Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix [Which Gives More T?]

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix

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Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix

A battle of the T boosters with our Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix bringing two very different products to the fray.

Performance Lab has made a supplement that is as clean as possible, we will go into how they achieved this. Nugenix, on the other hand, is one of the more popular options on the market, but do either of these things mean a better product?

What exactly are we looking for from a testosterone booster? If either is going to be declared the winner, they will give us the following:

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced T levels
  • Increased Libido
  • Less Estrogen
  • Better Muscle Pumps

This is really the least we expect and you will be surprised how many T-boosters let us down in this area.

Still, let’s get to know the two we have in front of us a little better.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix: Who Makes These Testosterone Boosters?

Opti NutraPerformance-Lab-Sport- T-Booster

The people behind Performance Lab Sport T-Booster are this UK based company.

Priding themselves on making high-quality ingredients and natural products they use their own patented technology to make them better.

They use BioGenesis, their technology that increases the potency and makes them eco-friendly. It doesn’t stop there though, they are also safer and cleaner, something that often gets overlooked.

This means they are allergen free, soy free, additives free and GMO-free. Also, there are no banned substances anywhere in their products.

All of this really makes their brand stand out for the right reasons. All their products use plantcaps for their capsules. These are easy to absorb and also make the product vegan-friendly.

They are also high in quality, especially when you consider that many competing vegan products use an inferior option called Cellulose. These are not natural and they are made from semi-synthetic polymer. Plantcaps are truly vegan and natural.

This means we finally have a vegan supplements company that is worth looking at. With a money back guarantee as well, the company really stands out just like their products.

With a wide range of products including the usual fat burners as well as supplements for sleep and energy levels. They choose not to sell on Amazon as they don’t want their products to be alongside sub-par products. We commend this approach.

Direct Digitalnugenix review

This brand has been going since 2009 so they have years of experience to apply to their products.

A lot of their products are found in stores countrywide and some of their brands are among the industry’s most popular.

They talk about how they are a market leader but this is all irrelevant for us if the ingredients and dosages don’t make a good product.

They say they spend countless hours researching the science that goes into every product. Although their site is on the basic side, they have managed to become a popular brand.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix Ingredients

This is where we can really set them apart and get our teeth into the two products.

The early signs are not good for Nugenix though. They use a proprietary blend which makes it hard to tell if they have dosed some of their ingredients effectively.

We can see that both brands have quality ingredients, so let’s see which have got it right here.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

D-Aspartic Acid

Up there with the best T-booster ingredients.

We like it for many reasons, one of them being that it is such a fast acting ingredient. One study, in particular, showed how it can increase T levels by 50% in under 2 weeks.

How does it raise T? It stimulates the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone and is the sort of trait we need. It is a good all-round ingredient as it also increases Human Growth Hormone levels.

Known for keeping the user youthful as well as helping to heal injuries faster.

Part of being a good T booster is helping with sexual health. DAA increases sperm count, something that gets more important the older we get.

You can get DAA from oats and egg whites and when consumed alongside Luteolin it has even more to offer. As D-Aspartic Acid increases T but can also affect estrogen, Luteolin makes sure estrogen levels are kept down. We will get to its strengths a little later.

The 1,000 mg in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster will have more of an effect that the dosage seems. Although it looks good it is enhanced by the fact that BioGeneis has been used and it is, therefore, more potent.

Mucuna Pruriens

Another very effective ingredient.

It helps us to deal with the effects of stress. This is something that is good for T levels as stress is a known killer of testosterone. It helps control cortisol levels.

It is another ingredient that benefits from the others included in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster. This time it is because Ashwagandha and Mucuna Pruriens together can really benefit your testosterone levels.

Arguably the best trait from Mucuna Pruriens is that it suppresses both estrogen and prolactin. goes into how it works against prolactins suppressive effect on libido and testosterone.

High prolactin is often linked to low T, so it is a very useful ingredient.

The 150 mg in Performance Lab Sport T- Booster is an optimal dosage enhanced by the added potency.

Ashwagandha Extract

Often known for improving physical performance, this root herb is a traditional ingredient.

It is another that stimulates the luteinizing hormone, so lots more T for the user. comments on how it works as an androgen, helping the body to cope with stress.

More testosterone and more protection from stress make this a great ingredient. There are also antioxidants that protect you from free radicals in Ashwagandha. All of this and it still has the ability to be an effective libido enhancer as well.

Even more protection from stress is what we need. It’s not just stress from your job etc, it is the stress brought on by exercise and even aging.

It’s not just a good ingredient you’re getting, there is also the fact that it is the strongest version on the market in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster. KSM-66 and 300 mg of it is a great dosage, once again it is even more potent thanks to BioGenesis.


The last of the ingredients in our first T-Booster and it is another great one.

