Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200 [Only One Works!]

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200

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Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200

Today its one of the cleanest vs a popular product. But which of our Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200 review is going to give us more T?

We’re not after a one-dimensional supplement though, a good T-Booster should be able to give us the following traits as well:

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced T levels
  • Increased Libido
  • Less Estrogen

These products are worlds apart in some ways, this will make for an interesting comparison. No T boosters are the same and we like to see companies mix it up a little. The main thing we are after is proven ingredients. Get this, and the dosages right and they are on the right track.

Let’s start by taking a look at the people behind the products first.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?

Opti NutraPerformance-Lab-Sport- T-Booster

This is the UK based company that makes Performance Lab Sport T-Booster.

They are big on all things clean and obviously, that is something we are a fan of. According to their site, they go to great lengths to really enhance the ingredients and make them more potent as well as eco-friendly.

These benefits are made possible by their use of their BioGenesis technology. This is what they use to enhance the quality and make sure they are safer.

If you are like us and you care about the quality of the ingredients that go into your body then you will be like the fact that their ingredients are free of, GMO, additives, soy, allergens, synthetic additives and banned substances. 

What also makes them a popular brand is that their products are vegan-friendly. This is because of their Plantcaps capsules. This makes the product easier to absorb and is a higher quality vegan capsule.

A lot of the competition use Cellulose. This isn’t natural and is made from semi-synthetic polymer.

They also have a money back guarantee and a wide range of products.

Now Foodstestojack 200 review

Not the most inspiring name but this is one of the cheaper options on the market.

They do encourage you to combine this with some of their other supplements. We will keep an eye on the dosages as this could mean they aren’t giving you enough.

They say that this supports sexual health but is marketed as a T booster. Since libido is just one trait for a T booster, we hope they offer a lot more.

They make their products in the USA and are actually family owned since 1968. Their products are found in various stores around the world.

Now Foods has gone down the Amazon route of selling. Performance Lab chooses not to sell on Amazon because they don’t want their products to be listed alongside low-quality supplements. We’re not saying that everything on there is sub-par, but we can see what they mean sometimes.

Time to see what they have to offer.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200 Ingredients

This is where we can really see the difference.

The early signs are positive, neither product uses proprietary blends. This means all the dosages are revealed.

Mutual Ingredients

Mucuna Pruriens

An excellent and proven ingredient.

Mucuna Pruriens finds its way into a T booster because it helps the body to deal with the effects of stress. Being anti-cortisol it stops stress from killing our T levels.

It also ensures the testosterone in our system stays there for longer. This really aids muscle development.

Mucuna Pruriens works well with Ashwagandha which is also found in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster. It works in a similar way ensuring Performance Lab Sport T-Booster gives you 2x cortisol control.

However, its most impressive trait just might be the fact that it suppresses both estrogen and prolactin. says how it works against prolactins suppressive effect on libido and testosterone.

Higher prolactin levels in the body often result in lower T.

The dosage of 150 mg included is an optimal one for Performance Lab, made even more potent by their BioGenesis technology.

The 50 mg in TestoJack 200 is a token amount that will not have the same effect.

Individual Ingredients

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

D-Aspartic Acid

A great ingredient to start us off.

It’s one of those ingredient ticks almost every box.

It is fast acting, with one study, in particular, showing it to raise T levels by 50% in under 2 weeks!

How does it raise testosterone though?

It stimulates the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. Since our T levels decline year on year from around the age of 30, this is the kind of ingredient we need.

It has even been shown to increase the Human Growth levels in the user. DAA can even keep the user youthful and heal injuries faster.

There are also benefits for your sexual health as it can increase sperm count.

Many people will notice that DAA and Luteolin have been included together in this product. That is because they work well alongside one another. DAA increases T levels but our bodies naturally convert some of this into estrogen. Luteolin works against this making them very good ingredients for a T-Booster.

There is 1,000 mg of DAA in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster. This is even more effective due to the increased potency of BioGenesis.

Ashwagandha Extract

Good for overall physical performance as well as testosterone.

In terms of T, it raises them by stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. says that it works as an androgen, helping the body to cope with stress.

We’re getting another ingredient that helps raise T levels, but also one that protects them. A good T booster should be an all-rounder. Ashwagandha does this again by enhancing libido.

With antioxidants that protect us from free radicals, it has it all.

In terms of the quality, this version cannot be bettered. The KSM-66 is the most potent available. Combine this with the BioGenesis and the 300 mg included will do a great job.


The last ingredient in this supplement making it one that strives for quality, not quantity.

Luteolin is an aromatase inhibitor. This stops our body from converting our all-important T into estrogen.

