PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review [Do They Get It Right?]

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review


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  • Some useful ingredients
  • Citrulline dosed well
  • Some useful cognitive boosters


  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Caffeine content quite high

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PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review

Today we get to take a look at a popular pre-workout on Amazon. Our PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review just might reveal a very good product.

If it is all natural, is safe and stays clear of proprietary blends then it has a chance to make an impression.

The end goal is to find a product that we can add to our top recommended pre-workouts. The only way it can achieve this is by giving us the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Anything less than this and we won’t be impressed. We’re not looking for a half decent product, we want big gains, from proven ingredients. The big companies like this one have no excuses.

Let’s start by getting to know the people behind it first.

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

PESciencePEScience Prolific Pre Workout

Based in Florida, this company seem to have a good market share.

When it comes to quality control they have quite a bit to say. They discuss how their GMP facilities are legit and suggest that a lot of other companies’ aren’t.

They have a slower approach to launching products. A lot of the better companies we see take this approach. In their first 4 years, they only launched 7 products. We couldn’t see anything about a money back guarantee though.

Now their range includes the likes of BCAA drinks to Joint Support formulas. This product promises no tingles (hopefully no Beta-Alanine then!), explosive energy and ultra-powerful pumps.

They’re saying all the right things, but can they deliver?

The advice is to start with one scoop with a maximum of 2 only because of the Caffeine content. This isn’t uncommon and when we go through the ingredients we will see which is best over time.

It is a product that appears to sell well on Amazon. Since there are a lot of low-quality products on there, this isn’t something that every company chooses to do. Still, this product could be one of the standouts.

PEScience claim this is the last pre-workout you will need. Catchy, but is it true?

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout IngredientsPEScience Prolific Pre Workout Ingredients

This is where we can really tell if this is going to have a positive effect or not.

The early signs are good. They stay away from proprietary blends. This means we get to see all the dosages and can tell if each ingredient will actually work.


A very good start from this product as this is certainly an ingredient found in many of our top recommended pre-workouts.

This is a good sign if this product continues in this way. Citrulline is great for increasing blood flow. This is what you need for the big gains. It converts into nitric oxide in the kidneys which in turn widens the blood vessels. This is what promotes blood flow and helps with the huge pumps we are all after.

It is often derived from watermelons and turns into Arginine in the body. This helps with Creatine synthesis. This product doesn’t actually include Creatine so this makes this ingredient even more useful.

L-Citrulline can even help with erectile dysfunction.

The dosage of 6 g per 2 scoops is a very good and optimal amount. According to, anything between 6 – 8 g is optimal.

Betaine Anhydrous

Derived from beets which have been touted as great for muscles and workouts over the last couple of years, but why?

It increases protein synthesis which has links to promoting muscle growth and strength. Some studies even link it to producing Creatine. This would help with muscle output but there are more effective ingredients for this.

WebMD say that it helps in the metabolism of a chemical called homocysteine. This is involved in the normal function of many different parts of the body, including, blood, bones, eyes, heart, muscles and more.

The problem is they go on to say that there is insufficient evidence to support its use as an exercise performance enhancer. They do say that there is some evidence to support strength in men who train though so it seems there is some conflict over its uses.

The 2.5 g appears to be enough to have an effect.


An ingredient that there seems to be some confusion over.

Some people think that this is a stimulant because it is often included in energy drinks. In fact, the opposite is true. Taurine works to help the user cope with extra levels of stimulants in their system.

It helps the user to stay in control. Taurine actually works as an antioxidant and increases blood flow, enhancing gym performance. It is the lack of human trials though that is a bit of a concern. It has shown promise in animal studies but these aren’t what we are after.

Taurine is believed to be able to help reduce soreness post workout which lessens the risk of injury. One study actually found that Taurine might be able to improve exercise performance for cardio.

An ingredient that certainly has potential and just might be a useful inclusion.

The dosage of 1.5 g is around the amount used in the studies we have seen.

Caffeine Anhydrous

An ingredient that can be of benefit in just about every type of supplement.

