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  • Natural Ingredients
  • Some good nootropic ingredients


  • Way too many ingredients
  • Too many underdosed ingredients
  • Not much company information

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Provasil Review

In our quest to find the best nootropic supplement, we have stumbled across the product today that has led us to our Provasil Review.

This nootropic aims to get the user to improve their memory whilst at the same time enhancing focus.

Its aim is to help the user to stave off the effects of what the older generation might experience more, but what we all go through from time to time. In essence, it’s aim is to help the user to avoid brain fog, lack of focus and forgetfulness.

This is easier said than done though and a good nootropic needs to do all of this, and be safe. This will be down to the ingredients as well as the dosages, too high and there could be side effects. Too low and they will be ineffective.

After an initial look, we can see there are a bunch of decent ingredients here so this should make for an interesting review.

Who Makes Provasil?

The people behind this product are Cognetix Labs and they are actually quite difficult to track down. The Provasil product itself has a website where you can find out about the 60-day money back guarantee and the fact that when you order you can get a free batch of Green Tea.

It seems to be tailored towards an older generation in that they have a lot to say about cognitive decline.

Whilst we couldn’t find a lot of information about Cognetix Labs we can see online that this product comes with a decent reputation amid mixed reviews. The Provasil site was very generic, it feels almost as though we have seen the format before and it looks a little dated in its design for us.

The good news is that they stay away from proprietary blends and we get to have a good look at the ingredients listed.

That brings us onto…

Provasil Ingredients

There are some good ingredients here with many of them worthy of being labeled as top nootropic ingredients. But what about the dosages, and side effects?

Also, one concern here is there are so many ingredients. It will be difficult for Provasil to fit in an optimal amount of all of these surely? We are in the case of finding out.

Vitamin B12

This is great for building the myelin nerve sheaths that protect the nerve cells throughout the brain. Since our levels of this decline with age, it is important to supplement it to help our cognitive capabilities to still function.

It is an important ingredient for many who are worried about the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease and any degenerative brain concern.

The 300 mg of this ingredient is more than enough to give the user its benefits so Provasil is off to a good start to this Provasil review.


An essential component for your brains membranes it helps the cells to communicate and enhances your cognitive function. A good ingredient in a nootropic for sure despite some conflicting research there is enough weight behind the support to suggest it will work for you.

Well, it would work if the dosage was high enough. The 5 mg included here will not be enough to give the desired effect.

Choline Bitartrate

This is a strange inclusion in a nootropic since it has no benefits for cognitive function or health. It has a generous dosage of 150 mg, but we are not sure why since the ingredient itself is a waste of time. So is the dosage.


It certainly has its benefits for your cognitive function and there are many studies out there that prove it is a worthy nootropic ingredient. It is an amino acid that helps to keep your attention focused.

However, the dosage of 100 mg falls well short of the amount required for this to have a positive effect.


Again, another decent inclusion since Ginseng is included in many nootropics and for good reason.

It enhances your cognitive performance and helps to stave off mental fatigue that might set it after your lunch break for example.

It is also thought to elevate your mood and improve the well being of the user. You can see why so many people supplement it on it’s own as well as in a nootropic.

The problem again though is in the dosage, the 30 mg isn’t enough to have a true effect here.


Another great ingredient that has it benefits for your attention. Also your ognition as well as your memory. An all in one all action nootropic ingredient for sure and we often find this in some of the best nootropic supplements.

Its inclusion is definitely warranted due to its qualities, but the 30 mg isn’t high enough to be considered an optimal dosage – we are starting to see a real trend going on.

Vitamin C

So important for optimal health levels this ingredient is essential for the development and health of your brain. It helps to grow and repair tissue throughout the body.

It stops your brain from feeling fatigued as well as increasing blood flow.

The optimal amount of Vitamin C should be around 1-200 mg a day but since you can take up to 2,000 mg a day when ill. The 300 mg included here might actually be a pretty sensible dosage.

Folic Acid

A good ingredient for enhancing your cognitive functioning capabilities. It certainly has its place here in a nootropic. It is an essential ingredient for the synthesis of neurotransmitters

The staple ingredient in this nootropic for a good reason. It is often found in foods such as spinach and beans and supplementing it has been linked to positive effects against dementia.


It helps to keep the user more alert so if you have a problem with concentrating during the day then this is a good ingredient to look for. In terms of mental health, it has shown some positive results in tests and also helps to support neurotransmitters.

It has also been shown to be a great aid for anyone looking to learn something new, so the retention of information is enhanced.

Gingko Leaf

Helps to strengthen your brains long-term memory and is an antioxidant like some of the other ingredients here.

Good for your brains circulation it has multiple uses and the 60 mg is low but could give a small boost.

According to this also enhances the efficacy of Phosphatidylserine in the younger generation.

Provasil Side Effects

This is one reason why this supplement isn’t as bad as some of the competition, it is safe to use. There are only natural ingredients here and even if you were worried about anything in this nootropic. The chances are – they are underdosed anyway.

Provasil Review Pros and Cons

Provasil Review Pros

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Some good nootropic ingredients

Provasil Review Cons

  • Way too many ingredients
  • Too many underdosed ingredients
  • Not much company information

Provasil Review Conclusion

On first impressions, we thought this was going to be right up there with some of the best nootropic supplements around.

In the end, we were really disappointed by the nutrient dosages. The actual ingredients included some of the best around but in the end. You can include the top 10 most effective nootropic ingredients, but if they are all dosed to 1/10th of the minimal optimal dosage then it will be completely ineffective.

That is the annoying thing with Provasil. They have clearly done their research into the ingredients of a good nootropic but failed to include the right dosages. This might be to save money or worse, a lack of knowledge.

What it did have going for it was the fact that it is safe to use as the ingredients are natural. But there doesn’t seem to be much point in trying it.

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