Pre Workout That Works

Pre Workout That Works

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Pre Workout That Works

More of an established industry than a growing fad, but how easy is it to find a Pre Workout that works?

With so many supplements flooding the market it can be difficult to tell if there are any decent pre workout supplements that are actually worth the money these people charge.

The good news is, there are pre-workouts that are worth using. The bad news is there aren’t many of them.

What Are Pre Workouts?

A pre workout is a supplement you take, you guessed it – before you workout. Around 30 minutes before you hit the gym, in fact, depending on the specific guidelines.

Don’t be fooled by the intense slogans and fancy names like Ultra No Holds Barred Super Intense Extreme Next Generation Rage! Dear supplement brands – this makes you look stupid!

A pre-workout that works will be able to give your training an extra boost. It will help you to get through the higher weights and make your workout easier, enhancing your muscle mass and recovery.

That’s all very well, but do pre workouts actually work?

Let’s start by saying there a few things they need to deliver in order to be considered effective. Only our top recommended pre-workouts are actually able to give you the following:

  • An Energised Feeling – With a genuine alert vibe
  • Bigger Muscle Pumps – Getting the all-important visible results
  • Increased Power – More intensity and determination
  • Enhanced motivation – You will actually look forward to getting into the gym

This is only the case with a pre workout that works effectively.

Let’s start with a note on safety…

Proprietary Blends

This is what you don’t want to see from any supplement. Whether it is a pre workout or testosterone booster or nootropic.

Far too many pre workouts contain these, and any that do should be avoided in our opinion. It is when a company bunches a handful of ingredients together into a blend and passes them off as one new ingredient under the blend. The problem here is that the dosage of the entire blend is all that is given, not the individual ingredients.

This makes it difficult for anyone to see how effective an ingredient is, or even how dangerous it is. Too many stimulants such as caffeine are contained in a proprietary blend, and the dosage is not provided. How do you know it isn’t going to give you jitters, headaches and worse? Find this in a supplement and it will be hard to say if you have found a pre workout that works.

More often than not they will dressed up under an unnecessary name like ‘’fat eliminator blend’’ so keep an eye out for this. It is often where they will put some of the best ingredients, and include a minimal amount without you knowing this. All so they can include the ingredient as part of promoting the supplement.

Ingredients To Look Out For In a Pre Workout That Works

A good Pre workout is only as good as the ingredients it uses, this is the case for any supplement. In terms of key ingredients to look out for in a Pre Workout, these are the ones that are more likely to ensure it does what you want it to:


pre workout ingredients, caffeine, caffeina dn pre workouts, best pre workoutYep, a large part of many of the better pre workouts are stimulants such as caffeine. This is a good thing as the burst of energy can get you beyond those upper limits you think have got you beaten.

Caffeine not only increases your energy levels in the gym but also stops you from feeling tired and makes you more alert. The best pre workouts will have an optimal dosage delivering the energy you need without overdoing it.

We should note that with caffeine, everyone’s tolerance is different. Often the best advice is to start small and build your tolerance over time.


Caffeine-related difficulties can be stamped out by a smart pre-workout that includes both caffeine and this ingredient.

L-Theanine has calming effects that compliment the energy boost of caffeine creating an energized, but controlled feel. It is also good because it means the other ingredients can get to work. All this and you are not just relying on caffeine to make a difference in how you perform.

This makes it easier for you to focus and it is not a surprise that L-Theanine has been used over the years to reduce stress. Anything around 100 mg – 200 mg should be enough.

One of the best pre workouts we found that uses both Caffeine and L-Theanine is 4 Gauge. This really is a pre-workout that works.

Beet Extract

To many people, this might sound like a strange ingredient, but the more you read about it the more of the many benefits you realize you need.

It is great for your endurance, making it an ingredient that maintains your peak levels for longer, so when you are feeling invincible in the gym and ready to beat your PB, this will stay with you throughout different exercises.

It encourages your body to be more efficient with the energy it does use up and anywhere between 250 – 500 mg will likely mean you have found a pre-workout that knows what it is doing. You’ll often find this in a pre workout that works.