This is because it has so many uses. A nootropic can benefit from the fact that it promotes focus and alertness, a fat burner will be better due to the fact that it gets your metabolism moving.

Then there are pre-workouts. The energy increase is a good place to start. By helping you to increase output, you can really make the most out of your time at the gym.

The anhydrous element means it is a powdered form that is easily absorbed by the body and because of this, gets to work fast. It is also a popular ingredient in energy drinks because of this.

A safe dosage is important here. The problem is at 320 mg, they have given you an amount that leans to the high side. Anything over 200 mg can be excessive for many people, especially in one go.

Because of this, you might need to build up your tolerance. WebMD says that taking too much can cause nervousness, nausea, stomach irritation, insomnia, increased heart rate, and other side effects.


An ingredient that you are far more likely to see in a nootropic.

We see the sense though, every pre-workout should be targeting gains, but also aid your concentration and brain capabilities.

It is certainly useful for boosting concentration and focus. It will even help you to remember information but it is the previous two that are going to be of most use.

It provides added acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter increases your ability to learn as well as increases attention.

The Cognizin branded version here has been proven by studies to increase brain energy by 13.6%. even tells of a study that found women who took Citicoline showed improved attentional focus and inhibition.

The 250 mg is a good amount.


A good ingredient to include and certainly useful for a pre-workout.

This is because PREScience contains stimulants. As a result, you need ingredients that are going to counter some of the negative effects. L-Theanine is derived from Green Tea and helps the consumer to stay calm and in control when stimulants are present. says that it helps promote relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with Caffeine.

Because the Caffeine content is quite high, this is an important ingredient. It isn’t going to stop the Caffeine from working but will help you to feel calm.

At 200 mg you are getting a decent amount. This is all made even more important by the high Caffeine content of course.

Rhodiola Rosea

A clever ingredient to include, we always like to see Rhodiola on the label.

It helps to give the user a sharp mind. A Scandinavian herb that is known to raise spirits it aids focus in the user. Since there are so many distractions in the gym, this is never a bad thing.

It will help to get you in the right mental shape and can help you to get more out of your session. says that it is popular for its adaptogenic properties (reducing fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations).

The 100 mg is a good amount as well.

Coffee Fruit Extract

Sometimes referred to as Coffee Berries, this ingredient is here to increase alertness.

We have plenty of ingredients for this already though so it feels a bit wasted. Green Coffee Bean is just Coffee before the color has been roasted out. A popular ingredient in fat burners because of the chlorogenic acid content, but this isn’t what we are after.

A bit of a mild end but there are still some good ingredients in there.

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Side Effects

The good news is that there isn’t too much to worry about in this product.

All the ingredients are safe to consume and most of them are here on merit. The dosages are all sensible, with the exception of Caffeine Anhydrous.

The two scoop dosage of 320 mg is on the high side. This is where we would encourage users to build up their tolerance, possibly starting with one scoop as they advise.

Too much Caffeine can result in nervousness, nausea, stomach irritation, insomnia, increased heart rate, and other side effects.

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review Pros and Cons

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review Pros

  • Some useful ingredients
  • Citrulline dosed well
  • Some useful cognitive boosters

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review Cons

  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Caffeine content quite high

PEScience Prolific Pre Workout Review Conclusion

There is enough to like about this product to suggest that it can have an effect.

The inclusion of Citrulline is backed by a big and effective dosage. They mention that a lot of the competition fail to dose this properly, and they are right!

There are some other good ingredients as well. Rhodiola Rosea is a positive one for cognition and we like L-Theanine for how it interacts with Caffeine.

Caffeine seems to be the only major issue with this product. Besides the fact that it could do with one or two additional proven pre-workout ingredients to make it better.

The Caffeine content though is on the high side. It is vital when it comes to stimulants, that companies get this right. When they go overboard, it puts you at risk. We mentioned the potential side effects and even something like jitters can come as a result of too much.

We can see why it sells well on Amazon, but it also proves that you don’t need to make an elite level product to sell well on there.

Thankfully, there are brilliant products available that can give you everything this product does, and a lot more. There’s no need to compromise on half decent products.

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