Performance Lab Vision Review [Is This The Industry’s Best?]

Performance Lab Vision

Performance Lab Vision Review


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  • Excellent ingredients
  • Good dosages
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No proprietary blends


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Performance Lab Vision Review

Sometimes a product hits the market that you didn’t expect to see but when you think about it, it could work wonders. Todays Performance Lab Vision Review just might be one of these.

Your eyesight is about as important as it gets, we brush our teeth every day but do nothing to maintain healthy vision and eyes. This is important for everyone, but particularly for anyone looking for an edge when it comes to sports performance and even gaming.

This product is what you are looking for (ahem!) if you want the following:

  • Focusing speed
  • Reaction time
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Glare reduction

This is from the Performance Lab website. If the ingredients are right then this is an impressive product.

It also supports macular health. Since there aren’t enough products on the market that give you the above, we are very interested to see how effective it is. The ingredients and dosages will reveal all.

Firstly, let’s get to know the company that makes it a little better.

Performance Lab Vision Review: Who Makes This Product?

Mind Lab Pro Review - Opti-Nutra

This is the UK based company that makes this supplement. They are really starting to get a lot of attention, but why?

They seem to go to great lengths to increase the quality of their products and ingredients.

This is by using BioGenesis, their patented technology that not only makes their ingredients more potent but also cleaner and safer. It even makes them more eco-friendly.

Everything they make is free of soy, GMO, additives, synthetic additives, allergens and banned substances. You really don’t see this very often. The label on their products is as stripped back as you could expect. Most of the time companies list their ingredients, but then also the other junk they put in there too.Performance Lab Vision

Their products are also vegan-friendly. This is because they use Plantcaps capsules. These are considered to be of very high quality and easily absorbed.

The competition often uses Cellulose capsules. These are not natural, actually, they are made from semi-synthetic polymer and the quality just isn’t as high.

They also have a money back guarantee and you can see they have an extensive range of interesting products with everything from fat burners to sleep enhancers.

You may have noticed that they do not sell their products on Amazon. This is because they do not want their supplements to be seen alongside inferior, low-quality products.

This is so true, some of the worst products we have reviewed have loads of positive reviews on Amazon. For us, these may have been manipulated in some way.

Performance Lab Vision Ingredients

This is where you can really see if it is worthy of your attention.Performance Lab Vision Ingredients

The early signs are good though. They do not use proprietary blends. This means all the dosages are revealed and we can take a proper look at what goes into every serving.

European Freeze-Dried Blackcurrant & European Blackcurrant Extract

With plenty of antioxidants most noticeably anthocyanin which helps to enhance vision as well as play a role in supporting healthy blood flow to the eyes.

Known as a superfruit it has various uses for vision. It is known to protect retinas. This is from the anthocyanin that stops oxidative harm. backs this up by saying that it is often supplemented for its ability to improve cognition.

It is a popular ingredient for night vision due to the fact that it can help the user to adapt from light to dark.

It even enhances reaction time by accelerating retina to brain signaling. This helps with that split second reaction that many athletes and gamers will need at vital times.

It is the C3G (Cyanidin-3-Glucoside) that helps retinas to produce rhodopsin. This is what helps with night vision.

The 300 mg of black currant powder is everything you need to get all of the above benefits.

European Bilberry Extract

Another effective ingredient here.

A relative of the Cranberry, it supports vision by working as an antioxidant for the retinas. It maintains their health by keeping them nourished.

To ensure you maintain healthy eyes and peak vision it supports blood flow to the retina. On top of this, it keeps capillaries healthy.

It contains anthocyanosides which are thought to be the source of its vision enhancing capabilities

The specific type of Bulberry used in Performance Lab Vision is taken from wild growing sources and quickly processed to ensure the nutritional value is maintained.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

This is one of the most clinically backed ingredients for any vision related supplement.

The carotenoid antioxidants actually find their way to the eyes to encourage sharp vision, taking its place in the macula. This is where these two ingredients work against the negative effects on the eyes that blue light can induce. For gamers, this is particularly important.

Anything that can counter the negative effects of blue light on vision is a worthy ingredient. This can protect you against visual fatigue, glare, eye strain, long-range vision concerns.

WebMD describes it as one of two major carotenoids found as a color pigment in the human eye. It is thought to function as a light filter, protecting the eye tissues from sunlight damage.

This back up the suggestion that it acts as an internal pair of sunglasses.

The FloraGLO version of this is the subject of over 80 human trials. Such an effective ingredient gets the quality it deserves. The dosage will be of great benefit.


This is another ingredient that has been found to increase blood flow to the retina. Not only does it help to get oxygen where you want it, but it also ensures the other ingredients are getting to where you want them. describes it as the red pigment in salmon and krill and the most stable of all carotenoids that are touted to aid in eye health and inflammation.

It has been shown to aid the eyes photoreceptor cells. This helps to ensure their safety from harmful UV rays as well as bright lights. The 1 mg is a good boost here.


