Prime Male vs Test Xtreme Testosterone Booster Review


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Prime Male vs Test Xtreme Testosterone Booster Review

Time to get to grips with two reputable T boosters. Our Prime Male vs Test Xtreme testosterone booster review is sure to be a close one.

It takes a lot to impress us, but we know just by a quick look at the label that both that we have two serious T boosters on our hands.

The market is bursting at the seams with them, and not many of them can actually claim to be effective in our opinion. The market is flooded with sub-par products, which is why we are excited about this comparison today.

The fact is, our testosterone levels drop year on year and don’t stop from around the age of 30. This is why so many people are turning to supplements to give themselves a boost and fight back against the effects of time.

Which of these products today can give us the essential traits of a quality testosterone booster that include:

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

So, let’s get to know the people behind these products a little better and get to it.

Prime Male vs Test Xtreme: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?


Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review

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The team behind Prime Male are UK based Propura.

They have built up a loyal following of users with various testimonials backing up its pedigree as a great option, especially for the over 50’s demographic.

Propura ship worldwide and part of their reputation is built on the fact that they only use 100% natural ingredients. They also have a 60-day money back guarantee. This is great because it really gives you a chance to try it.

A lot of supplement companies only offer 30 days which isn’t enough to truly see if a T booster will make the difference you want it to.

Although this is targeted at the over 50’s we see time and again that it stacks up competitively and often better than the competition.

Iron Labs Nutrition

test xtreme testosterone review

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Here we have another UK based company who ship worldwide.

They have been around since 2009 and since then merged with Euro Nutrition back in 2013. This product did use proprietary blends some time ago but thankfully they have updated their ingredients list and label to be more transparent.

Iron Labs Nutrition do have a range of products and sell everything from creatine based supplements to energy and metabolism support.

They do have a simple website, but in terms of product information it is lacking, and the blog hasn’t been updated since 2015!

Prime Male vs Test Xtreme Testosterone Ingredients

Now we can really get into things and see which of these is the better product.

The good thing here is that neither uses proprietary blends so we get to take a close look at all the dosages. With plenty of mutual ingredients, the dosages will be really important.

The serving suggestion from Iron Labs Test Xtreme isn’t ideal. 4 capsules in the morning will give you a good boost initially, but this will wear off over the course of the day. Ideally, you’re looking for a product that gives you a constant top up of T like Prime Male’s suggested serving.

Mutual Ingredients

Vitamin D

One of the best ingredients going for a T booster and it is thought that low levels of this are linked to low testosterone.

Keeping it topped up is important then. Our bodies actually create their own Vitamin D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight, the problem is, many of us are deficient and obviously not getting enough time in the sun!

The 5,000 IU included in Prime Male is an excellent and optimal dosage. The 320 IU in Iron Labs Test Xtreme is unbelievably low! It will need to be 10x higher to have any impact.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another great inclusion from both.

DAA is so good because it stimulates the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more T.

It is also good for sperm support as well as triggering the synthesis of the Human Growth Hormone.

Both recognize the importance of this ingredient by including a decent 1,640 mg (Iron Labs Test Xtreme) and 1,600 mg (Prime Male).


Another good ingredient, this time because it frees up T that you already have,

The problem with a lot of your testosterone is that it is tied up by the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Anything that can make this less effective will really free up testosterone in your body.

Magnesium is good for this and the 380 mg in Iron Labs Test Xtreme is a very good dosage, the 100 mg in Prime Male isn’t as competitive but will do a lot of good still.


Another great inclusion here, this time because our body cannot create more T without it.

On top of this, Zinc stops us from depleting all of our testosterone during intense workouts, saving more to use later.

It is also good for stimulating the luteinizing hormone.

With so many uses it is an important t booster and both products recognize this as Prime Male include 30 mg and Iron Labs Test Xtreme has 25 mg, both good dosages.

Vitamin K

Another great T booster because it helps to protect your testosterone from T killers and important when supplementing Vitamin D3. Also, another good ingredient for stopping SHBG from being so effective, freeing up lots of testosterone

Prime Male have included 45 mcg which won’t do as good a job as the 100 mcg in Iron Labs Test Xtreme.

Vitamin B6

Low levels of B6 are often linked to low testosterone.

The fact that it is effective at unbinding testosterone means it gets another thumbs up. Some very good T boosters so far and this is another evenly matched one in terms of dosages.

8 mg in Iron Labs Test Xtreme, 7.5 mg in Prime Male.

Individual Ingredients

Prime Male

Mucuna Pruriens

The pick of the other ingredients for Prime Male as this is a great ingredient for boosting testosterone.

It is so effective at stimulating the luteinizing hormone (Prime Male really want you to produce more T!) as well as blocking prolactin. This is particularly good because the female hormone can really drive down your T levels if left to thrive.

The 300 mg in Prime Male is yet another optimal amount.

Iron Labs Test Xtreme


A traditional medicine and staple ingredient in many Asian dishes.

It is a famous libido enhancer so it definitely has a place in a T booster. It doesn’t end there though as it is also good for keeping insulin levels stable. This means your T can thrive, if your insulin levels fluctuate, it can really affect testosterone.

The Iron Labs website doesn’t give the dosage for some reason.

Prime Male Vs Iron Labs Test Xtreme Side Effects

Well, this is the good part, there isn’t anything in either T booster that should concern the user. There are no proprietary blends to worry about and none of the dosages are too high.

As always, if you have allergies, please check the label!

Prime Male Vs Iron Labs Test Xtreme Pros and Cons

Prime Male Pros

  • Many top T booster ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Optimal dosages
  • Reputable company

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Pros

  • Some top testosterone booster ingredients
  • Some effective dosages
  • No proprietary blends

Prime Male Cons

  • Only available online
  • Some competitors have higher D-Aspartic Acid

Iron Labs Test Xtreme Cons

  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Vitamin D severely underdosed
  • Suggested serving not ideal

Prime Male vs Test Xtreme Conclusion

Winner: Prime Male

Prime Male reviews conclusion

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Prime Male vs Test Xtreme was a pretty close battle in parts but the clear winner, in the end, was Prime Male.

They just had all of the best ingredients for T boosting and optimal dosages. You can’t forgive Iron Labs Test Xtreme for their pitiful dosage of Vitamin D. Such an important ingredient deserves better and it appears they have just included it to look good.

We credit both products in this Prime Male Vs Test Xtreme review for not using proprietary blends and they are both safe to use.

The other strength of Prime Male is the serving suggestion which worked against Iron Labs.

Prime Male is just one of those products that do everything right so we have no problem recommending them to anyone looking to really boost their T.

To find out more about this excellent testosterone booster, check out their official website…

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