce

ShredFierce Review Conclusion

Buy from TruFierce

With an array of the top fat burning ingredients included in one product, it is easy to see why this has made such a bold new entrance to the fat burner market.

There are multiple metabolism-boosting ingredients so your body is going to be constantly working to help you burn fat before you’ve even started your cardio.

We like the energy boost from the caffeine, particularly since a lot of people will be reducing their calorie intake and need that added kick. With Green Tea Extract to work alongside it, this should be well tolerated.

Everything from the Green Coffee Bean Extract to glucomannan is here on merit. These are the sort of ingredients we like to see as they stop you from forming or continuing bad habits and snacking between meals. 

Because of the carefully thought out formula, we don’t see any reason why those using it won’t get a step closer to that shredded body, without compromising your muscle mass.

It’s definitely worth considering in our eyes.

Buy ShredFierce only from TruFierce

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