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Natural Nootropic Ingredients That WORK

Never underestimate the power of the brain. Your cognitive power can be enriched by a list of natural ingredients that are often found in some effective supplements.

The natural ingredients make them safe to use and the extensive research into their benefits make them reliable. If you want to increase your productivity, read on….

Types of Nootropics

If you are looking for natural nootropic ingredients to maximise memory, enhance your focus and reduce stress levels then the following ingredients can help with that. You will find that they make a noticeable difference to your short term memory. As well as your focus whilst also enhancing long term effects as well.

Enriched Memory

A lot of students use these supplements for their studies as they boost their ability to absorb information.

Cognitive Boost

The speed of which you think is enhanced here. there should be a bunch of ingredients in any supplement that aids your thinking ability.

More Focus

Brain fog can be caused by many things, lack of sleep, even too many carbs but a nootropic that has focus enriching abilities will help you focus for longer and enhance your attention span.

Stimulate Nerve Growth

This affects your overall brain power and how it processes things. Cell regeneration is increased through this type of nootropic.

What To Avoid in a Nootropic Supplement?

Any quality nootropic, in fact any supplement worth buying for that matter should not be made from a proprietary blend.

What do you think the main differences are between a quality and sub par product?

In terms of supplements it is the quality of ingredients and what they actually put in there.

Proprietary blends are where the manufacturer simply states what is in each serving or container, but not the quantity of each ingredient.

This is bad for the consumer. Imagine you are buying a product because it contains creatine, but the company hide the small amount they include behind the mask of ‘’proprietary blend’’.

You want to know how much of the stuff you need is in each serving.

There is also the alternative that their product only works because it is high in something that can be dangerous. If you are looking to take caffeine from more than one source for example, you need to know how much is in each supplement.

All good supplements will be open and tell you how much of everything is included.

Top Ingredients in Natural Nootropics


Best for memory, this is one of the most popular natural nootropic ingredients. It stops the creation of acetylcholinesterase (easy for you to say!?) which prevents the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from doing its job. Simply put – Acetylcholine is good for your memory and focus so you want this to be working at its best.

Often shown to improve the memory of the elderly where this becomes a problem. In modern research, it is being used in studies to see if it can fight Alzheimer’s Disease.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

A rare yet very useful mushroom for cell regeneration. It promotes the growth and production of new brain cells so for a healthy overall brain. In short, it is a very effective ingredient.

It is able to stimulate NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) which is a protein that has positive effects for your brain’s neurons. Again thought to have properties good at fighting Alzheimer’s as the brain is unable to produce NGF.

Rhodiola Rosea

Often considered as an important nootropic as it helps to fight stress and fatigue, it is good for improving how alert you are, how much energy you have and your overall mood.

The Russians have used it for hundreds of years and one of its uses is to increase production in the workplace. It is known to boost your concentration for longer periods when it is usually more challenging to focus.


Usually known for being a good overall memory enhancer its uses don’t stop there.

It helps to produce Uridine and Choline. This aids your memory and fights forgetfulness. They also help your brain to build new neurons so anything that produces more of these are great for your supplement.

Bacopa Monnieri

Good for verbal learning it is often considered a good nootropic because it helps you to think clearer and deliver speech more concisely.

Bacopa is good for your overall brain functioning and has a wide range of uses. It helps to fight against memory loss as well as fighting anxiety and stress. Bacopa Monnieri has been used for many years as a way of fighting depression.

Final thoughts on natural nootropic ingredients

So, the above are just some of the most important natural nootropic ingredients that any stack that is worth recommending should contain.

Fortunately we have managed to find stacks that contain these ingredients as well as others that contain nootropic boosting abilities.

We only recommend products that we believe are amongst the best in the industry, so you can trust the products will give you the best chance of enhancing nootropic capabilities

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