POWHER Fat Burner Review – A New Top Fat Burner For Women?

Powher fat burner review

POWHER Fat Burner For Women

$54.99 / £45



  • A lot of the top ingredients for a fat burner
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • No proprietary blends
  • Great dosages
  • Reliable company


  • Have to take it 3 times a day

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POWHER Fat Burner Review

We all need a little help burning those stubborn pounds during a workout and although there is no substitute for hard work, there are products that make the process easier. Today we’re looking at a new product to hit the market as it has been making some noise in a lot of circles. Our POWHER Fat Burner review will determine whether the rumors are true, and this is a female fat burner to be reckoned with.

For us to give it our seal of approval, it needs to be able to live up to our expectations. As a starting point, a quality female fat burner needs to do the following:

  • Burn Fat Safely and Effectively
  • Increase Energy
  • Suppress Appetite
  • No Side Effects

This doesn’t seem like too much to ask so let’s take a closer look to see what Powher Fat Burner has in store for us.

POWHER Fat Burner: Who Makes This Product?

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This is the UK based company behind this product that has a growing reputation for making quality supplements. They have a stringent manufacturing process that is in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and use an FDA approved facility to make their supplements. 

These might seem like the basics, but not every supplement company can say this. They ship directly from both the USA and the UK so it doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to take long for you to receive your order. 

Their website says you’ll get a tracking number within 48 hours of purchasing so you can keep an eye on its progress. 

When you purchase one of their products you get their 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if the results aren’t for you, your purchase is protected. This is something we like to see as it builds trust, especially important for an emerging brand like Powher.

It’s good to see that they discount their products when you buy them in bulk. When you buy one of their ‘power packs’ you either get a free tub, or a heavily discounted one so check those out if you want to save a bit of money. 

We’ve looked, and can’t find any controversy regarding their brand which is always a good thing. Time to get on with the Powher Fat Burner review and check on the ingredients.

POWHER Fat Burner Ingredients

Now we move onto the all-important label and see what each tub of POWHER Fat Burner has to offer. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, a fat burner should have the right ingredients to support your healthy lifestyle and an initial glance proves that this product is worth looking at.

There are no proprietary blends for a start. This is great as it means all the ingredients and dosages are laid out in plain sight. Nothing hidden, nothing untoward.

There are plenty of metabolism boosters in this formula which is good as it means you’ll be burning fat even when you’re out of the gym. 

The dosage information is straightforward – take 2 capsules with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You get 30 servings per container so there is plenty to keep you burning fat. Let’s take a look at the ingredients to see if it can live up to its reputation.


This isn’t the most common ingredient for a fat burner but one that we are starting to see more often. There are certainly benefits including its use as a muscle relaxant. But it might also work to reduce the negative effects of stimulants. 

Since most fat burners tend to include the likes of Caffeine, we can see what they are getting at by including Magnesium in their formula. Some studies have shown that it can turn food into energy, using it instead of holding onto it whilst others link it to regulating blood sugar.

According to WebMD foods high in fiber tend to be high in Magnesium.


With its links to thyroid health, you will find it in high doses in the likes of Brazil Nuts. An underactive thyroid is linked to weight gain so it is good to see it put to use in Powher Fat Burner.

A lot of people like it for its anti-inflammatory properties and Selenium is also good for regulating your hormones. This means your body runs the way it should.

Another fat burning benefit is that it helps to increase your body’s metabolism which is exactly the sort of trait we are looking for here. 


This is arguably the best ingredient so far and an ingredient we always like to see in a fat burner. It works by improving insulin resistance and regulating blood glucose for a start. This is part of how it helps you to stay away from carbs when your body doesn’t need them.

Some studies have linked it to controlling appetite, working to communicate with the brain to make sure you are less tempted by the snack machine on your way out of work.

Some people will argue that you find it in foods such as meat, cheese, and beer but when supplementing it, Chromium can really contribute towards fat loss.

The dosage of 120 mg is a perfect amount in a female fat burner. It’s one of the best ingredients in the whole POWHER Fat Burner review.


Iron is one of those ingredients that a lot of people are low on, making it a common deficiency in the developed world. 

A lot of people point to its anti-fatigue properties but iron in a fat burner works by transferring oxygen to your cells, including the muscles. This is great for burning fat when you have been at the gym. 

