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S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest

Two products with decent reputations that we have already taken a look at both of them individually. Our S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest review should be close.

We think these are quite evenly matched going by what we already know. But how do they match up side by side?

It’s time to take a look a both of these testosterone boosters and see how they compare. Then we will see if the winner matches up to our best testosterone boosters at this time.

They both make bold promises for your T levels and although marketing will get you so far. What really matters is how the ingredients stack up.

S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest: Both Test Boosters Claim To:

  • Boost testosterone and strength
  • Aid Libido
  • Enhance Recovery

They have different ingredients so one must be better than the other. We will be checking on the effectiveness to see just how close they get to achieving the above. We will also be looking at the safety of each one but, like always we start with…

S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest: Who Makes These Products?

S.A.N Nutrition

Here is the company who make S.A.N Free T. They say they have been in the supplements industry since way back in 1996. So they have experience on their side.

They make a few comments on their passion for quality. They even have a list of ambassadors who range from bodybuilders and strongmen to fitness pros.

Their products are all made in GMP certified locations and in the USA. They have a strong line of products which include everything from various proteins to recovery and energy boosters.

EVLution Nutrition

Here are the people behind EVLTest and this is their most well known product.

They are based in Florida but their website is a little disappointing in term of company information. They have a very generic mission statement. Not great when we want to actually learn about who they are.

They do comment on their commitment to their products and how passionate they are about the industry as a whole, which is a good sign.

Their contact details are available through their site.

S,A,N Free T vs EVLTest Ingredients



S.A.N Free T

This is where you will find out which means business and if either is a fraud. First impressions of the label suggest that there are no proprietary blends being used. This always works for us.

We prefer it when all the ingredients and dosages are disclosed by the companies, making it easier to rate their effectiveness. It is also easier to see if there are likely to be side effects or not. Based on the fact that higher doses of less desirable ingredients can be dangerous.

Let’s see what these two have in common first.

Mutual Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

Major tick for both supplements here. Any testosterone booster worth your attention should contain this, if not it better have a great back up plan.

Great for your T levels, studies have shown it can raise them by almost 50%, it really is a no-brainer. This is an amino acid that helps your brain to release the luteinizing hormone. This is great for encouraging the testicles to produce more testosterone.  

S.A.N Free T contains the optimum amount of 3,000 mg. EVLTest includes slightly more at 3,120. Both will do a similar job and the effective amounts are a good sign.

Vitamin D3

Another great ingredient for a testosterone booster. The fact that the western lifestyle means many people are deficient in this makes it a good choice to supplement it.

We create our own Vitamin D3, but mostly when our skin is exposed to sunlight – see why we are deficient now!?

It’s no surprise that low levels of D3 are linked to low testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, neither product has dosed this effectively. With S.A.N Free T containing a very low 400 IU compared to EVL Tests 1000 IU. This might seem high but the minimum effective amount required is over 3,000 IU. So although EVLTest have done better here, neither will be effective enough.

Unfortunately, that’s where the mutual comparison ends. These are two good inclusions, but what are the other notable ingredients they contain?

S.A.N Free T’s Ingredients

Urtica Dioica

The best of the rest of their ingredients is probably this. Better known as stinging nettle extract.

Good for two main reasons – it will boost your T levels as well as suppressing estrogen (no more man boobs).

Because it is so effective we like to see it in a T booster, it is thought to block two of your T levels biggest enemies – SHBG and aromatase. With these out of the way, testosterone can flow through your bloodstream.

Calcium D-Glucarate

It’s a shame that the bubble had to burst, well the vitamin D3 dosage was woeful but at least its inclusion is warranted.

However, we don’t come across this ingredient too often in a T booster. That’s because it has been shown to have zero positive effect on your body’s Testosterone and may even end up having the opposite effect on your T levels.


Well, it’s commonly found in a lot of vegetables such as cauliflower and cabbage amongst other vegetables. But this alone isn’t enough to make our list of top testosterone booster ingredients and for good reason.

For an ingredient to be considered excellent, it must be safe, but also be effective for T levels. Although this appears to be safe, there is nowhere near enough evidence to suggest it is an effective testosterone booster.



An impressive start to this section since Zinc is found to be a very effective T booster. This mineral is good for androgens. In tests, your body requires zinc to function.

It has been shown that men who have higher levels of Zinc in their bodies are also found to have higher testosterone levels. No surprise then that it has been proven that Zinc helps with the production of testosterone in the male body.

Older men, in particular, would benefit from the increase in Zinc to boost their testosterone levels.

This is because when you pass the age of around 30, your T-levels decrease year on year so topping them up is important.


Another excellent inclusion, its effectiveness for testosterone has been proven many times. Good for preventing SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) taking effect, which binds your natural testosterone so it can’t be used.

There is 160 mg included in EVLTEST. Although this is not the highest and by no means the most effective we have seen. But if you already have a decent level of magnesium in your diet it should suffice as a boost.


In our opinion, an unfortunate ingredient. That is difficult to say because there is evidence that shows it to be an effective ingredient for testosterone, yet there is enough evidence to support the fact that it supports estrogen rather than suppressing it.

What you don’t want is your testosterone turning into estrogen, this has potential to happen, especially when it comes to doses over 100 mg, and EVLTest contains 250 mg.

This falls within the risky area. So we view this as an ingredient that has the ability to undo the good work that some of the other ingredients provides.

S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest Pros and Cons

S.A.N Free T Pros

  • D-Aspartic Acid is a welcomed inclusion
  • No proprietary blends
  • Made in the USA
  • Stinging Nettle Extract good for T levels

EVLTest Pros

  • D-Aspartic Acid is a Good Inclusion
  • Various top ingredients
  • Good Reputation

S.A.N Free T Cons

  • Vitamin D3 is seriously underdosed
  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Lack of evidence to support some ingredients

EVLTest Cons

  • DIM in particular could be bad
  • Tribulus Terrestris is ineffective with potential side effect

S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest Side Effects

With both supplements featuring mainly natural ingredients, it almost feels unfair to say that EVLTest should be penalized because of the inclusion of DIM.

There needs to be a bit more research in this area before we start to suggest that their product will create side effects for the user, but keep an eye on how you feel when using it because of DIM.

S.A.N Free T vs EVLTest Conclusion

Winner: S.A.N Free T

This was a really close one that could have gone either way.

If EVLTest didn’t contain DIM then we would have seriously been tempted to award them the victory here. However, there is a question mark over its uses and side effects which eventually swayed in favor of S.A.N Free T.

With both supplements containing a good selection of ingredients, it is actually EVLTest that has the more beneficial ingredients for us. But it is also the only one that has a potentially dangerous one too.

Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

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