Prime Male Vs BioXgenic High Test – Which is best for the mature man?

prime male vs bioxgenic high test

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Prime Male vs BioXgenic High Test Review

A battle of the T boosters aimed at the mature male in our Prime Male vs BioXgenic High Test article.

This should prove to be a good battle, all testosterone boosters promise a lot of typical boasts on the label, but take a look at the ingredients and it tells a different story.

This is part of what we will be looking at today, there will be no hiding so which of these will be the better product? And can either of them claim to be a truly top supplement?

Our comparison today should be a little different with both of these products being tailored towards the mature male market.

Normally T boosters enhance testosterone levels, increase libido, elevate mood and increase energy. But these type of testosterone boosters can also promote prostate health, provide joint support and more.

This is what makes this interesting, now we can see just what surprises we are in for. But which will be the most effective, it is important that neither neglect the main purpose here – to boost testosterone.

So, let’s get down to it.

Prime Male vs BioXgenic High Test: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?


Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review

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Here we have a UK based company that is behind Prime Male.

They have an experienced team that make their products and they comply with GMP standards making their products in an FDA registered facility,

Their 60-day money back guarantee is one of the more generous that we have seen. It’s always a good sign for us as it inspires trust in the customer. For us, it also feels as though they back their product.

It is endorsed by the legendary Universal Soldier and Rocky IV actor and martial artist Dolph Lundgren.

Another great thing is that they ship worldwide.

Their product here is basically marketed to enhance energy through their all natural ingredient profile.


bioxgenic high test review

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High Test is the T booster from BioXgenics and going by their website they are all about libido and male enhancing products.

The company that makes their products are MD Science Labs who have a lot of experience since they date back to 1999.

They have some interesting products, to say the least, with once capsule called ‘Yummy Cummy’ a stand out for all the wrong reasons!

It’s not the easiest company profile we have written since finding much about them is a challenge. A quick Google search was revealing though. They received a letter of caution from the FDA back in 2014 relating to violations of Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations for Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations of Dietary Supplements.

Not ideal, but it would appear that they must have put it right at some point to still be in business.

Prime Male vs BioXgenic High Test Ingredients

This is where it gets interesting, and we’re off to a bit of a shocker!

Prime Male – everything looks above board but one look at BioXgenic High Test and the wheels have come off immediately.

That’s because they use numerous proprietary blends in Bioxgenic High Test. This prevents us from seeing many of the dosages so even if they were the best ingredients, we couldn’t tell how useful they are.

There are a couple of ingredients they have hidden the dosages of (the two best funnily enough!). Either way, we will take a look at what we can here.

Mutual Ingredients


One of the best testosterone boosters so it’s not a surprise that it features in both of these supplements.

We like it because not only does it reduce prolactin levels (less of that = more room for testosterone), but it also stops your body from depleting T levels so much during intense exercise.

Oh and did we mention, your body cannot produce more T without it!

The 30 mg included in both is a little on the high side – the daily upper tolerance is around 40 mg and we get some from common foods but this is sure to be effective.

Individual Ingredients

Prime Male


More of this in the blood is often linked to more free testosterone in the body.

This and Zinc make it a strong start from Prime Male.

Magnesium is so effective because it stops the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin from tying up all your testosterone, making it useful once more in the body.

It also stops oxidative stress from being so effective which will help with the signs of aging, especially good for a mature male market.

The 100 mg is enough to have an effect.

Vitamin D3

You could almost stop here and have a very good testosterone boosting supplement.

It is one of the most important T boosters out there and it is thought that low levels of this in your body are linked to low testosterone.

We even create D3 ourselves, when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. The problem is, most of us are deficient in Vitamin D3 because we aren’t getting enough rays! That is why it is important to supplement it where you can.

The 5,000 IU of it in Prime Male is an optimal amount that will work wonders for your testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another great ingredient and studies have shown that it takes less than 2 weeks sometimes for it increases your testosterone.

A fast acting ingredient then it releases the luteinizing hormone which signals for your testes to create and release more T into your system.

The 1,600 mg will do a good job of raising your testosterone.

BioXgenic High Test


This is one of those ingredients that have the potential to be good for your T, but the studies won’t go as far as saying it is a top testosterone booster.

What it does appear to do is increase blood flow, this makes it easier for testosterone to get where it needs to be. It might also help your body to make more muscle, which equates to more T.

So, it could be a decent inclusion, as far as the dosage goes we have no idea since it is part of the proprietary blend.


Potentially a stress reducer, this would be good as less stress is better for testosterone levels, especially as we get older.

There isn’t enough evidence to say it conclusively reduces stress, but it is still part of a proprietary blend so we have no idea how effective it is anyway.


The fact that they have included the dosage means they believe it is an effective ingredient.

Well, it is as it boosts your libido and has shown some promise for stimulating the pituitary gland. This makes it one of the better ingredients within this product, but it’s not exactly the ingredient you would expect anyone to show off about.

The 600 mg included in BioXgenic High Test means they believe it will do a job.

Prime Male vs BioXgenic High Test Side Effects

It’s easy to say that Prime Male does not include anything that would make you worry about side effects.

You can pretty much say the same about BioXgenic High Test as the ingredients seem harmless, it is just the proprietary blend that would concern us.

Prime Male Vs BioXgenic High Test Pros and Cons

Prime Male Pros

  • Many top T booster ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Optimal dosages
  • Reputable company

BioXgenic High Test Pros

  • Zinc a good inclusion
  • Some good prostate protecting ingredients

Prime Male Cons

  • Online available online
  • Some competitors have higher D-Aspartic Acid

BioXgenic High Test Cons

  • Proprietary blends
  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Not enough T boosters

Prime Male vs BioXgenic High Test Conclusion

Winner: Prime Male

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review

Buy Prime Male from

Read our full Prime Male Review

Whenever we see proprietary blends we wince, but even the ingredients themselves within BioXgenic High Test were not enough to make this competitive.

Not short on a few good inclusions BioXgenic has some uses, we like the prostate protecting ingredients but the fact is Prime Male just includes so many top testosterone boosters that it is hard to beat.

It has estrogen suppressors, T boosters and energy enhancers making it a great all-rounder. The fact that they use 100% natural and proven ingredients means this is a product that would rank highly on any list of the best testosterone boosters and should not be ignored.

For the mature audience, it is one of the most complete around which is why we have no problem recommending this T booster. Look for Zinc, DAA, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium in your testosterone boosters and you can go wrong.

To find out more about what it can do for your testosterone, read our in-depth Prime Male review.

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