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Proven Fat Burner Ingredients That Actually Work!

Fat burners, an essential part of any diet. Whether you are losing weight or looking to make gains, these proven fat burner ingredients are a staple of any serious minded gym enthusiast.

Any supplement worthy of your hard earned cash should contain a mix of these essential ingredients. If you find that they do not or are keeping many of the ingredients contents to themselves, this might be a sign of a poor quality product so be mindful of this!

So, you want to get shredded?

Many of the best ingredients do 1 of 3 things…

Let’s take a look at how proven fat burner ingredients work:

Increases Your Energy Level

Not only should they give you the energy to burn more calories, whether this is through exercise or through your metabolism. Other food types will achieve this as well but stimulants can actually give you energy. But fat burners will give you energy whilst also burning fat at the same time.

Control Appetite

Often high in fibre, these type of fat burners will swell up as they sit in your stomach. They also create the feeling of fullness.

Much like protein fills you up, these fat burners stop the temptation to eat junk food on the side or snacking in between meals. They keep you fuller for longer.

Thermogenics for Weight Loss

Ingredients that do this are basically involved in the metabolic activity that encourages your body to burn calories by producing heat.

This can be brought on by exercise itself but certain foods also encourage your body to enter this state and help to burn fat.

Important Warning

We should point out that many supplement manufacturers will reveal the type of ingredients they use but not the quantities. You might see a whole list of excellent ingredients but beware… the quantity of the less useful ingredients can be a lot higher than the more useful elements to make it cheaper for them to manufacture and profit from.

Always look for a supplement that includes the amount of each ingredient so you can make a more informed decision.

Best Fat Burning Ingredients

A lot of ingredients found in your everyday diet might surprise you as beneficial fat burners.

Here are some of the better ones to look out for and include as part of your plan to get shredded.

Increasing Energy Levels


Seems obvious for sure, it stimulates the body’s nervous system telling the brain that it should break down fat cells as well as giving athletes more energy to perform at a higher rate than usual. Consuming caffeine before a workout in particular works for many people looking for a boost.


Zinc deficiency is often linked with a loss of energy. It helps to rid the body of carbon dioxide during exercise which is when it usually increases in the body.

By increasing the zinc levels you can increase your energy as well as your speed and muscle strength.

Control Appetite

Vitamin D

Lack of Vitamin D is often linked with increasing the chances of obesity. If your body lacks Vitamin D it is often telling you to eat, this is where a lot of snacking can occur. Vitamin D contains the appetite suppressing hormone leptin.

Yerba Mate

This natural ingredient is often found in teas and reduces fatigue as well as suppresses appetite. It is also good for reducing water retention as well as containing enough caffeine to work as a stimulant giving you the ability to burn fat at the same time.


Green Tea

Simple to intake and one of the most effective for your body. Not only does it induce thermogenesis in your body but it also has many other benefits. These include lowering your risk of heart diseases.

Because of the amount of catechins in green tea, your body raises the levels of norepinephrine which is your fat burning hormone.

One of our favorite proven fat burner ingredients.


Often found in spice and peppers this is the element that gives them the heat many people enjoy. Another good source for increasing thermogenic activity in your body.

This is best taken as part of a meal rather than eaten alone to avoid irritating your insides and causing discomfort.

Proven Fat Burner Ingredients Final Thoughts

A great way of ensuring you get a balance of ingredients that have the above properties is by taking a quality supplement.

One that has a good mix of energy boosting, appetite controlling and thermogenic ingredients.

Of course it also needs to be safe and if it can have some quality endorsements, then even better. The best we have seen is used by none other than UFC fighter Diego Sanchez…Instant Knockout fat burner supplement review

We recommend Instant Knockout which does it all. This is a complete mix of everything you need in terms of fat burning ingredients.

Read our full Instant Knockout review here



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