Studies have also shown that it protects the body from free radicals as shown by a study from the National University of Singapore. Because of this, our T levels are protected.

There is 30 mg in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster making it another good dosage.

TestoJack 200

Tongkat Ali

An ingredient that gets the backing of numerous studies for its ability to enhance libido. The downside is that many sources also say there are a lot more reliable and effective options.

A traditional ingredient it might also be good for decreasing cortisol levels. This is good news for your T.

WebMD gives it some backing by saying it might increase testosterone levels and improve related symptoms in men with low testosterone levels. This is labeled under the ‘’insufficient evidence’’ section though.

It might even decrease the effectiveness of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. If this is true then you will benefit from the fact that it unbinds your testosterone that is otherwise unavailable for use.

You are likely to require around 500 mg for the above benefits and since we are only getting 200 mg, it is underdosed.

Maca Root

An ingredient most famous for its sex-enhancing capabilities.

It could increase sperm quality and work as an aphrodisiac. However, there isn’t any evidence to suggest it can raise T levels.

For this, you would need around 1,500 mg.

The 500 mg included is well short of this so it is unlikely to have an effect. For direct testosterone boosting, it doesn’t have any uses anyway.

Horny Goat Weed

Great name but is it a great ingredient?.

It doesn’t seem to have any proven T boosting properties yet but it can aid sexual function.

It does this by stimulating Leydig cells. This plays a part in the creation and release of T in the testes, However, this information is only based on animal trials at present.

Used in traditional Chinese medicine and according to, it has been shown to increase testosterone levels in research animals. They do say it has not been looked at in humans.

They advise it is an erectile aid as well. It obviously has its uses and maybe even some potential. The 250 mg might be beneficial but until human trials have proven its use, the right dosage is still not certain.

Tribulus Terrestris

Once heralded as the next big thing in terms of testosterone boosting but this has since been discredited.

The studies since have disproven this theory but a lot of companies still include it in their T-Boosters. This is because it has been shown to enhance libido.

A sexual performance enhancer it might be effective for battling erectile dysfunction. So far, we are getting too many libido enhancers though. There is only the vague promise of extra testosterone so we are crying out for some variety here.

Asian Ginseng

A better ingredient than the last few.

It can increase T levels by increasing blood flow as well as nitric oxide levels. It might even reduce prolactin.

There are some studies that link it to reducing the effects of stress. This is the kind of trait we expect from a couple of ingredients so it is good to see an effective one.

A dosage of 75 mg is a bit on the low side but could still help.

American Ginseng

This version doesn’t quite have the same quality or even reputation as the Asian version.

The potency is not as prevalent and as a result, neither are the effects.

The good news is that it isn’t just here for your libido. It can help reduce stress like Asian Ginseng and is often thought to be a more relaxing version.

Not one of the vital T boosters we are looking for but it can still help. It might have been more beneficial to use the 75 mg and added it to the Asian Ginseng content.

A disappointing end to this product’s ingredients, TestoJack 200 went out with a bit of a whimper there.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200 Side Effects

The good news for both of these products is that neither contains anything you would not want to consume.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster have dosed their ingredients optimally. TestoJack 200 is also safe, but mostly because theirs are often underdosed.

If you have any allergies, check the label before using.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200 Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Review Pros

  • Quality ingredients
  • Natural T boosters
  • Money back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non- GMO clean ingredients
  • Plantcaps capsules
  • No proprietary blends

TestoJack 200 Pros

  • Plenty of libido boosters
  • No proprietary blends

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Review Cons

  • Only 4 ingredients

TestoJack 200 Cons

  • Cheap price = cheap product
  • Not enough T boosters
  • Ingredients underdosed
  • Some ingredients ineffective

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs TestoJack 200 Conclusion

Winner: Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

Buy Performance Lab Sport T-Booster from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

An easy and worthy winner today.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster didn’t really have to get out of first gear because TestoJack 200 is a poor supplement really.

This is made even more evident by the quality of Performance Lab Sport T-Booster though. They have made a product that is one of the cleanest we have seen. You will find it difficult to find another company that goes to such great lengths to make their product so eco-friendly, clean and safe.

That’s just what they do to their ingredients. The ingredients themselves are proven T-Boosters. They are also specifically selected to work well together, something you don’t often see.

TestoJack 200 is a cheap option and the quality reflects this. They went with a fair few libido enhancers, but we need a testosterone booster to tick more boxes than that alone.

The dosages in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster might be lower than some of the competition but the Performance Lab website addresses this.

They say the added potency form BioGenesis allows them to include less of each ingredient and still maintain the effectiveness.

Whether you are vegan or not, this is a T booster that will really get your testosterone on the rise.

Buy Performance Lab Sport T-Booster from:

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