Iron also has links to increased alertness.

Konjac Root

Don’t be surprised when you find Konjac Root in a fat burner, it is a common ingredient in some of the best supplements we have seen. Also known as glucomannan, it is an effective appetite suppressant.

It swells in the stomach, absorbing water to help the user resist the urge to snack on carbs between meals. 

A dietary fiber, it is the sort of ingredient you need if you put on fat between workouts after working so hard to get rid of it in the first place.

WebMD says it might also slow the absorption of sugar which could help reduce cholesterol levels.

Konjac Root is the sort of ingredient we like to see in female fat burners and in the dosage of 3,000 mg, you’re getting plenty of it.


Choline works by helping the body to break down fat before using it for energy. This gives you twice the benefits of more energy and burning fat. 

Anything that gets your metabolism moving and supports healthy energy levels is always going to be welcomed in this sort of product but it might also provide cognitive benefits.

According to Examine.com it is found in large quantities in egg and turns into acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter.

The dosage of 90 mg is enough for most people to get the benefits.

Natural Caffeine (From Coffee Arabica) 

A natural caffeine hit is great for your metabolism but there is also a load of other benefits. 

Any get fit regime that requires you to restrict or monitor your calorie intake might benefit from a little energy boost. When you’re in the gym and the fuel supply is a little low, this is the sort of ingredient that can help you push through.

It is derived from Green Coffee Beans which are basically coffee beans before the color has been removed via roasting. This is also what maintains its levels of chlorogenic acid. It is this that prevents the body from absorbing fat at the same level as usual and also helps to control blood sugar levels.

According to WebMD, some studies link it to weight loss over a period of 8 to 12 weeks. This is compared to another group taking a Placebo.

The one thing that we all need to do is make sure our Caffeine intake isn’t out of control. Because there is 100 mg in POWHER Fat Burner, you’re only going to get the benefits.

So, the ingredients are all above board and there are some highly effective dosages. It’s clearly going to make a great addition to a fat burning routine for women.

POWHER Fat Burner Side Effects

The good news is that there are no proprietary blends as this would have made it difficult to get on board with such a product. We can see all the ingredients for what they are – effective fat burners and more than that, the dosages are going to be well tolerated.

As long as the user keeps an eye on her Caffeine intake – not taking too much so the effects are always positive. This is going to make a big difference to anyone looking for a boost.

Combined with the caffeine kick are plenty of metabolism boosters so it is safe to say that you will be burning fat even when you’re out of the gym.

Because of all this, we can say that you shouldn’t experience any side effects when using this product. 

Anyone asking how long it will take to work should consider the fact that everyone is different. A lot will depend on where you are starting from, your weight, diet, exercise routine, and a lot of other factors. 

It’s always a good idea to take a close look at your calorie intake to make sure any deficit you have planned is safe and if you have any questions or reservations, consult a professional medical expert before you make any big changes to your diet.

That way, you can ensure that whatever you take is safe for you.

Buy Powher Fat Burner from: www.powherofficial.com

Powher Fat Burner Pros and Cons

POWHER Fat Burner Pros

  • A lot of the top ingredients for a fat burner
  • Female friendly formula
  • Reputable company
  • No side effects
  • No proprietary blends
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Great dosages

POWHER Fat Burner Cons

Buy Powher Fat Burner from: www.powherofficial.com

POWHER Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Powher fat burner

Buy Powher Fat Burner from: www.powherofficial.com

With so many effective ingredients, it is good to see another quality female fat burner take a step into the mainstream.

Although a lot of people are talking about POWHER Fat Burner, the brand is still relatively new but is being shifted in large quantities for a reason. Now we can see why.

The company behind the product has an excellent reputation. Also, the 30 servings per container are generous so you’re going to have a good supply for burning fat both inside and outside the gym.

You don’t always see companies including such effective dosages and in the likes of the 3,000 mg of Konjac Root and 18 mg of Iron, there is plenty to like about this product.

The Caffeine content is sensible although we get the feeling it is going to give most people a real pick me up when they need it.

After taking a closer look at this supplement, we’re happy with what we see which is why we have no problem recommending Powher Fat Burner as a product.

Even if it isn’t for you, the 90-day money-back guarantee ensures your purchase is risk-free, so there’s no reason to wait. 

Buy POWHER Fat Burner from: www.powherofficial.com

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