A spice that is high in antioxidants it is a useful ingredient. It is used for vision as it protects the retina and even helps to fight age-related visual decline.

Saffron works in a similar way to Lutein & Zeaxanthin in that it reduces the effects of blue light rays. It helps you to see accurately. By encouraging motion detection through retinal flickers it can really benefit those who need to make a quick decision.

The 1 mg is again all you need to get the benefits.

Performance Lab Vision Side Effects

The good news is that all the ingredients are natural and of high quality.

As a result, you should not expect to experience any negative side effects. Because of the attention to detail, cleanliness, and quality of this product, there is nothing to worry about.

As always, if you have allergies, be sure to check the label.

Performance Lab Vision Review Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Vision Review Pros

  • Excellent ingredients
  • Good dosages
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No proprietary blends

Performance Lab Vision Review Cons

  • None

Performance Lab Vision Review: FAQ

Why Is BioGenesis So Good?

Well, let’s start by saying this is what sets Performance Lab apart.

BioGenesis enhances the quality of the product as a whole. The patented technology cleans up the ingredients making them safer and more eco- friendly.

The potency is also enhanced making it a great way of improving a supplement.

The dosages are at times lower than others, but the potency being what it is ensures that each ingredient is stronger than it seems.

Is Performance Lab Vision Safe?


The use of BioGenesis only makes this, even more, the case. You can also see by the quality of ingredients they go for. Not just the standard version of an ingredient, often the industries best.

They usually include the version that is well researched and highly respected. We can’t stress how refreshing this is. With no additives or stimulants, from what we have seen, they are as natural as you would hope.

Performance Lab does state that their products go through some serious quality control.

They send their products to an independent third party to check the accuracy, purity, potency, and quality of every product.

If more companies did this, the industry would be a better place.

Do I Need To Cycle Performance Lab Vision?

No, this product is safe for continual use.

Is Performance Lab Vision Vegan?

Yes, it is. Every ingredient is vegan-friendly and the capsules are made from Plantcaps, the premium vegan capsule.

Where Is Performance Lab Vision made?

Performance Lab design and think out all of their products in the United Kingdom but they make them in the USA.

This is in New Jersey and the products are produced in FDA and GMO approved facilities.

Just go to the Opti Nutra site for more information on this.

What Countries Do They Ship To?

Performance Lab ship to all the major countries and locations but for a definitive list, check their website.

If you still don’t get the answer you are after then you can email them directly to find out more.

Does Performance Lab Vision Have a Money Back Guarantee?

You will find that we only recommend products with a money back guarantee.

This is why it is so good that Performance Lab Vision comes with a money back guarantee.

Their website advises that you should try the product for 30 consecutive days to give you the best possible chance to create results. After this, you can return the item for your money back (minus shipping costs).

This only applies to first time orders.

Can I Buy Performance Lab Vision on Amazon?

No, but we see the sense in why.

It’s not uncommon, some of the most respected brands choose not to. They don’t want to list theirs alongside low-quality supplements that are often found on Amazon.

Also, we have seen first hand how the comments and reviews are easy to manipulate. We have reviewed countless products. Some of the worst we have seen actually have 100’s and even at times, over 1,000 positive reviews!

However, the best place to get your hands on any Performance Lab product is from their website directly. This means you get their efficient customer service. We also found their staff to be very knowledgeable.

Having dealt with them in the past they know their products inside out as you would expect.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

Everything you would usually expect from banking and payment card methods but also PayPal and Amazon Pay. These add a level of security and convenience.

Are There Any Performance Lab Vision Pricing Bundles?

Yes, this is another thing to like about Performance Lab.

You can save 5% by purchasing 2 boxes of this T booster at the same time and 10% when ordering 3.

This covers a 2 and 3 months supply.

Is There Free Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, on orders over $200 you can receive free worldwide shipping.

What Does Clean Label Mean?

A phrase you see a lot on their site.

It is part of what separates them from the competition for us, and it makes their products the premium and clean versions that they are.

Their products are also free of banned substances, GMO, soy, additives and more. The Clean Label is their way of assuring customers of all the above.

This is pretty rare in any industry and is one of the major selling points for Performance Labs products.

Their site is a good reference for seeing just how clean they are.

Performance Lab Vision Review Conclusion

Performance Lab Vision 3 Pack

Buy Performance Lab Vision from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

A product that has all the right ingredients to enhance the performance of any athlete or gamer. Those who heavily rely on their eyes like the latter will especially benefit from the protection the ingredients in this product offers as well.

Every Performance Lab supplement benefits from their commitment to enhancing ingredients and quality. With nothing in this product that you wouldn’t want to consume, it is a safe product to get your hands on.

A great way to get a competitive edge that is safe and completely legal. It is a sure way of operating at your peak and it is no surprise that these supplements are becoming more and more popular.

Now, you have a quality option.

Buy Performance Lab Vision from:


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