Redburn Hardcore Fat Burner Review


Redburn Hardcore


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  • Green Tea Extract well dosed and a good fat burner
  • Cayenne Pepper for your Metabolism


  • A lot of ineffective ingredients
  • Cinnamon Extract could be toxic if over consumed
  • No Stimulants
  • No Appetite Suppressants

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Redburn Hardcore Review

When a fat burner is popular in one country but not yet made it into the mainstream. Our Redburn Hardcore review gives us this chance.

A bit like finding a band before the get a big break and everyone’s talking about them.

If this is the case for the fat burner Redburn Hardcore then you heard it here first! Popular in France and making waves there, but not yet crossing over to the USA. If we don’t know a lot about it then it is important to find out how safe is Redburn Hardcore? 

There must be a reason why people are starting to pay attention, and we are going to find out if this is due to clever marketing or if it is good product. We will be able to tell if you are missing out on this product or if it should be the next big thing. All this but just how safe is Redburn Hardcore? 

A good fat burner should do some and ideally all of the following:

  • Help burn fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Give you energy
  • Increase focus

Since we don’t know a lot about this product, it is important that we get to know the company behind it first:

Redburn Hardcore Review: Who Makes This Fat Burner?

Superset Nutrition are the people behind Redburn Hardcore, although it seems as though at the time of reviewing that their site is down, not great and definitely doesn’t look professional.

It seems as though they share their name with a store in Florida. So don’t get them mixed up if you are looking like we did.

What we can find on them is based on some eCommerce websites and we can see that their mission statement seems to be ”Efficiency, Quality, Security’’. They claim their products are rigorously selected and dosed. A reassuring claim, but there is only one way to find out if that is true.

Ok, so we know a little about them, let’s take a look at the ingredients to get to know them a bit better.

Redburn Hardcore Ingredients

Although trying to find information about the company itself was a challenge, there is plenty of information available regarding the ingredients in their fat burner.

The first thing we noticed is that the ingredients within are pretty good. There is a strong roster of fat burners and some interesting inclusions. Some of the thermogenics included show that they know what they are doing.

Whether it is effective or not will very much depend on the dosages within but we are just glad there are no proprietary blends in sight, meaning all the dosages are provided and nothing is hidden from the consumer.

Green Tea Extract

A must have for a good fat burner, simply because it is so effective. Any supplement in this field that starts with this is always going to make a good impression.

It is so effective as a thermogenic, it heats you up within so your body has to burn fat cooling itself down – burning fat without any effort, a great ingredient.

Because there are no side effects, it is always good to see a large dosage and Redburn Hardcore has exactly that. At 1,000 mg it is around double the minimum amount required for optimal effect.

It seems to be their cornerstone ingredient and for good reason.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

The second ingredient is another great fat burner. We like it so much it may have even made it onto our list of top fat burner ingredients – check it out for yourself.

Another thermogenic, it seems as though Redburn Hardcore and making it as easy as possible for you to burn fat as you go.

A good inclusion if you are not into spice, as this is an ingredient often found in spicy food, using a supplement instead will save you from the burn!

Again, a good and effective dosage.

Ceylon Cinnamon Extract

There is enough evidence to show that this ingredient is good for controlling insulin spikes, so after those high carb meals you wont get as much of the negative effects they have on your body.

We can see why they have included this type of ingredient, it certainly stands out since we don’t see it too often, but that’s probably for the best really.

Be careful of the toxicity that can come with having too much cinnamon in your diet as it can contain coumarin, the liver toxin.

White Willow Bark Extract

An excellent anti headache ingredient when chewed as an actual piece of bark from the tree but how effective is it as a fat burner? Again quite a unique inclusion and if we’re honest we find its inclusion a little confusing.

There doesn’t seem to be any strong evidence that it helps you to burn fat and most of the information available about this ingredient is that it mostly just interferes with medicine – blood thinners in particular are susceptible.

If you are on medication we strongly suggest that you speak to your doctor about the ingredients in this fat burner before you consider taking any of it.


A bit more like it from Reburn Hardcore maybe? Nope we’re afraid not really, this amino acid is harmless so won’t cause side effects, but in a fat burner, also pointless.

It will do a lot of good things for your cognition, but since we’re looking at a fat burner here and not a nootropic we would have to say it is another ineffective ingredient.


Back on track a bit it seems. It’s not exactly a world beater in the arena of fat burners, but it will boost your metabolism which seems to be the main strength of this fat burner so far.

We’d like to be able to say it does a lot more, but this nutrient is found in Egg yolk as well as Kale and green veg although the amount you will find in these. That’s alright though since your body’s maximum isn’t huge. But supplementing is still a wise choice if you don’t consume enough.

Redburn Hardcore Side Effects

There isn’t anything in Redburn that causes us a lot of concern. We mentioned Cinnamon as a potential toxic ingredient if over consumed, this isn’t an issue if your diet doesn’t contain a whole lot of it already.

If you think you do consume a moderate amount already then it may be a wise decision to stay away from this fat burner. Although many of the ingredients are pointless for a fat burner, most of them have zero side effects.

Redburn Hardcore Review Pros and Cons

Redburn Hardcore Review Pros

  • Green Tea Extract well dosed and a good fat burner
  • Cayenne Pepper for your Metabolism

Redburn Hardcore Review Cons

  • A lot of ineffective ingredients
  • Cinnamon Extract could be toxic if over consumed
  • No stimulants
  • No appetite Suppressants

Redburn Hardcore Review Conclusion

So, all in all if you were looking for a thermogenic supplement and nothing else, this wouldn’t be the worst choice in the world. However, a fat burner should have multiple purposes. Like we mentioned at the start, a good fat burner should be able to not only burn fat but also suppress appetite and provide energy.

Giving extra energy is important since many people take fat burners whilst on a diet that means they consume less calories than normal. This will leave a lot of people with less energy, especially if you are taking up an exercise regime as well.

The fact that Redburn Hardcore does not contain anything to give you energy as well as nothing that suppresses appetite, it does lack a lot of the essential traits a good fat burner will provide.

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