POWHER Sleep review – Will this Sleep Support For Women Help?

Powher sleep review

POWHER Sleep Support For Women




  • A lot of the top ingredients for a sleep aid for women
  • No proprietary blends
  • Optimal dosages
  • Reputable company
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • Only available online

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POWHER Sleep Review

Some people aren’t even able to toss and turn in the night, such is their sorry state of affairs when it comes to sleep. Our Powher Sleep review looks at a potential remedy. This is important since many people in this situation will say they have tried everything. However, some people swear by the effectiveness of the product we are looking at today.

We’ve been hearing about the benefits of a true sleep aid. This is why we’ve had to take a closer look and write this POWHER Sleep review. If it can live up to its promises, it just might be the most important purchase a lot of people will make this year.

This is one of the rare sleep products for women so we’re excited about looking at the ingredients in greater detail. Statistics show that around a third of the people in the USA are not getting sufficient sleep. This puts anyone in the bracket at risk of illness, including an increased risk of heart disease.

When the day has been hard you want to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Not only does this recharge your body’s energy but if you have an active lifestyle, it is vital for recovery. If POWHER Sleep is going to be a product we recommend, it has to be capable of the following:

  • Helping you get to sleep faster
  • Promoting a deep sleep
  • Extend deep sleep phases
  • Aid normal physiological functions
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Whether you’ll be rubbing the sleep out of your eyes the morning after using this sleep aid will come down to the effectiveness of the ingredients and the dosages. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the company behind the this sleep support for women.

POWHER Sleep Support For Women: Who Makes This Product?

Who Makes Leanbean - Review of Ultimate Life

We’ve reviewed many of Ultimate Life’s products in the past and we’ve always found them to be a reputable company with what their numerous customers are saying about them. We’ve never managed to dig any dirt on them which is a positive thing we can’t say about every supplement company.

They ship directly from the USA and UK making it easy for their products to get to North America and Europe. Their products are made to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines in an FDA-approved facility. According to their website, you get a tracking number within 48-hours of ordering so you can keep an eye on the package. 

None of this matters without a money-back guarantee. Thankfully they do have one. A generous one at that because most companies don’t provide 90-days for you to see if a product is right for you. 

Another impressive thing we’ve noticed is that Powher products are discounted when bought in bulk. Their power packs include either a free tub or a heavily discounted one so you can save a bit of money when stocking up.

This is only going to be worth it if the product is good. We’ve reviewed the POWHER Fat Burner and POWHER Pre Workout supplement and found them to be among the most impressive supplements for women. Let’s take a closer look at their sleep aid to see if it lives up to the reputation. 

POWHER Sleep Ingredients

Powher sleep ingredients

One glance at the Powher Sleep label and we were relieved to see that they have not used a proprietary blend for their ingredients. 

This is where a company bundles several ingredients together into a blend but only gives the total dosage of the combined ingredients. When this happens it can be hard to determine if a supplement is safe or not. Thankfully, Powher Sleep is open with what their product is made of.

We can see the ingredients are all safe for consumption and there are some of the perfect ingredients for supporting healthy sleep.
The dosage directions are simple. Powher advises that you take 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed. Time to see if the dosages are going to be optimal for a good night’s sleep and if this one of the best sleep support products for women.


This is an ingredient we get to see a lot of since it has a place in both testosterone boosters and fat burners. So, what is it that makes it useful in a sleep ad?

The good news is that the benefits are two-fold. Magnesium is good for helping the body fall asleep and stay asleep.

It has a calming effect on the nervous system and encourages the muscles to relax. It doesn’t matter if you have been working hard in the gym or relaxing on the sofa, this is an important part of helping your body to rest at night.

Magnesium also has links to reducing stress so if you have been worried about what has been going on at the office or something else is causing you to worry, it is a good ingredient to take before bed.

Not only have studies shown how Magnesium has had a positive influence on the quality of our sleep, but also the length.

Examine.com advises that Magnesium is the second most common deficiency in developed countries (after Vitamin D). They go on to say that it can also help to improve sleep quality.

Because of all the above, maintaining our Magnesium levels is important for a good night’s sleep. Because it helps you to fall asleep faster, Powher Sleep has ticked one of the important boxes that we look for already.

You can get a good amount of Magnesium in leafy veg but not everyone wants to chew on a handful of the green stuff before they sleep.

The 100 mg included in Powher Sleep is an optimal dosage and one that will be well tolerated. 


Most people find that if they don’t fall asleep within a certain period, it feels like it is impossible to do so. Not being able to relax your thoughts before bed can be a real sleep depriver. 

This is why we like to see L-Tryptophan in sleep support for women supplements. Taking it can help to promote a lengthy sleep.

When taken, L-Tryptophan converts into 5-HTP and then into Serotonin. This is a well-known chemical for relaxation and is important for a good night’s rest. Again, this is an ingredient that is linked to stress as it helps to break down stressors that are linked to poor sleep. 

