Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT [Which Works Best?]


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Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT

Two famous products today, but which is better for the mature demographic? Our Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT review will help us find the product for the older man.

Since our T levels decline year on year from around the age of 30, it is important to keep it topped up.

Of course, this is even more important for those over the age of 50. You also need a T booster that is a bit kinder on the body but has the specific ingredients that are right for you.

Still, it should still do all the things you would expect a T booster to do. These are even more important and include:

  • Boost your T
  • Suppress Estrogen
  • Increase Energy
  • Enhance Libido
  • Be Safe

This is what we consider the very least a product needs to do.

But which of our products today can deliver this in the most effective way? Time to get to know them a little better.

Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT: Who Makes These T Boosters?

PropuraPrime Male Testosterone Booster Review

Here we have the UK based company behind Prime Male.

They are FDA approved and ship worldwide. Propura has built up a pretty large fanbase of people that enjoy their natural ingredients.

There is also a money back guarantee which we like to see. They are easy to get hold of with customer support and live chat being available for questions.

In terms of endorsements, the Rocky legend Dolph Lundgren is an advocate. He is one of the many people happy to put their name on this product.

Man SportsMan-Sports-Nolvadren-XT

Here is the company that makes Nolvadren XT.

Based in Texas they have a huge 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility which is how they are able to make their numerous products that are sold the world over.

Just some of these include an Amino Coffee Creamer, Beta-alanine (watch out for Paresthesia – a tingling sensation that makes you itch!) and others.

They also have a money back guarantee, which lasts 30 days.

It appears that they are a popular company on with a lot of their products being sold there. We are not a fan of relying on this though as we have seen how easily likes and reviews can be manipulated.

Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT Ingredients

Now for the important part.

We get to take a proper look at the ingredients and dosages thanks to the fact that neither product uses proprietary blends.

The suggested serving is definitely more favorable for Prime Male though. Their serving of one capsule 3-4 times a day really spreads out the T boosting benefits.

Compare this to Nolvadren XT – 2 capsules in the morning only and you can see why. They claim that their product is too potent to take any more than 2 capsules and they even suggest cycling 4 weeks off every 8 weeks of consuming.

The better T boosters are all natural meaning you can take them all year round. Still, let’s see exactly what goes into each product.

Prime Male

Vitamin D3

The sunshine Vitamin is a staple in any T booster for good reason.

Low levels of D3 are often linked to low testosterone and since many of us are deficient, topping it up is important. We actually create our own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. The deficiency means we clearly aren’t getting enough rays.

Linked to better sexual health, it is essential for the older demographic as well.

Such an important ingredient gets the optimal dosage it deserves. A big 5,000 IU in Prime Male will work wonders.

Vitamin K2

A clever inclusion, especially since it works with Vitamin D3.

Taking K2 is important when taking D3 as it can prevent calcification of the arteries. even advise that taking the two together actually increases the effects of both ingredients.

K2 is better absorbed by the body than other K Vitamins which means it will be more effective, as will D3.

The 45 mcg will do a good job.

Vitamin B6

This ingredient shows how Prime Male intends to cover every area of T boosting. This time it is because B6 stimulates androgen receptors. This works with the testes to create more T.

It will even reduce the amount of estrogen there is in the body, By reducing the effectiveness of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, your T will rise. In fact, this unbinds your T, freeing it up so it can be used.

This is how you get your T levels on the up.

7.5 mg is a very good dosage.


You need extra help when it comes to battling SHBG. Magnesium gives you another ingredient that can help to reduce its effectiveness. Freeing up more T once again.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis discovered that men with more magnesium in their blood tend to have higher levels of free T.

More free T is what we are after. The older we get, the harder this is – a good T booster is what we are looking for.

The 100 mg in Prime Male will provide a nice boost.


When you think of a T booster, you often immediately think of Zinc.

Our bodies cannot create more testosterone without it so you can see why it is so popular.

It does have many uses here. Firstly, it stimulates the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone.

Zinc isn’t done yet though. It is also good for ensuring our bodies do not deplete T levels so rapidly during an intense workout.

The 30 mg is a big amount that will really get your testosterone levels boosted. An excellent inclusion from Prime Male.

D-Aspartic Acid

They are reeling out top ingredient after top ingredient here.

DAA is another ingredient known to be good for stimulating the luteinizing hormone, the more of that the better.

Whenever you read about DAA, there is always the mention of studies that have shown it to increase T levels by 50% in under 2 weeks! This is impressive stuff. It is also known to promote Human Growth Hormone levels.

The protein you consume will also be put to good use thanks to this ingredient.

The 1,600 mg is an optimal dosage once again. Although some competitors will use a little more.


A good attribute for any T booster is for it to work against the effects of stress. This is what you get here.

The natural and traditional ingredient is welcome in this product since stress is a known killer of your T.

It will even reduce prolactin levels. Too much prolactin in the body will most likely result in low testosterone levels. 120 mg is a great dosage once again.


Found in Citrus fruits, this ingredient has been shown to be another effective aromatase inhibitor. Lowering estrogen levels is vital for a T booster to really work. Prime Male are giving you plenty of estrogen suppressants which is great.

It is also good for encouraging your body to produce more androgens. This, in turn, will have you producing more T.

An important ingredient that will help anyone looking to increase their testosterone levels.

At 60 mg, this is about what you need to get the above benefits.

Mucuna Pruriens

Included once again to reduce prolactin and estrogen.

This is only a good thing for you, our levels of both of these increase with age. This is why the ingredients have been so carefully selected, to help the older demographic.