Creatine Monohydrate

Join a gym to burn fat after ChristmasOften credited with post workout shakes due to its muscle recovery capabilities.

The thing is, it doesn’t actually matter when you take it. A pre-workout that includes creatine will also give your muscles plenty of what it needs for recovery when your muscles need it.

Because your body starts to break down muscle that needs to be recovered from the first rep, it is useful to already have it in your system. It’s not just the added muscle endurance, Creatine is also great for an energy boost, as backed up by many studies.

An optimal amount of Creatine in a Pre-workout varies from 1,000 – 5,000 mg. Just keep on top of the overall amount that you are consuming if you are also using post workout shakes.

Creatine can also be consumed through certain foods such as eggs, meat, and fish among others.

Citrulline Di-Malate

It is often thought as one of the best pre-workout ingredients. This is because it supports top athletic performance and any high-intensity workouts.

This is why it is thought to be great for bigger muscle pumps and enhancing your power in the gym.

It gets rid of ammonia in your system which is thought to be part of why your muscles fatigue, less of this means more energy for your muscles. It even helps to increase the amount of nitric oxide your body produces. This means there is more blood flow to your muscles. This, in turn, improves recovery.

Keep an eye out for pre-workouts that include this, anything around 6,000 mg is enough to do the job, but many supplements fall short on this.

Ingredients to Avoid

Here are some of the ingredients you see far too often in pre-workouts. We say too often because they have some potential side effects you do not want:

Beta-Alanine comments that this ingredient can cause flushing and tingling, otherwise known as paresthesia. This usually occurs on the arms and can be distracting, but not dangerous. Still, something you don’t want to be putting your body through unnecessarily.


This is one ingredient that has been banned from various countries and sporting organizations for good reason. It is has been shown to have some pretty serious potential side effects. These include increased blood pressure and an added risk of heart attack.


Another ingredient that is sometimes found in pre-workouts. Keep an eye out for this one. Although it has been shown to have some decent capabilities, it is also known to cause anxiousness, raised blood pressure, strokes by over-activating the sympathetic nervous system, especially when combined with caffeine.

Luckily for you, none of the tops recommended pre-workouts that we feature include these ingredients. As long as you educate yourself, you know when to stay clear. This will not be in any pre workout that works.

Pre Workout That Works: Ingredients Conclusion

It’s not hard to find a pre-workout that works. Just look for the proven ingredients we have listed above. This will give you a good start on your way to the smooth energy delivery and mega muscle pumps you deserve!

There are products that offer you the safety of natural ingredients and the benefits of properly dosed and effective pre-workout ingredients. Such as 4 Gauge that we mentioned earlier.

The good thing is that there are enough products on the market to ensure that you do not have to settle for an inferior product. And certainly not a dangerous one.

With the pre-workouts being an established market, there is room for some excellent products. And yes, they absolutely do work, when done properly!

This being said, a pre-workout will not replace hard work and is certainly not a quick fix. If you are putting in the work, a good pre-workout will help to take your efforts to the next level and help you to smash your PB.

What Is The Best Pre Workout?

You might be wondering if there is a product on the market that can do all of the above. Or a supplement that contains all of the essential pre workout ingredients at optimal dosages.

The good news is, we have found one!

4 Gauge Pre Workout Supplement, 4 gauge, best pre workout

Buy 4 Gauge from

There isn’t exactly a flood of truly effective pre workouts, although there are plenty of pretenders.

The best we have seen is 4 Gauge. Not only does it have everything you want from a pre workout, but it is also 100% safe due to the natural ingredients and clever dosages.

It is made in the USA and there will be no energy crash thanks to the carefully selected ingredients profile. With no artificial sweeteners, we encourage our readers to try it as there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

No other product we have seen is able to deliver on all of their promises quite like 4 Gauge so if you are looking to use pre workouts, check out our in depth 4 Gauge review to find out more about the best and safest option out there for a pre workout that actually works.

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Read our full 4 Gauge Review

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