Prime Male vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test

prime male vs inner armor anabolic test

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Prime Male vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test

Ah, the heavyweight arena for the battle of the T boosters. It doesn’t get much better for us. Our Prime Male vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test review is the kind that gets us excited right from the off.

Because your testosterone levels decline year on year from around the age of 30, it is important for that you keep it topped up. This is why so many people are turning to testosterone boosters.

The problem, from what we have seen, is that so many companies have jumped on the bandwagon, only to provide sub-par products.

Luckily for you, we are on the case. Shining a spotlight on the bad products and pushing the better ones forward for you to make an informed decision on your supplement of choice.

This has definitely thrown up some awful T boosters but has also enabled us to come across some incredible products too. So, which category will each of these two fall into today?

Firstly, to get on our good side, a T booster needs to give you the following:

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

Get this right and they are halfway there. We’ll get into the ingredients in a second, but let’s get to know the people who make these products a little first.

Prime Male Vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?


Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review

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Here we have the UK based company behind Prime Male.

They have specialized on the demographic who needs the boost the most, the over 50’s.

They ship worldwide and create their products using 100% natural ingredients, which is always reassuring from a safety perspective.

Their 60-day money back guarantee is the right amount of time you need to truly see if a product is effective or not. 30 days isn’t quite enough for some people as this is the time it can take for a difference to really be noticed.

They make their products to GMP standards in FDA approved facilities.

Inner Armor

Prime Male vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test

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The USA based company behind Anabolic Test are Inner Armor.

Clearly, they are one of the worlds biggest companies and their reach extends across all continents.

They have tailored their marketing towards the sports industry which is why they put so much emphasis on their products is free from banned substances.

With such a big company comes a wide range of products, and they do not disappoint in this area. They have everything from pre-workouts to amino supplements so they cover a lot of bases.

We couldn’t find anything in the way of a money back guarantee though.

Prime Male vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test Ingredients

This is where we can really take a good look at these products.

The early signs aren’t great for Inner Armour though…

They use proprietary blends, which means not all of their dosages are revealed. Instead, they have bunched together a handful of ingredients and put them under one new ingredient. Without revealing individual dosages.

Some of the ingredients have been kept out of the blends though so we can still get a good look at it.

The suggested serving is also not ideal. Taking 4 capsules just before bed and nothing else isn’t what we really want to see.

Your T levels will be high throughout the night (if the ingredients are good) but drop during the day. We prefer to see a T booster that can be taken across 3-4 servings.

Onto the ingredients then.

Mutual Ingredients


Up there with the best, our bodies cannot create more T without it.

It doesn’t stop there though, it also stimulates the luteinizing hormone, which communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. There is also the fact that it stops us from depleting our testosterone levels during intense workouts, keeping more in our system for later.

The 15 mg in Inner Armour will do a good job, as will the 30 mg in Prime Male. Possibly the best ingredient in this Prime Male vs Inner Armour review.


Another great inclusion here, Magnesium inhibits the SHBG. Anything that can do this is good news for testosterone as it binds your T rendering it useless. Inhibiting SHBG frees your testosterone so it can be used.

The 90 mg in Inner Armour isn’t ideal, the 100 mg in Prime Male is looking better.

Vitamin B6

One of the top T booster ingredients again.

B6 is great because it suppresses estrogen. Since it is a known killer of testosterone, anything that can keep it at bay is welcome in our eyes.

The 10.5 mg in Inner Armor is a good amount, as is the 7.5 mg in Prime Male.


Another great inclusion from both.

We like this ingredient, not only because it is putting to use an annoying leaf that once made us itch like crazy growing up, but also because it is proven to help your T.

It inhibits SHBG once again, so both products are big on freeing up testosterone, never a bad thing!

The 160 mg in Prime Male will do what you want it to, the proprietary blend that it is part of in Inner Armor Anabolic Test means we have no idea if there is enough for it to be effective or not.

Individual Ingredients

Prime Male

Vitamin D3

One of the best ingredient you can get in a T booster.

We always say to our readers – look out for D3 in a T booster!

Low levels of it are linked to low testosterone so you can see just how important it is. The fact is, many of us are deficient. This is particularly a shame since we actually create our own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

The 5,000 IU in Prime Male is another optimal amount that will seriously raise T levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another great ingredient for boosting testosterone.

DAA is so good because it is another that has multiple uses. It’s another that triggers the luteinizing hormone, but it also increases sperm count.

The 1,600 mg in Prime Male is another great amount.

Inner Armour Anabolic Test


Now you get to see where the difference is between these products.

Looking at the nonmutual ingredients, Prime Male has included the likes of Vitamin D3 and DAA, two of the best testosterone boosting ingredients going, and Inner Armour has Tribulus.

About as big a let down as you could imagine since this ingredient was once thought to be a decent T booster, but this has since been discredited widely.

It is part of a proprietary blend anyway so we have no way of seeing how much there is.

Saw Palmetto

A bit better, not for testosterone since it isn’t thought to be any good for raising T.

It does have potential benefits for prostate health, potentially.

Again though, it is part of a blend which means we have no idea how good it can be.

Prime Male Vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test Side Effects

Well, neither product here has anything you would really want to stay away from. Prime Male uses 100% natural ingredients at optimal dosages so there won’t be a problem there.

Inner Armour uses proprietary blends which would usually be a concern, but there doesn’t seem to be anything bad in it.

Prime Male Vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test Pros and Cons

Prime Male Pros

  • Many top T booster ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Optimal dosages
  • Reputable company

Inner Armour Anabolic Test Pros

  • Some decent T boosters
  • Zinc is an effective dosage

Prime Male Cons

  • Only available online
  • Some competitors have higher D-Aspartic Acid

Inner Armour Anabolic Test Cons

  • Proprietary blends
  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Serving suggestion not ideal
  • Some ingredients underdosed

Prime Male Vs Inner Armour Anabolic Test Conclusion

Winner: Prime Male

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review

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Read our full Prime Male Review

Well, this just goes to show that the bigger companies sometimes get it wrong. It also tells us that a low of people buy products based on a company’s reputation or even the size of the company.

If anyone checked the label here they would realize that there are far more effective T boosters on the market.

They both included some decent ingredients, but only one included an abundance of top T boosters, and that was Prime Male.

There is a lot of filler in Inner Armour which is what let it down, in the end, that and the proprietary blend.

Stick to the most effective ingredients, not just reputation and those gains will skyrocket.

To find out more about this excellent T booster, check out our in-depth Prime Male review.

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