Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review [Should You Be Worried?]


Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster


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  • Ginseng and BioPerine are good ingredients


  • Proprietary blend
  • Suggested serving not ideal
  • Underdosed ingredients

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Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review

Today we have our Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster review. This will show you how it fared when we put it through its paces.

This product seems to sell well on Amazon, but often the people shopping on there can be mislead. Of course, the company is going to talk up its product. What you need to be wary of are the reviews.

These can be manipulated easily.

What you can’t do is fake the ingredients. They are either effective, or they do nothing. We are going to see which side this product is on.

If it is going to have any chance of making it onto our top recommended testosterone boosters list, it needs to give us the following:

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy

Let’s see if they have what it takes.

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review: Who Makes This Testosterone Booster

Prism Naturalsprism-naturals-testosterone-booster

This is a company that is hard to find much information on.

As far as we can see, their other popular product appears to be a beard growth support!

Like we mentioned this is popular on Amazon, but actually finding the company website is a struggle. They make a few promises when promoting this product. Obviously more T is one of them, but they also say increase stamina and even fat loss support.

They’re going a bit general then. 

Made in the USA in FDA approved facilities but we can’t find the company that actually creates this product. On Amazon, you might find a money back guarantees but be wary.

Are Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster supplements the real deal? Time to find out.

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Ingredientsprism-naturals-test-booster-ingredients

Time to see what it is made of. The bad news is that they use a proprietary blend of all ingredients! This means the dosages of every ingredient are not available.

Why does this matter? Well, if the dosages are too low, the ingredient will be ineffective, too high and there could be potential side effects.

The suggested serving is not ideal either. 2 capsules a day does not mean the T boosting benefits will be spread out throughout.

Still, let’s see what goes into each serving.

The blends total is 900 mg. A lot of T boosters will give individual ingredients double this alone. This makes us think it isn’t going to be the most potent, still, we could be proved wrong.


An amino acid that becomes more and more significant for men, the older we get.

It is good for testosterone support. It actually increases the blood flow to the testes increasing their health. As a result of this, the testosterone can get around the body through the blood a lot easier.

It is WebMD that discusses how it converts into nitric oxide in the body. This causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow.

It even aids protein synthesis which in turn helps with testosterone production.

A worthy inclusion but the suggested dosing is around 300 – 600 mg, it is unlikely given the small overall dosage of the blend that L-Arginine is dosed correctly.

Horny Goat Weed

An ingredient that has become popular in various T boosters, but we don’t often see it in the top products.

According to it is a traditional Chinese medicine and a famous aphrodisiac. This is the sort of ingredient that has a place in a T booster.

The same source does go on to say that it has been shown to increase T in research animals (has not been looked at in humans). The problem is although it is always interesting to hear the progress of an ingredient in trials until human research has been done, we can’t get behind it.

The minimum amount you need for it to be effective starts at 200 mg. The problem here is the proprietary blend once again.

Saw Palmetto Berry

This is an ingredient that also lacks human trials.

In fact, it doesn’t have a lot of evidence at all to back it up. It’s one of those that relies heavily on maybes and possibilities.

WebMD suggests that it might prevent testosterone from being converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If this was the case then it would be good as DHT has been linked to baldness.

Still, this isn’t the specific kind of trait we are after. We want libido enhancers and T boosters.

The dosages need to start at 150 mg for any effect to be felt.

Asian Red Ginseng Extract

A good inclusion and one we often see in our top recommended testosterone boosters.

Ginseng is a traditional ingredient that is often linked with helping the body to deal with the effects of stress. This is great since stress is a known killer of T. Anything that can reverse its effects can help to keep T levels high.

Ginseng is also good for decreasing prolactin levels. Since high prolactin is linked to low testosterone, this is another reason to look for products that feature Ginseng.

Like we have already mentioned, we’re not a huge fan of anything other than human trials.

However, there is a notable study that shows how rats with 5% Panax Ginseng in their diet for 60 days have shown significantly increased blood testosterone levels. Sounds good, but like we said ideally, human trials are all we want to see.

It also has potential as a libido enhancer so you can see why we are disappointed not to have the dosage here.

Muira Puama Extract

Some sources advise that this can boost T but there are various alternatives that suggest otherwise.

Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac according to, although they do say that it is lacking in terms of human trials and sexuality trials.

They do advise that it has been shown to be quite effective as a cognitive enhancer.

More likely to feature in a nootropic then?

The recommended dosage though is considered to be 1,200 – 1,500 mg. This is more than the overall proprietary blend so it is underdosed whichever way you look at it.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Another ingredient better suited to a nootropic due to its effects on cognition.  

It is thought to be good for improving memory but what it is doing in a T booster, we are not sure!

Maybe they are trying to be too general in their approach here and include ingredients from all sorts of supplements. They did advertise it as being able to help burn fat as well. We haven’t seen any ingredients that would though. even comments that the brain-boosting effects are not reliable anyway.

A pointless inclusion that is taking up space. We’re not sure how much due to the blend.


A neat inclusion to end the disappointing ingredients.

Derived from black pepper, it doesn’t directly boost testosterone, instead, it enhances the capabilities of the other ingredients.

Bringing out the best in the other nutrients only works if the nutrients are worth boosting. In this case, they aren’t.

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Side Effects

There doesn’t appear to be anything in this product that should concern the user. The ingredients, as a rule, are safe and although there is a proprietary blend, the total isn’t enough for you to worry about individual ingredients.

As always, we recommend that you check the label if you have allergies.

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review Pros and Cons

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review Pros

  • Ginseng and BioPerine are good ingredients

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review Cons

  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary blend
  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Suggested serving not ideal

Prism Naturals Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

There are certainly worse products out there, but this is a long way off the best.

It started badly with a proprietary blend covering all ingredients and the suggested serving not being able to spread out the benefits.

It is also missing some of the better natural T boosters. Where are Vitamin D3/Zinc/D-Aspartic Acid?

There are also unproven and ineffective ingredients. To us, this seems to be an Amazon special – all talk but can’t deliver.

Still, there is hope out there with some far more effective testosterone boosters thankfully.

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