It is also thought to be good for reducing cortisol levels in the body. This being linked to stress means that your testosterone will not be as affected. Also thought to be a libido enhancer, these are all the traits we are looking for today.

The 300 mg is a great dosage.

Nettle Root

Finally, a use for the annoying nettle that had us itching as kids.

It is, in fact, an effective T booster and is becoming more and more popular. It is another aromatase inhibitor meaning less T will be turned into estrogen.

The fact that it will stop SHBG from being as effective makes it another very good ingredient for a T booster.

It is also thought that the beta-sitosterol in Stinging Nettle helps to boost testosterone levels.

We’re getting 160 mg which will provide a good boost.


This is the first ingredient that won’t directly boost your T.

Instead, it indirectly boosts them. That’s right, a clever inclusion and one found in various supplements.

This is because it enhances the capabilities of other ingredients – a real team player then!

Derived from black pepper, the 10 mg will give the rest of the ingredients a little extra.


The final ingredient is a decent one. It is thought to reduce estrogen whilst increasing T levels.

It has been found to reduce the effectiveness of SHBG as well as increase free T levels. If you hadn’t realized already, a good T booster should be full of these types of ingredients.

Luckily for us, Prime Male is.

The 5 mg is a great amount once again.

Nolvadren XT

Time to see what this T booster is made of. With only 4 ingredients, they had better be good.


Included as an aromatase inhibitor. We actually make our own in the body but it is sometimes supplemented to reduce estrogen levels.

We already know, less estrogen is what we’re after and state that it has very potent anti-aromatase properties in vitro.

This is an ingredient that does show a lot of promise. Our only issue is the word promise. We want proven ingredients and since there have not been a whole lot of studies using this ingredient, we can’t get overly excited just yet.

Also included to reduce cortisol levels if studies can back this further then it just might be a good ingredient.

The problem is that it hasn’t been scientifically tested on humans as of yet. Because of this, the optimal dosage is also not known.

There are sources that suggest 30 mg is plenty for first-time users. On the other hand, 75 – 200 mg is a popular suggestion.

We’re getting 75 mg from Nolvadren XT.


Often referred to as Diindolylmethane this is created in the body when we consume certain vegetables. Some of these include broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

According to WebMD this ingredient might actually act like estrogen in the body. It does also say that under certain circumstances there is evidence that it might also block estrogen effects.

This is a problem. On one hand, we are looking for ingredients that suppress estrogen so it could be great. On the other hand, it has been shown to increase estrogen levels in some.

The antiestrogen effects are more likely to be found in women. Still, some believe it to be good for men too.

Your body can only absorb a certain amount, beyond this it is thought to be counterproductive.

Nolvadren XT talks about how potent it is, this might work against it here.

It’s hard to vouch for this ingredient but the 200 mg is considered to be a high dosage that might be good.

7-Hydroxy 17-B-Dihydro Dehydroepiandrosterone

More cortisol suppressing ingredients. This is actually part of the specifically named cortisol control mix.

For there to be only 4 ingredients and 3 of them (see the 4th in a second!) influence cortisol they must think everyone is immensely stressed. You would hope for a little more variety maybe.

Ok, cortisol is detrimental to our gains but we now see why this product is often linked to being used by those who are coming off of steroids. These people are often looking for a step-down, a more natural alternative.

Cortisol makes it challenging to burn fat which is why a lot of bodybuilders will like this ingredient. Still, most T boosters will have natural cortisol fighters whilst also getting all the other key traits a T booster needs.

7-Hydroxy 17-B-Dihydro Dehydroepiandrosterone is a metabolite of DHEA. This is a banned substance in many sporting organizations and even in some countries.

Keep this in mind when considering this product. The dosage of 25 mg seems to be a fine one in terms of side effects

7-Hydroxy Dehydroepiandrosterone

Pretty much the same ingredient, more fo a variant of the last. Cortisol is the name of the game once again.

WebMD says that people take it to maintain lean muscle mass. Reading on, they also mention that there is insufficient evidence to back these attributes. More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of this ingredient.

We need to know more in terms of reliable studies before we can get behind a product.

At 25 mg it shouldn’t have any side effects.

Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT Side Effects

The good news is that neither product appears to have any linked side effects.

The only common thing we have heard of is a few people complaining of dry joints when using Nolvadren XT.

Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT Pros and Cons

Prime Male Pros

  • Natural ingredients
  • Only quality ingredients included – no filler
  • No known side effects
  • Money back guarantee
  • Ships worldwide

Nolvadren XT Pros

  • Seems safe
  • Some potentially good ingredients

Prime Male Cons

  • Only available from
  • 4 times a day can be difficult to stick to

Nolvadren XT Cons

  • Missing some of the key natural T boosters
  • Potential joint issues
  • More research needed on some ingredients
  • Cycle means you cannot take all year round
  • Potentially banned ingredients from sporting organizations

Prime Male vs Nolvadren XT Conclusion

Winner: Prime Male

Prime Male reviews conclusion

Read our full Prime Male Review

Buy Prime Male from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Get 1 box free when you order a 3 month supply!)

It wasn’t a close one, in the end, the better product by far is Prime Male.

It just has all of the top T boosting ingredients you would want from a natural supplement. Also, the dosages are spot on and will support and increase the testosterone levels of anyone in the older demographic.

It has everything from T boosters, to estrogen suppressants and libido enhancers. Not to mention the other traits many of the ingredients have as well.

Nolvadren XT is a popular supplement on Amazon but in terms of effective T, we have seen a lot better.

As we have today, with Prime Male the winner.

Buy Prime Male from:

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