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  • Various useful ingredients
  • Some good dosages


  • DIM has the opposite effect you want it to
  • Missing some essential T boosting ingredients
  • Some ingredients under dosed

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Prime T Testosterone Booster Review

With a real name for itself, this testosterone booster has caught our attention. But how does it stand up to the company’s promises, and is this one of the best testosterone boosters?

We have seen a lot of T-boosters promise the world, but not even deliver half of what they are saying. With so much competition around, it will find it difficult to beat the likes of our top 3 testosterone boosters. But that is the sort of ambition a good supplement should have.

The ingredients here as always are vitally important, with the dosages to back up their inclusion significant as well.

Prime T claims to provide:

  • Enhanced Testosterone Levels
  • Increased Libido
  • Estrogen Balance
  • Boost to Prostate Health

Just by looking at these four benefits, there is something in this product for both the youthful, but also the older generation who are looking at a testosterone booster, not so much for gym related reasons, but for what it can do for their sex drive.

So let’s dive into it…

Prime T Review: Who Makes This T Booster?

The company behind this supplement is RSP Nutrition. A quick look at their website and you can see they have an impressive roster of advocates for their products. From top-level CrossFit coaches, professional pole vaulters and athletes who have featured on the cover on Men’s Health magazine.

Impressive stuff, their about page is pretty generic, so finding out any relevant detail is actually a challenge. You have to go to their contact page to find out they are based in Florida.

Their return policy page is useful and maps out how you can return a product if you need to.

They have an impressive array of products from pre workouts to proteins and even a wide range of accessories from caps, to T-shirts and blender bottles.

Proprietary Blends

It is always pleasing to find a testosterone booster that does not include proprietary blends. When we see them we are tempted to stop the review right there at times.

Proprietary blends are where a company does not disclose the dosage of some of the ingredients. They will tell you the total dosage of the blend, which contains a bunch of individual ingredients.

It is hard to tell if a product is truly effective if the dosages aren’t made clear. They can also be overdosed, this can be dangerous if the ingredient is unsafe in higher levels. This is even the case for caffeine!

Like we said, it is good that Prime T does not include a proprietary blend.

Well done RSP Nutrition!

Prime T Ingredients

Just a quick glance through the ingredients and it is clear that they have a quality product on their hands and the serving size of 4 tablets means your T levels should be maintained throughout the day.

There are one or two ingredients that we aren’t sure about as being used in a T-booster and we will go into that a little later.

So just what is in each serving?

Vitamin D3

Starting strong here, this is an ingredient we like to see featured in any supplement as it features on our list of top Testosterone boosting ingredients.

It’s a good general immune system booster, but for testosterone, it really excels. Our bodies do not get enough Vitamin D3 in the modern age. This is a shame since we can produce it ourselves by exposing our skin to sunlight. This is where our bodies then create D3.

Modern lifestyles mean those who do live in sunnier climates are often working during the day, and many people live in places where there isn’t enough sun for most of the year to get the benefit.

At 3,000 IU, it is slightly lower than what we like to see in terms of doses of Vitamin D3. But not by much.

Arguably the best ingredient in this Prime T review.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another great ingredient, so we like what we are seeing already from this product. This helps your brain to release more of the beneficial hormones for testosterone.

Not only is it a really effective T-booster, but Prime T contains an optimal dosage of 3,200, well over the recommended minimum.


Some dispute its effectiveness, but we have seen enough positive studies to suggest that this is a decent inclusion in a T-booster.

The seed extract is most commonly used in testosterone boosters and is often linked to an increased libido. It also increases the amount of insulin your body releases, good for an increase in muscle mass.

Maca Extract

If you are within the bracket of older users you might appreciate this ingredient’s uses for your libido. Although this is a good benefit, it doesn’t appear to have great uses for your testosterone levels. So if you are looking at this T-booster for reasons linked to the gym, then this isn’t an effective ingredient.

Your testosterone levels drop significantly year on year after the age of 30. This is why so many men within this age range look to T-boosters for enhancing their libido.

Vitamin B12

Great for an increase in energy as well as your metabolism, it is arguably more at home in a fat burner supplement.

However, its uses for a T booster are thought to be linked to the fact that anyone who is deficient in B12 (this is often found to be the case for those who are anemic), also has a low level of testosterone.

The 12 mcg is all you need.


We like it when a supplement includes zinc, as it is often thought that western diets are deficient in Zinc. It has benefits for your prostate health as well as being a good estrogen suppressor.

A good all round testosterone booster and often included in some of the better supplements available. The 12 mg will provide a nice boost.

A great inclusion in this Prime T review.


In our opinion, an unfortunate ingredient. Studies have shown this to prevent your testosterone from turning into estrogen, which would be a good thing, if it was true.

There is more evidence to suggest that it can in fact do the opposite. What you don’t want is your testosterone turning into estrogen. Especially when it comes to doses over 100 mg, and Prime T contains 250 mg.

This falls within the ‘at risk’ bracket, so we see it as an ingredient that has the ability to undo the good work that some of the other ingredients provides.


We see this ingredients in all kinds of supplements, and even under different names. Essentially it is black pepper extract and is often included because of it’s enhancing properties of other ingredients.

That’s right, it’s not directly a good testosterone booster, but the ingredients that are will be even more beneficial die to BioPerine inclusion.

Prime T Review Pros and Cons

Prime T Review Pros

  • Various useful ingredients
  • Some good dosages

Prime T Cons

  • DIM has the opposite effect you want it to
  • Missing some essential T boosting ingredients
  • Some ingredients under dosed

Prime T Side Effects

If you were to compare this to some of the T booster we have seen that contain proprietary blends, or have some suspect ingredients, it is one of the safer options.

DIM is the main concern in our opinion and anything that converts that much needed T into estrogen, is the opposite of what you want. The side effect of increased estrogen can be man boobs - so not what you're looking for really!

Prime T Review Conclusion

Is a lot of good going for Prime T, however there are enough flaws for us to be able to say there are better T boosters on the market.

In terms of safety the side effects are rather minimal. But the effectiveness of some of the ingredients is also let down by the dosages. Compared to one of the top T-boosters TestoFuel (check out our full review of TestoFuel here), which has a lot of the top testosterone boosting ingredients, most of them at prime dosages, Prime T falls short.

If it didn't contain DIM, we would be a lot more tempted to include this in our list of top 3 testosterone boosters. However, only the really elite make it onto the list.

Keep your eyes open for safe, 100% natural T-boosters that have optimal dosages. With so many inferior, and average (why settle?) supplements, only accept the best.


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