The body cannot create it alone so for this amino acid to work it’s magic, you need to consume the right foods. Alternatively, supplement it in the right quantities. 

At 250 mg, Powher Sleep has included enough for you to gain a peaceful nights’ rest with optimal sleep cycles.

nootorpic, mental health, sleep


A hormone that works to increase the amount of time you sleep as well as it’s efficiency, ensuring you get a better night’s sleep.

When in the dark, our bodies release Melatonin so you want more in your system. Studies have shown that it sedates the body to help us fall asleep. The idea is that the more we have in our system, the faster we can fall asleep.

So far, all the ingredients have impressed. With this and Melatonin, in particular, is great for when you have been exposed to the bright lights of phones later in the day. 

An optimal dosage for sleep is usually around 0.5 mg  – 1 mg and you are getting the upper end here from Powher Sleep. With 1 mg they haven’t scrimped on the dosage and given you an effective amount. 

Because it is from a quality source it won’t leave you with brain fog like some of the cheaper brands, only a peaceful slumber.

WebMD advise that Melatonin, when taken by mouth appears to reduce the length of time needed to fall asleep in young adults who have trouble falling asleep.


If you have experienced difficulty with falling asleep for a while then the chances are, you’ve tried Chamomile in some form, usually by drinking herbal tea before you sleep.

The problem is, you might not be getting such an effective amount. Known for its relaxing properties, Chamomile has been used in traditional medicines as a sleep aid and has links to reducing blood sugar levels. 

The active ingredient in Chamomile is apigenin which according to Examine.com has anxiety-reducing effects in tea form. Also, in higher doses could act like as a sedative.

It works by binding to brain receptors which in turn causes it to relax. This is what can turn a stressful mind into a sleeping one. The dosage of 350 mg is certainly on the effective side, making it another optimal amount from Powher Sleep.

Even the smell of Chamomile has sleep-inducing properties for some people such is the association it has with a relaxing night’s sleep.

Buy POWHER Sleep from: www.powherofficial.com

POWHER Sleep Side Effects

The good news is that there are going to be no side effects when using POWHER Sleep.

Although the dosages are powerful enough to send you into a peace-filled rest, they are effective rather than determinantal in any way. Because they have not used proprietary blends, it makes it a lot easier to confirm all the benefits from the dosages and ingredients rather than condemn the company.

Everything in this product is there on merit. Perfect as there are no signs of stimulants that can disturb sleep patterns or cause you to struggle to get to sleep.

The best thing about this product is that it will help you to have a lengthy nights sleep, but not one that causes you to feel groggy when you wake. The sedative effect is natural, and the ingredients are safe to consume, so if you’re worried about taking sleeping pills or sleeping drugs – POWHER is a natural alternative well worth trying!

Buy POWHER Sleep from: www.powherofficial.com

POWHER Sleep Review Pros and Cons

POWHER Sleep Pros

  • All effective sleep aids
  • Female friendly formula
  • Money back guarantee
  • Reputable company
  • No side effects
  • No proprietary blends

POWHER Sleep Cons

Buy POWHER Sleep from: www.powherofficial.com

POWHER Sleep Review Conclusion

Powher sleep review

Buy POWHER Sleep from: www.powherofficial.com

With 4 simple ingredients, a lot of people might be forgiven for having apprehensions about the effectiveness of Powher Sleep but it is clear that it has all it needs.

There is everything to help the user fall asleep naturally and peacefully. Also, ingredients to help them stay in a deep slumber for the night without waking and feeling groggy.

It is good to see sleep support for women to take such an approach. With dosages that are ideal for the female form. All the ingredients are back by stringent research that can help you to fall asleep and wake up with an improved mood. 

Because the ingredients are designed to keep you in a deep sleep, you are less likely to wake in the middle of the night, ensuring you get quality rest.

This is why we have no problem recommending Powher Sleep for women. If it doesn’t work for you, remember your purchase is protected by the 90-day money-back guarantee.

Buy POWHER Sleep from: www.powherofficial.com


Is POWHER Sleep Safe To Use?


Side effects can come as a result of an adverse reaction to a supplement. But there is nothing in this product that is untoward or known for causing side effects. The safe ingredients are all dosed well so they should be well tolerated by all.

Does POWHER Sleep Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes it does. 

The company behind POWHER Sleep, Ultimate Life includes a 90-day money-back guarantee when you purchase this product.

Here at Clean Lean Machine, we rarely recommend a product if it doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee and 90-days is among the most generous you will find.

Where Can I Buy POWHER Sleep?

Although it is only available online, POWHER Sleep ships from both the USA and the UK so it doesn’t matter where you are based, it can reach you fast. Once you have ordered you will receive a tracking number within 48 hours.

Buy POWHER Sleep from: www.powherofficial.com

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