Proven Testosterone Booster Ingredients


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Proven Natural Testosterone Booster Ingredients

If you are a serious lifter, then you must get serious about Testosterone. If you are serious about T, you need to know the proven natural testosterone booster ingredients.

It is not enough to simply lift weights and eat more. You need to eat the right things that compliment your drive for bigger gains.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of proven testosterone booster ingredients, for you to include as part of your healthy diet. Scientifically proven ingredients are the way to getting gains like you have never experienced before.

How Do Naturally Boosting Testosterone Ingredients Work?

They Boost Testosterone… Naturally

Well yes, this much is obvious. But they work by helping the brain to control testosterone levels in the body and give the body more of the components needed to naturally produce more of what you need.

Create More of the Useful Testosterone

That’s right, half of the testosterone in your body does not help with building muscle. This half is attached to the sex hormone globulin. Any boost in testosterone with quality ingredients will give you the right kind of testosterone and suppress the globulin that you do not need.

Contain Estrogen Levels

Everybody (male and female) has the female hormone in their body. For a good testosterone booster to work, it must contain the quality ingredients that reduce these levels in order for the testosterone to work.

Aromatase is the male enzyme that produces estrogen, and we create more of it as we get older and less testosterone.

Testosterone Producing Ingredients

Vitamin D3

More commonly created in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Unfortunately, many men experience a deficiency in this.

Check for this quality ingredient as part of any good testosterone booster. It helps with muscle growth as well as giving you added power.

One of the most important proven natural testosterone booster ingredients.


You will find quality ingredients such as this is only in the better boosters. It can actually help to reduce stress. This is important for containing your muscles.

It will also help to reduce prolactin, women need this for producing milk. However, it can have a negative effect on testosterone levels in men.

Vitamin K-2

You only need a small dose of this to reach the recommended daily levels. It has been shown to increase the levels of testosterone levels in the testicles.

All good testosterone boosters have this as it is one of the many ingredients that helps to store the T-levels in different parts of the body.

D-Asptic Acid

Sometimes referred to as DAA is an acid that synthesizes protein in the body – essential for muscle growth.

It is only found in small amounts in the brain yet it has a significant impact on muscle growth and the production of testosterone. It has been shown to increase your free testosterone levels.

Ingredients that Suppress Estrogen


Often found in herbs and ingredients such as lemons, celery and carrots. This has been shown to block the estrogen producing aromatase enzyme.

This is what stops your testosterone levels from growing. It is an antioxidant flavonoid. This means it helps the mind as well as reduce the risk of many diseases.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is good for reducing the effects of estrogen once they have taken place in the body. It reduces their effectiveness one estrogen has been bound to a receptor and in turn allows testosterone to work its magic in the body.

Testosterone Producers

Stinging Nettle

This might come as a surprise but nettles are amongst the better testosterone producing ingredients you can find naturally. It helps testosterone to stop binding with the sex hormone binding globulin. This helps produce free testosterone for your body to use.


This ingredient is popular in curries but also great for your testosterone. Often good for dietary uses and stomach complaints it has a reputation as a superfood.

Many studies have shown Fenugreek to increase muscle strength as well as the libido. This is achieved through its ability to stop enzymes from breaking down testosterone.

Proven Natural Testosterone Booster Ingredients Final Thoughts

Any testosterone booster worth its salt (it might not actually contain salt!) should include a mix of these ingredients amongst others.

That is why we recommend the use of TestoFuel as part of any healthy workout and lifestyle. Not only will this help you to naturally manage a healthy increase in testosterone, the benefits will be clear to see within weeks.

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Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

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Too many companies are producing ineffective and sometimes dangerous testosterone boosters – including ingredients like DHEA and other things to look out for! This is why we compiled a list of the top safe and proven testosterone boosters on the market today…

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