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Test Freak


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  • Good for boosting T-levels
  • DHT does not suffer at the hands of Fenugreek thanks to the supporting formula included
  • Will decrease estrogen levels
  • Other benefits include support for libido, healthy prostate and more


  • Some of the ingredients aren't as effective as competitors
  • Use of proprietary blends
  • Missing some of the other important T-boosting ingredients that competitors include

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Test Freak Review

With its stand out from the crowd yellow packaging, the question we’re asking – is this Test Freak review going to give us a product that is as good as it looks?

First impressions are good and after further inspection we like what we see. It has everything you would expect from a stack.

With the great testosterone boosting ingredients you find in all the good supplements included here. We will talk you through just why it is one of the best around.

Tell me more about Test Freak…Test Freak Pharma Freak T-Booster Supplement Review

  • PharmaFreak are the people behind it
  • 100% natural
  • Enhancer ingredients included to make it more effective
  • Great for bodybuilding

Test Freak Ingredients

The first thing we notice here is a proprietary blend – something we are not a fan of as we prefer to know all the dosages, why wouldn’t you!

Vitamin B6

Often found in the better testosterone boosters it is shown to help maintain healthy levels of T in your body. It helps your body to produce androgen which will cause your testosterone levels to rise.

Studies show that in larger quantities it is also good at helping your brain to regulate levels of estrogen. Good news for your T.


This really does scream testosterone and a lot of men don’t get enough of the stuff as it seriously boosts testosterone levels.

This mineral is essential in every diet and imperative for not only your T-levels but for your immune system.

It helps your body to break down food as well as aiding the enzymes that build proteins. It is lost through sweating so it is important that athletes in particular increase their intake through supplements. Especially if they are not getting enough in their diet.


In this testosterone booster, Test Freak have included the Magnesium Citrate form. With many studies around to back up the evidence that this is an essential element of any T-strengthening supplement.

Whether you are working out or just need a boost of testosterone in your everyday life Magnesium has been proven to increase free and total testosterone levels. The highest increase is found in men who are using magnesium supplementation with a workout regime.


An extract of the herb Fenugreek this has been the source of some controversy in some corners. The evidence of its effectiveness at boosting testosterone levels is often coming under scrutiny.

The studies that have been undertaken have shown Testofen to support the muscle mass increase when taken as well as helping to promote fat loss in the body.

Other studies have shown Fenugreek has other benefits too. Including the ability to help absorb creatine.


Based on old evidence it has gone out of fashion.

Sure, trends change all the time, but to inlcude this with modern research is a shame.

Many testosterone based supplements are also good for libido and sexual aids and Tribulus is certainly that. It is a herb based ingredient and is known to help deal with erectile dysfunction and even increasing sexual desire.

It isn’t one of the main testosterone focused boosters so in terms of muscle mass this isn’t as effective but it is often used to help with athletic performance in general.

Possibly the worst ingredient in the whole Test Freak review.


This is Pharma Freak’s own fenugreek proprietary version. We aren’t often keen on proprietary blends because it means you aren’t sure if you are getting sufficient quantities.

It is good for natural testosterone production and has been created to give your body more saponins which boosts your overall levels of testosterone.

It would just be nice to know how much of it there is.

Stinging Nettle Extract

Found in many of the better testosterone boosters because it suppresses SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which is known to have negative effects on your T-levels. This is a good inclusion based on this but human studies relating to Stinging Nettle Extract and boosting testosterone do not point to a massive increase in T-levels.

It has been proven to help with prostate health which is good if you are in the age band where this is a real benefit.

Saw Palmetto Extract

There have been many studies into this and it is no surprise it has been found in testosterone boosters for some time since it has been shown to boost testosterone levels.

There’s a catch though it has been shown to do this at the expense of DHT, a more potent androgen. Test Freak have countered any negative effects here by including a DHT supporting blend to maximise its impact with minimal negative effects.


That drink that some people have in the evening due to its illness fighting properties camomile is where you will find Apigenin.

It is included because it stops the body from converting Testosterone into estrogen, a particular problem for men 30 and over. There is however minimal evidence to support this.


Ever eaten an orange peel? Well if you have then the chemical Hesperidin can be found in there.

It is good for stopping testosterone from being converted into estrogen. Thankfully for you, this is a way of getting it into your body without having to eat it!


Although it is found in grapes we wouldn’t recommend that you try and get your fill through a glass of wine.

It is better known for it’s anti-aging capabilities. But in higher levels it has been shown to raise T levels as well as cardiac function. Therefore it is also good for your endurance in the gym.

How to Take Test Freak T-Booster

The recommendation is to take 4 capsules every day before you go to bed. It must be either 30 minutes or more after your last meal but preferably on an empty stomach.

It is also advisable to take it for 8 weeks continuously as well as remembering to take a 2 week break at the end. This way your body does not adapt to them and the effects can remain as high.

This is not ideal for us though. We prefer a T booster that can be taken throughout the day to constantly keep your testosterone levels boosted.

Test Freak Ingredients Effectiveness

Test Freak has a good blend of natural ingredients. There is nothing in here that would cause any complications as long as you do not have any allergies to anything included.

There is also a lot of other good stuff in this testosterone booster beyond the benefits to T-levels. Prostate support from Stinging Nettle Extract and Saw Palmetto Extract means any male over 30 (which is a large category of Testosterone booster users due to the declining levels in this age group) could find this to be a good supplement.

On top of this there are benefits for your libido and sexual health. Remember that many people take testosterone levels for a healthy lifestyle and not just to build muscle mass in the gym. Therefore it is no surprise that some of the ingredients have benefits for that demographic as well.

Often promoted online as a hybrid T-booster for this reason. It is a good thing as you will see the benefits in more areas than one. It goes beyond being a simple testosterone supplement.

One thing we are not as keen on is the fact that Test Freak includes some proprietary blends. This means you don’t always get a good understanding of what is included and the amounts of each ingredients. There are plenty of natural testosterone boosters on the market that don’t use them.

This being said there areplenty of very happy customers with testimonials a plenty out there. It is always best to monitor yourself when using a new supplement so keep a track of how you react to whatever you use.

Test Freak Review Pros and Cons

Test Freak Review Pros

  • Good for boosting T-levels
  • DHT does not suffer at the hands of Fenugreek thanks to the supporting formula included
  • Can decrease estrogen levels
  • Other benefits include support for libido, healthy prostate and more

Test Freak Review Cons

  • Some of the ingredients aren’t as effective as competitors
  • Use of proprietary blends
  • Missing some of the other important T-boosting ingredients that competitors include
  • Serving schedule not ideal

How Effective is Test Freak?

Everyone is different. No two bodies are the same so the only true way to find out how effective it is is to try it for yourself.

Many reports online show how it not only helped with benefits in the gym, but also the bedroom.

Test Freak Review Conclusion

Due to the range of ingredients, there is enough evidence to support the T-level boosting benefits.  The Zinc and Magnesium alone are good ingredients for any man. Especially since we do not seem to get enough of them in western diets.

It is good value and there are many other testosterone boosters on the market that are priced at a premium level. This being said, any supplement is only good value if it works.

Test Freak is good and should provide average results. But we didn’t find it to be as effective as our #1 rated testosterone booster – TestoFuel – read our full TestoFuel Review here

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