Proven Safe Pre Workout Ingredients


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Best Proven Pre Workout Ingredients

Before your workout you need to give your body something that will help your body to work smart, not hard. And the emphasis should be on a quality mix of the proven pre workout ingredients. There is more to a pre workout supplement than just filling it with caffeine.

There are benefits to a caffeine boost for sure, but it also has negative effects when it comes to workout – you don’t want to start crashing and feeling weak halfway through your routine.

It’s more complicated than just eating a powerbar, you need a complex mix of various ingredients.


Proven Pre Workout Effects to Look For:

Energy Levels

Of course, sometimes you don’t feel like grabbing your bag and lifting serious weights for 1-2 hours. But consuming a quality pre workout stimulant will give you the pick me up required to increase your intensity levels in the gym.

Greater Strength

Another obvious one seemingly. Whether it is prolonged power to push through longer reps or the big hit of strength needed to get through the bigger weights. The connectors between your brain and muscles should be enhanced by high quality ingredients.

Focus Enhancers

Everyone knows that guy in the gym who spends more time on their social media than lifting weights. These help you to achieve your goals by concentrating on exactly what you need to do as well as increasingly your good vibes.


Any pre workout supplement should include the ability to increase blood flow to your muscles. The pump should increase giving you a better overall workout. This should also benefit the appearance of your muscles post workout so the benefits are lasting.


Which proven pre workout ingredients have at least 1 of these benefits?


Yes, like we said, caffeine alone isn’t enough to complement your workout fully. You will need to go beyond but it can be an important part of any pre workout. Not only does it give you more energy but caffeine will speed up your metabolism helping you to burn more calories along the way.

It also helps you to get more out of your cardio. Going for a run can be boosted by a hit of caffeine. This is also the case for shorter bursts of energy as the adrenaline flowing enhances any explosive bursts.

Creatine Monohydrate

Found in many protein heavy food groups such as meat and eggs there are also various other benefits for your body.

Supplements containing creatine increases the amount of water in the muscles that are worked, this makes them appear bigger. On top of this creatine is also great for recovery.

It also gives you a greater endurance, so if you are looking to shred it is a useful element of your overall workout. Most people use it as a means of gaining more power in the gym, this is useful as it also creates greater muscle mass through protein synthesis.

Citrulline Malate

Sourced from watermelons, this is a great source of nutrient that helps your body to fight fatigue. This amino acid is known to many seasoned lifters as an essential pre workout ingredient. Proven to keep your muscle protein synthesis going for longer, the results will be found when you are able to create bigger muscle pumps.

This is all achieved by clearing ammonia by slowing down the decrease in muscle pH as your workout goes on. Fatigue rears its ugly head as the pH in your muscles decreases so anything that can prevent this or slow it down is welcome.

Find a pre workout supplement that has at least 5g preferably more of citrulline malate. Anything less and you will not feel the desired results.

Beetroot Extract

We saved the most surprising ingredient for last. Maybe the least fashionable as well, beetroot extract makes you more efficient in your workout.

Ok, it can’t physically tell you what to do but it can increase the amount of oxygen efficiency aiding endurance and blood flow into the muscles.

The fact that it is a natural product means there are no nasty surprises, all the notable differences are positive and it should be digested ideally 30-40 minutes before your workout.


Which Natural Pre Workout Contains These Proven Ingredients?

So, that’s what you need to know about some of the quality ingredients that can be found in a good pre workout supplement. But how do you decide which one to go for?

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