It is derived from citrus fruits and is an aromatase inhibitor. This stops your body from turning your testosterone into estrogen.

It is clear from the ingredients in this product that they are trying to increase T levels as well as protect what you do have.

At 30 mg, it is another optimal dosage that will do a lot of good here.


Vitamin B6

A good inclusion for any T-booster.

Many use it because of its ability to inhibit Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This is what binds your testosterone and makes it unavailable for use. Anything that can reverse this is a clever idea.

WebMD says that Vitamin B6 is required for the proper function of proteins in the body.

As our bodies cannot store it, it is often included in supplements. Many of us are not deficient though. The 2 mg included, however, is a poor dosage. This is very much on the low side.

Vitamin B12

A decent ingredient but really it’s main benefits are for sexual health.

This is good especially since T-boosters are often tailor-made for optimal male health. B12 will help the body with sperm production.

However, it is not thought to have any direct benefits for testosterone. The best kind of ingredients will have multiple uses, with sperm production being the kind that is an added bonus.

There isn’t a lot of information connecting B12 to your T but otherwise, it is included in nootropics due to its benefits for brain health.

Not a great ingredient and the 50 mcg isn’t a big dosage anyway.


Up there with the better ingredients for testosterone.

Our bodies need Zinc to produce more T and it is useful as it stimulates the luteinizing hormone. As we mentioned, this will get you producing more testosterone so it is a good idea here.

It also stops our bodies from depleting T levels so much during intense workouts so much like Performance Lab, Nugenix have gone for ingredients that protect your T.

Incredibly, Nugenix has only included 1 mg! Since many people are deficient we thought they were going to really try and get your body a useful dosage. 1 mg really isn’t going to get you the above benefits and is already the second example of an ingredient being underdosed.

L-Citrulline Malate

This is the sort of ingredient you are more likely to find in a pre-workout. This is because it helps the body to dilate blood vessels, something useful for bigger muscle pumps.

It enhances sexual functioning by mimicking the effects of testosterone. This means your libido will be enhanced so it has it’s benefits here.

Another ingredient that has a lack of studies to back it up as a T booster.

The problem we have now is that the rest of the ingredients are contained in proprietary blends. This makes it impossible to tell if there is a high enough dosage for it to be effective.


An effective ingredient that has a place in a T booster.

This traditional ingredient is an aromatase inhibitor. This means it will make more room for the testosterone in your system to thrive.

It is also a libido enhancer. This is what it has been used for traditionally. There are studies that show it can stabilize blood sugar levels. This is beneficial for testosterone levels as when insulin levels fluctuate, this can really play around with your T.

Does such a useful ingredient get the dosage it deserves? We have no idea because of the proprietary blend once again.

Tribulus Terrestris

An ingredient that was once heralded as the next big thing in terms of testosterone.

Since then, the studies have not been kind and in terms of T boosting. comments on how its roots enhance libido and sexual well being without affecting testosterone.

We have plenty of libido enhancers already. Really, this should be an added benefit and the main focus should be to boost T levels. With Nugenix we are getting too many unproven ingredients and more than enough libido related nutrients.

The whole of the proprietary blend could be taken up by Tribulus Terrestris for all we know.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix Side Effects

The good news is that neither product contains anything that is unsafe to consume.

The risk of unwanted side effects is low and we would say zero in Performance Lab Sport T-Booster. We cannot definitely say this about Nugenix due to the fact that they have used a proprietary blend.

Without the dosages, you cannot truly say if a product is safe but it looks like it should be ok.

As always, if you have allergies, check the label before using.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Review Pros

  • Quality ingredients
  • Natural T boosters
  • Money back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non- GMO clean ingredients
  • Plantcaps capsules
  • No proprietary blends

Nugenix Pros

  • Some good ingredients
  • Safe product

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Review Cons

  • Only 4 ingredients

Nugenix Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Too many underdosed ingredients
  • Not enough proven T boosters

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster vs Nugenix Conclusion

Winner: Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

Buy Performance Lab Sport T-Booster from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

There was only one product that didn’t waste any space and that was Performance Lab Sport T-Booster.

They have gone for quality over quantity and it isn’t just the ingredients that they selected that impressed, it is the BioGenesis that enhanced their qualities.

This resulted in ingredients that were more potent, cleaner and safer making this a really unique T-Booster. Not enough emphasis is put on these traits and we at Clean Lean Machine are delighted to have found such a pure supplement.

The main thing, of course, is that it boosts testosterone, the dosages and everything in the product means it will work. For a vegan testosterone booster, it definitely holds its own against traditional T-boosters.

With so much to like it is a hard product to beat. We’re not surprised that it is getting so much attention out there. They have won this battle today with ease.

Buy Performance Lab Sport T-Booster from:


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