POG Cuts FTS Review – Physique of Greatness or Not?




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  • Some decent ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Potential side effects
  • Suggested serving not ideal
  • A lot of ineffective ingredients

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POG Cuts FTS Review – Physique of Greatness or Not?

We’re used to bold claims about what a supplement can do for you, but the name Physique Of Greatness is a big claim in itself. Our POG Cuts FTS review should be an interesting one based on that alone!

It’s the sort of name that gets your attention, so now they have ours, what are we going to make of it? Well, it has to do everything right to make it onto our top recommended fat burners list, that’s for sure.

A good fat burner should give you the following:

  • Effective fat burning
  • Appetite suppression
  • Safety
  • Increased energy

So, we’ve laid out what we expect from them. We are looking for a physique of greatness here, so can this fat burner help us to get just that? Time to see what it has to offer.

POG Cuts FTS Review: Who Makes This Fat Burner?

Physique Of GreatnessPOG Cuts FTS Review - Physique of Greatness

This is the brainchild of Chris Jones, a Youtuber basically who has a passion for fitness. This is a great way of marketing a product but it has really grown from there.

The company does have the sound beginnings of industry experts in some ways but sometimes when you know a lot about the industry and have been studying it for years, this can translate into a good product.

POG has a range of natural supplements and although there is only a handful of products in the range, we commend them for using natural ingredients.

The guy himself has a lot of flack online with many posts asking whether he is on Steroids. Until you see evidence of this, don’t go along with the hysteria – it’s usually people trying to find a headline out of nothing.

They’re certainly not the easiest company to find information about but they seem to be legit as most others in the industry.

POG Cuts FTS Review of IngredientsPOG Cuts FTS review of ingredients

This is where we can get to know this product a lot better.

The good sign initially is that they do not use proprietary blends. This is a big win for any company making a supplement in our eyes. We prefer it when we can see all the dosages so we can see how good an ingredient is.

The suggested serving is taking just 2 capsules a day. For us, this isn’t the optimal amount. We prefer it when a fat burner can be taken 3-4 times a day so the fat burning effects can be felt throughout.

Green Tea

A great start and an ingredient seen in many of our top recommended fat burners for a good reason.

It’s a proven thermogenic. This is where your body is heated up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down. This is the sort of ingredient you expect from a decent fat burner.

It doesn’t end there though, Green Tea is great for enhancing the fat burning benefits of exercise. So, this ingredient will help you to burn the fat you have in different ways.

The 250 mg isn’t the most generous amount in the world but it will still help.

Guarana Extract

This is a bit of an energy boost here, this is good for a fat burner and this is a version found in energy drinks from time to time.

It can even help to boost metabolism so it works in a similar way to caffeine in that it gets the heart rate going and burning fat.

According to WebMD there isn’t good evidence to support its benefit as a fat burner or to improve athletic performance. It also goes on to say that supplementing it long term can lead to side effects.

The common side effects include anxiety, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat to name a few.

Caffeine Anhydrous

A good inclusion and in many people’s eyes one of the best forms of caffeine.

Because it is powder based it is easily absorbed in the body and as a result, it gets to work fast. The energy increase will be much needed if you intend to take a fat burner alongside a diet that includes fewer calories than usual.

It will get your metabolism going so it will help to burn fat along the way.


A common ingredient in fat burners, but not always the most useful in terms of burning fat.

That’s not why this here though, it is thought to have a calming effect hence why it is often found in a Nootropic supplement but here it is probably to counter the effects of caffeine.

By reducing the strength it is thought to give you a bit of balance.

It might also help you to focus but that isn’t what we’re necessarily after here.

White Willow Bark

A herb that really doesn’t do anything in terms of fat burning. There are studies to show that it can help to increase the benefits of other ingredients when supplemented alongside them but black pepper extract is a more effective ingredient for this. Luckily this product contains 5 mg of that as well.

It works a bit like an aspirin in that it can alleviate pain so not sure why it is here.

7-Keto DHEA

One of those ingredients that need some more evidence to back it up. Sometimes people go with potential and if enough people start to do this it is considered to be a great ingredient.

This is still at the stage where there aren’t enough human studies that truly show it will work.


A bit of controversy surrounds this ingredient, mainly because it mimics the effects of ephedrine, an illegal fat burner. This would usually raise some loud alarm bells for us but since there are mixed studies it has since been played down.

Still, not the most effective ingredient once again.


Sure, this is included in a few fat burners because it can help with appetite suppression. Our argument here would be – why not include a proven ingredient that does not have potential side effects?

That’s right, Yohimbine has been linked to anxiety according to examine.com. There are also reports of it causing nausea and hypertension as well.

For us, it is just one of those ingredients we try to avoid.

POG Cuts FTS Side Effects

There are a few sketchy ingredients here.

Maybe we are being unfair on some but if we don’t like the sound of something we say it.

One thing we know is that Yohimbine, in particular, is an ingredient that can cause side effects and although we just covered it above, these include anxiety, nausea, and hypertension.

POG Cuts FTS Review Pros and Con


  • Some decent ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Potential side effects
  • Suggested serving not ideal
  • A lot of ineffective ingredients

POG Cuts FTS Review Conclusion

Sure we have seen a lot worse but this is definitely not a fat burner that is going to get you shredded anytime soon.

Forget the fact that it can cause side effects for a second, the primary use of a fat burner is to help get you into shape which going by the ingredients here, isn’t going to happen.

There aren’t enough appetite suppressants like Glucomannan and Cayenne Pepper. Nor is there enough thermogenic ingredients like you find in Top Recommended Fat Burners. We do like the fact that it includes Green Tea, but even then there isn’t a lot of it.

It will help to raise your energy levels, there is enough Caffeine here to get your metabolism going as well as help to make a difference in the gym.

The suggested serving means the ingredients that are worthy of a fat burner, aren’t going to be working around the clock.

Then, you can’t ignore the potential side effects. The good news is you don’t have to settle for less, there are far more effective products on the market that can really get you to burn fat, but also be completely safe.

This POG Cuts FTS review might be of a product called Physique of Greatness, but if that’s what you are after, look to one of our top recommended fat burners that are safe and effective…

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